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Thursday, April 27, 2017

The True Adventures Of Bill Hitler

Hitler's older half-brother, Alois, lived in England in 1911, where he produced a son named William Hitler. By the time William was grown, the Hitler name was well-known, and Alois had abandoned his British family to return to Germany.
Left without his father, William and his mother struggled back in England. Any job opportunities he could find seemed to vanish into thin air the moment people found out his last name. But there was one place where being a Hitler was your ticket to success: Nazi Germany. So William said goodbye to his mother, left his conscience in his old bedroom, and went over to Uncle Adolf's lair to mooch. Not wanting him to crash on the Eagle's Nest couch, his bestest best uncle eventually got him a gig at the German national bank. That was only his day job, though. By the 1930s, Willy Hitler had found his true calling: professional name-dropper.
William Hitler's dealings with his Nazi uncle is the reason the article's headline refers to him as "Hitler's Idiot Nephew," but after a weird interlude of trying to cash in on his name, he apparently grew up and learned better in his later years. Read the story of William Hitler at Cracked, in the colorful language they are known for. 

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