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Thursday, February 5, 2015

City of Paris to sue Faux News for defamation

Faux claimed that Paris was filled with muslim no-go zones where no christian dare tread.

The mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, says the city is planning on suing Faux News.
The charge? Lying about France in general, and Paris in particular, by claiming it is filled with muslim-inhabited “no-go zones” so dangerous that “real” Frenchmen dare not tread.
Except that, as I reported the other day, it’s not true.
I lived in one of Faux News’ muslim “no-go zones” in Paris for a few months back in 2009. Near Metro Goncourt in the 11th, it’s a colorful neighborhood comprised mostly of blue collar north Africans and (rather-white) gays. So it’s not only not a no-go zone, it’s not even a no-gay zone.
I noted that it was interesting that wingnuts were acting so pro-French in the aftermath of the deadly terrorist attacks, in which masked gunmen shot and killed 12 people (including two police officers) at the Paris headquarters of satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo. (Another gunman went on to kill another police officer, and then take hostages at a kosher supermarket (he killed four of the hostages).) Wingnuts in America were irate that President Obama didn’t show solidarity with our French allies by attending a religious service and march for the victims in Paris.
Well, that didn’t last long. Only days later, the lead wingnut propaganda organ was back to bashing the French, this time with a little islamophobia mixed in for good measure. (wingnuts did the same with New York City; a place they loathed and routinely vilified, until September 11, when you’d have thought ronny raygun was born in Chelsea.)
Back to Paris. CNN’s Christiane Amanpour broke the news that the mayor of Paris says the city his going to sue Faux for “insulting” and “discriminating” against the city.
Interestingly, Faux “corrected” its error and apologized — four times in fact — for the reporting. (For also reported that the city of Birmingham in England is a “totally muslim city where non-muslims don’t go in.” That was news to the 78% of Birmingham residents who aren’t muslim.)
French comedians had a field day visiting the “dangerous” zones of Paris, pretending to be Faux News reporters. My favorite part was the sledgehammer machine guns:

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