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Sunday, December 31, 2017

NYPD officers who callously investigated pregnant woman’s death suspended

Two officers of the New York Police Department were suspended without pay Thursday after admitting that they failed to check inside a Brooklyn apartment, causing a 22-year-old pregnant woman to be strangled to death.
After Tonie Wells called 911 and screamed, “He is going to kill me,” on December 27, two NYPD officers — Wael Jaber and Wing Hong Lau — were dispatched to Crown Heights residence on Sterling Place, Brooklyn, New York, where the distress call had come from, New York Daily News reported.
Upon reaching the potential crime scene, Jaber and Lau, both of whom have been on the task force for about a decade, took one glance at the three-story brownstone building and chose to drive off in their patrol car, instead of peeking inside the victim’s apartment.

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