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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Indoor Plants That Are Hard To Kill

Those lucky nature lovers who have a green thumb make growing and caring for plants look easy, but what can a brown thumb do to turn their bad luck with plants around and bring some living green into their homes?
They can buy an indoor plant that's hard to kill, like the bold and beautiful bromeliad, which likes to be in temperatures around 70 degrees and produces shoots that replace the original plant.
But if the bromeliad is too flashy for you then you may want to start with the basics- the spider plant, the dieffenbachia and the calathea:
The spider plant only needs to be watered once a week, and its shoots produce babies that can be re potted so you can have as many spider plants in your home as you'd like.The dieffenbachia is happy with filtered light and doesn't need regular watering, and the calathea or "peacock plant" thrives in low light and simply needs to be kept moist, so

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