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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Approval Of President Obama’s Handling Of Unemployment Jumps To 51% in New Poll

Approval of President Obama’s handling of unemployment has jumped since December to 51%, as nearly half of those surveyed in the AP/GfK poll now feel that the economy is in good shape.
According to the AP:
Obama-Smile-full-side-featA slim majority now approves of the way Obama is handling unemployment, according to the poll, conducted before Friday’s release of a surprisingly strong jobs report.
Forty-seven percent of those surveyed approve of how Obama is doing his job, compared with 41 percent in December, and 51 percent approve of his handling of unemployment, compared with 44 percent before.
Nearly half say the economy is good now, while 41 percent thought that in December. In December 2013, only one-third called the economy good.
Approval of the way Obama is handling the economy improved slightly, 41 percent to 45 percent, over the past two months.
The AP poll has traditionally been not as favorable to the president, so the fact that the poll is showing Obama in positive territory is confirmation that his improving numbers are not a mirage based on a few polls, but that the Obama presidency is trending upwards.
The driver behind the continued improvement in President Obama’s numbers is the economy. The good news for Democrats is that the positive economic reports are translating into economic developments that the American people find encouraging. The economy has gone from a paper recovery to a recovery that people are feeling in their personal pocketbooks. The president’s aggressive actions on his agenda have revived the members of his party, and their more positive feelings are also reflected in the polling.
The AP is loaded with good news for Democrats and terrible news for Republicans. The president is gaining in popularity. The American people are giving the president credit for handling the unemployment and economic issues while they are also feeling better about the state of the economy.
The repugicans had always planned to hold down economic growth to make President Obama look like a failure. Their plan has flopped as the economy has overcome their attempts to drag it down, and as the nation heads into 2016, the Democratic Party is poised to ride a potential wave of good economic news.

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