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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Man achieves dream of building replica erupting volcano in his back garden

Brian Butler has turned fantasy into fact in Harbour Lights, Bideford. Devon, by installing a replica erupting volcano in his back garden.
The 'volcano', which is more than 6ft high and nearly 10ft across, is powered by a smoke machine which spews out smoke and 'lava' from time to time. Brian has now fulfilled a dream he had after visiting some gardens in Loire Valley, France.
He spotted a volcano in the gardens and said he has always wanted to create something similar in his own home. The 64-year-old said: "The mood just caught me one day - I had to build a volcano."

The "mountain" is made chiefly from soil, stones and yellow sedum plants which thrive on what Brian describes as a heap of "rubbish soil." Brian added: "Gardening shouldn't be taken seriously – it should always be about a bit of fun."

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