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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Vintage Japanese Young Person's Guide To Sex From The '60s

It's hard to tell whether the Japanese have a more enlightened view of human sexuality or if they're just so crass that standard sexual intercourse is beneath their fetish-driven interests.But everyone will agree young people in Japan are better off learning about sex from a scientific book rather than some tentacle porn manga, even if the book is a bit outdated.
The Young Person's Guide To Sex is a primer for teens who know they want to have sex but know nothing else about the act, including how to court a potential partner.The book starts off innocently enough with lessons on hand holding and ways to become comfortable with each other physically then it gets down to the nuts and bolts of sex, including positions.
But the whole thing comes off a bit too PG to actually teach teens anything about sex, since they use a drawing mannequin instead of a man for the position charts and teach clockwise belly button swirling as a sex technique. Counter-clockwise maybe, but clockwise? Come on...

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