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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Editorial Comment

Celebrating the Fourth of July with a big BBQ for family and friends today.
All the fun and food you can handle and choice of a pool or lake to swim in ... of course if you want to swim in your original bathing sit the pool would be the better choice  not as crowded.

We would like to thank the ladies in the office for keeping up with the daily posting here at Carolina Naturally for the past ten days while we trooped around our old stomping grounds in France, England and Scotland ... they did not miss a beat (even when we added a stop in Canada on the return trip at the last minute to see old friends there). They are not required to help out but all do (as well as former employees and interns have) because they enjoy it. We are great leaders and allow them to surf the net at work - sometimes it is actually required for a project - for what interests them. That is one reason we have such diverse topics here at Carolina Naturally. The office benefits immensely from this ... they get ALL their work done and more

We also would like to recognize our past blog helpers who are now doing what they love (and still contribute here now and again).
2 professional artists,
1 professional mom (the stay at home kind),
1 MBA,
2 PhD (1 Biologist, 1 Anthropologist),
1 Professional Baseball Player

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