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Friday, January 21, 2011

The Daily Drift

The Daily Drift
Today's horoscope says:
Obviously, the stars are testing your patience via at least one someone on this planet, because it's beginning to feel like everyone who's crossing your path has arrived with information that's either totally confusing or totally inaccurate.
Either way, hold onto your temper, and don't shoot the messenger, unless of course they're the person responsible.
And don't sign anything -- not even a check for more than one hundred bucks.

Some of our readers today have been in:
Perth, Western Australia, Australia
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Turnhout, Antwerpen, Belgium
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Paris, Ile-De-France, France
London, England, United Kingdom
Maastricht, Limburg, Netherlands
Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan, Malaysia
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Bilbao, Pais Vasco, Spain
Wiesbaden, Hessen, Germany
Moscow, Moskva, Russia

as well as Malta, Bulgaria, Israel, Finland, Austria, Norway, Georgia, Mexico, Peru, Kuwait, Serbia, Bangladesh, Latvia, Greece, Scotland, Hong Kong, Denmark, Wales, Iran, Singapore, Poland, Taiwan, Sweden, Afghanistan, Belgium, Tibet, Croatia, Pakistan, Romania, Paraguay, Sudan, Vietnam, Argentina, Cambodia, Egypt, France, Estonia, Puerto Rico, Maldives, Qatar, Brazil, New Zealand, United Arab Emirates, Slovenia, China, Iraq, Ecuador, Nigeria, Colombia, Chile, Honduras, Paupa New Guinea, Moldova, Venezuela, Germany, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Ireland, Czech Republic, Vietnam, Norway, Finland and in cities across the United States such as La Crosse, Fond Du Lac, Elk Grove Village, Henrico and more.

Today is:
Today is Friday, January 21, the 21th day of 2011.
There are 344 days left in the year.

Today's unusual holiday or celebration is: 
National Hugging Day.

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Blogging 'Lite' today

Life has been happening and though our editor is normally quite adept at adroitly ducking and dodging the various maladies tossed about between we humans, this time he should have zigged when he zagged.

CDC Outbreak Notice: Dengue Fever

With more than one-third of the world's population living in areas at risk for transmission, dengue infection is a leading cause of illness and death in the tropics and subtropics.

Giffords's road to recovery

The congresswoman's brain injury will pose specific challenges as she moves to a rehab facility. 



    Worries over Chinese holiday

    Millions of migrant workers in China will travel home for the Chinese New Year.  

      Five little-known facts about tic-tac-toe

      Animal rights group PETA protested one version of the brain game and called it inhumane. 

        Wizard of Id


        Paris cabbie returns lost bag to Oregon couple

        One act of kindness can travel across an entire ocean and warm the hearts of strangers.

        New Mexico Sheriff Greg Solano Arrested for Selling Bullet Proof Vests on eBay for Gambling $$

        Greg Solano, the former sheriff of Santa Fe County, New Mexico was arrested on 251 charges of embezzlement and one count of fraud for an alleged scheme to sell bullet proof vests on eBay.



        Bolivia Appeals to the UN to Legalize Chewable Coca Leaf

        Chewing coca leaves has been a common practice among Andean indigenous populations through countless generations, dating back to pre-Colombus times.

        Musicians killed in Mexico after refusing to play more songs for audience

        Leaving the audience wanting more is the goal of every musician, unless you're a musician in violence-torn Mexico. Two members of local group La Excelencia were murdered in a Guadalajara bar early Monday morning after refusing to play more songs past closing time.

        Jonathan Martinez, 22, and Gustavo Alejandro, 35, were pronounced dead outside the Vida Divina nightclub, gunned down by unidentified assailants with suspected ties to the country's notorious drug gangs. A third victim, identified as bar patron Leslie Soltero, 26, was taken to a local hospital with a gunshot wound to her ankle.

        When La Excelencia's performance came to an end around 4 a.m. local time, four reportedly intoxicated and aggressive audience members demanded the musicians continue playing. Sensing trouble, the group extended its set by two songs, but was eventually forced to pull the plug by the bar's owner. Out of nowhere, one of the instigators threw a grenade at the stage. The explosion injured one person and had panicked customers running for the exits.

        Martinez and Alejandro were among those who fled the bar, but they were met at the front door by a hail of bullets, presumably from the same four men who had harassed them earlier. By the time police arrived at the scene, the killers had already escaped by car. No witnesses were able to identify the getaway vehicle.



        Animal Pictures