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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Boy punished for farting on school bus

11-year-old Christian Summers thinks playing video games is fun. According to his school bus driver, he also thinks passing gas is fun. She didn't find his flatulence so funny. "She's like, 'I'm gonna sign you up. I'm gonna sign you up'. I'm like, 'It was an accident," said Summers. For letting it rip on the ride home, Christian was slapped with an hour of detention at Thoreau Park Elementary.

"I thought it was pretty dumb," said Summers. It seems breaking wind is now breaking the rules. The detention slip reads, quote "Thinks it's funny to pass gas while on the van. I've told him it's not funny, nor polite to the others in the van. While others scream, he laughs."

"The normal reaction is to giggle about it and everyone else is going ewww," said Jodi Hochevar, a family friend. "But, I don't think it was definitely not worth being disciplined over." "We laugh when it happens," said Christian's father. Christian now fears his flatulence. If he's caught passing gas on the bus again, he could get four or five days of detention.

"Depends on how much more gas he has," said his father. Now he's secretive when letting one slip on his small school bus. "When I have to pass gas, I have to cover myself because it won't stink up the bus," said Christian.

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