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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

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Today in History

The French colony of Guadeloupe is established in the Caribbean.
Frederick William of Brandenburg crushes the Swedes.
Russians defeat the Swedes and Cossacks at the Battle of Poltava.
Colonists repulse a British sea attack on Charleston, South Carolina.
Mary “Molly Pitcher” Hays McCauley, wife of an American artilleryman, carries water to the soldiers during the Battle of Monmouth.
Cinque and other Africans are kidnapped and sold into slavery in Cuba.
Fighting continues between Union and Confederate forces during the Seven Days’ campaign.
General George Meade replaces General Joseph Hooker three days before the Battle of Gettysburg.
The Freedmen’s Bank, created to assist former slaves in the United States, closes. Customers of the bank lose $3 million.
Congress declares Labor Day a legal holiday.
Congress passes the Spooner bill, authorizing a canal to be built across the Isthmus of Panama.
Samuel J. Battle becomes the first African-American policeman in New York City.
Austria’s Archduke Franz Ferdinand is assassinated at Sarajevo, Serbia.
Germany signs the Treaty of Versailles under protest.
A coal strike in Britain is settled after three months.
More than 1,000 communists are routed during an assault on the British consulate in London.
Congress creates the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) to insure construction loans.
German troops launch an offensive to seize Soviet oil fields in the Caucasus and the city of Stalingrad.
General Douglas MacArthur announces the end of Japanese resistance in the Philippines.
The last U.S. combat troops are called home from Korea, leaving only 500 advisers.
General Douglas MacArthur arrives in South Korea as Seoul falls to the North.
French troops begin to pull out of Vietnam’s Tonkin province.
Malcolm X founds the Organization for Afro-American Unity to seek independence for blacks in the Western Hemisphere.
14 people are shot during race riots in Buffalo, New York.
Muhammad Ali [Cassius Clay] stands before the Supreme Court regarding his refusal of induction into the U.S. Army during the Vietnam War.
The Supreme Court overturns the draft evasion conviction of Muhammad Ali.
Nixon announces that no new draftees will be sent to Vietnam.
The first women enter the U.S. Air Force Academy.

How companies harvest your web search info

In the summer of 2015, Alexandra Franco got a letter in the mail from a company she had never heard of called AcurianHealth. The letter, addressed to Franco personally, invited her to participate in a study of people with psoriasis, a condition that causes dry, itchy patches on the skin.
Franco did not have psoriasis. But the year before, she remembered, she had searched for information about it online, when a friend was dealing with the condition. And a few months prior to getting the letter, she had also turned to the internet with a question about a skin fungus. It was the sort of browsing anyone might do, on the assumption it was private and anonymous.
Now there was a letter, with her name and home address on it, targeting her as a potential skin-disease patient. Acurian is in the business of recruiting people to take part in clinical trials for drug companies. How had it identified her? She had done nothing that would publicly associate her with having a skin condition. The explanation is at Gizmodo.

Criminals Facing Wrath of a Nation After Lopping Off Norway's Beloved "Penis Rock"

penis rock destroyed
Criminals Facing Wrath of a Nation After Lopping Off Norway's Beloved "Penis Rock"
The perpetrator could be looking at up to 6 years in jail after defacing a popular hiking destination.

Man Hospitalized After Inserting Sewing Needles Into His Penis


Underage Marriage in America

"...a search of available marriage license data by a group called Unchained at Last... turned up cases of 12-year-old girls married in Alaska, Louisiana and South Carolina, while other states simply had categories of “14 and younger.”.. Among the states with the highest rates of child marriages were Arkansas, Idaho and Kentucky. The number of child marriages has been falling, but every state in America still allows underage girls to marry..."

