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Sunday, May 15, 2016

There's Now a Sauna inside a Burger King

"Have it your way," as Burger King likes to say. If you want to enjoy your Whopper inside a hot, moist, sweaty box, that's now an option in Finland.
With a sauna for every 1.6 people, Finland is the sauna capital of the world. So it's appropriate that Finland's newest Burger King outlet has a sauna that can accommodate 15 people. It has a 48" TV inside, as well as an attached shower and locker room. The tabloid Metro reports that Burger King is marketing it as a business meeting center:
According to the dedicated website, the sauna is ‘perfect for social gatherings or work’. Yes, perfect for work. Please consider it for your next team away day – what could be more conducive to team building than enjoying Whopper meals as you sit side by side, your skin slick with sweat, in a steaming hot room? 
You can reserve it for about $400 for 3 hours.

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