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Monday, January 9, 2017

Editorial Comment

In blog news ...
2017 has started with a bang.
Several more awards and accolades were bestowed upon us with the turning of the new year.
We are also translated into ALL the world's major languages and quite a few of the "mot so major" languages now. All of which has been and continues to drive readership upwards.
Thank you.
In other words ...
The office is busting with patients and the study is going well so we are working hard.
The farm is slow (it is winter and with that - it is mending, repairing, replacing, etc.) feeding the stock is about all there is to do outside the aforementioned. OK, so there is the planning and plotting the planting but we have a couple of weeks before that has to get too serious.
The fluffy white stuff did blanket the area and unlike normal we have the cold temps to keep it around for more than a day ... nightly bonfires anyone.
Remember, as always ....
Have Fun and Be Happy

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