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Sunday, July 9, 2017

Running Into an Old Patient

Dr. Shannon Moore of Hocking Hills Animal Clinic in Logan, Ohio, tells how she ran into a former patient while hiking in the woods. Since she's a veterinarian, there wasn't much conversation, but she did stop to examine how her work was holding up, and take a couple pictures.
Several years ago, a client brought me a box turtle that had been hit by a car. I used fiberglass to repair his broken shell and then released him in my woods. Recently, while walking on my hillside, I spotted an odd pattern in the leaves. To my amazement, there was my old patient with the fiberglass still on... years later! Sometimes, being a vet is the best thing there is.
I can imagine that the turtle has spent his time explaining to his buddies that mesh-and-Bondo is a turtle's best friend. And the vet, too, of course.

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