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Sunday, July 9, 2017

12 Secrets of Hotel Maids

The women -and they are almost always women- who clean hotel rooms before and after you stay there have a hard job. They clean up after guests no matter what kind of mess they leave behind, they are allowed little time do it, and they don't make much money. And if they don't have to use their real names, they will tell you some things you might not know about their jobs.

Although you’ve probably heard warnings about the bacteria teeming on your hotel room’s remote control, hotel maids reveal that there’s another item in your room that's rarely cleaned as well as it should be. “Not using the cups is my number one rule that I tell everyone,” Booboo_the_bear says. “I’ve definitely seen [other maids] polishing glasses with the same cloth they just used to dust the room. I’ve never seen the toilet brush used but knowing some of the people I work with, it wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest.”
Author and hotel worker Jacob Tomsky adds that the minibar glasses need to be spotless, but maids don’t have dish soap in their housekeeping carts. “So some housekeepers will wash the glasses in the sink with hot water and shampoo. But many of them use furniture polish because it leaves the glasses spot-free,” he tells USA Today.
That's just one of 12 secrets hotel maids share with us at Mental Floss.

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