Woman Is Fighting For Her Right to Be Topless

She wants equality of the sexes on the beaches of Maryland

A woman wants the right to be topless on the beaches of Ocean City, Maryland this summer and is ready to fight for it.
The 29-year-old, who uses the pseudonym Chelsea Covington, feels that the state constitution allows her the right to bare her chest on the beach, just like it does for men. She has been topless on the beaches of her home state around 30 times since asking police in the beach town about the issue last summer.
She told a local news outlet that in those instances, she never had any problem with sexual harassment.
"I have been sexually assaulted, physically grabbed and groped and things just like almost every woman has while being fully clothed," Chelsea said. "And it has never happened when I've been bare-chested."
But her bare-chested days are being threatened. Early this month the town debuted a new ordinance that made it clear that it would be against the law for a woman to go topless on the popular beach. Chelsea is now weighing her legal options against the city, contemplating moving forward with a lawsuit that would protect her right to appear topless on the sand.
She has retained a national civil rights attorney, Devon Jacob, who believes women have the right to appear topless in public. “Ms. Covington and I intend to end discrimination against females in Ocean City,” he told the outlet.
Chelsea, who does not identify as an exhibitionist, has come to realize that the issue of toplessness has a deep meaning for her.
“It’s not just about who can take a shirt off and who can’t. It’s about whether women are seen as equal human beings,” she says. “My thing has been normalization — doing normal things, just like a man would.”

Women Share How They Picked Up Another Woman For The First Time ​​

Kristen Stewart SNL
Ever since Kristen Stewart’s epic Saturday Night Live skit involving Totinos pizza rolls and some lady-on-lady action, we’ve been letting our ladyboners fly free.
Whether you’re (as Kristen puts it) “like, so gay, dude,” looking for a steamy threesome with your boo, or interested in taking a solo dip in the lady-pond, making a move on your girl crush can be scary as hell in real life.
Get your flirt on.

Latest DeVos Worry

The 10 Most Contaminated Foods in Your Fridge

Move to rename Harlem sparks outrage over erasing black history

New York City real estate companies’ attempts to rename a Harlem neighborhood “SoHa” have enraged long-time residents of the historically black enclave, who say the move erases the community’s rich cultural history.
The neighborhood served as home and inspiration to generations of leading African Americans, including activists W.E.B. Du Bois and Malcolm X, who dubbed it “Seventh Heaven,” and artists such as poet Langston Hughes, and singers Harry Belafonte and Ella Fitzgerald.
The appearance in real estate ads of the “SoHa” nickname, echoing the high-priced, largely white Manhattan neighborhood of SoHo in lower Manhattan, angered Harlem’s U.S. Congressman Adriano Espaillat, who vowed to introduce a House resolution to protect Harlem from being renamed.
This effort to halt the renaming of Harlem will fail - not for any reason you might think. The area will be renamed as any area is renamed by new people coming into it ... it may take years, decades or even centuries but the names places are called do change.
Whether or not it is an attempt to 'erase black history' we cannot say.
Remember the entirety of the area was once called New Amsterdam by the Dutch and was renamed New York and the indigenous peoples called it something else first.

As Recycling Declines and Centers Close, the Homeless Are Really Screwed

Why Isn’t Big Pharma Paying for the Harm It Caused Like Big Tobacco?

Cached Nazi Artifacts

From ABC News:
In a hidden room in a house near Argentina's capital, police believe they have found the biggest collection of Nazi artifacts in the country's history, including a bust relief of Adolf Hitler, magnifying glasses inside elegant boxes with swastikas and even a macabre medical device used to measure head size.
Some 75 objects were found in a collector's home in Beccar, a suburb north of Buenos Aires, and authorities say they suspect they are originals that belonged to high-ranking Nazis in Germany during World War II...
The investigation that culminated in the discovery of the collection began when authorities found artworks of illicit origin in a gallery in north Buenos Aires.
Agents with the international police force Interpol began following the collector and with a judicial order raided the house on June 8. A large bookshelf caught their attention and behind it agents found a hidden passageway to a room filled with Nazi imagery...
The main hypothesis among investigators and member of Argentina's Jewish community is that they were brought to Argentina by a high-ranking Nazi or Nazis after World War II, when the South American country became a refuge for fleeing war criminals, including some of the best known.

Neo-Nazis in America

The Guardian explores the rise of neo-Nazis in modern America.  "Neo-Nazi activism in America has been undermined for decades by what both extremist leaders and hate group monitors describe as incredibly childish infighting."  The current political climate has changed that.

Social media giants step up joint fight against extremist content

Social media giants Facebook, Google’s YouTube, Twitter and Microsoft said on Monday they were forming a global working group to combine their efforts to remove terrorist content from their platforms.
Responding to pressure from governments in Europe and the United States after a spate of militant attacks, the companies said they would share technical solutions for removing terrorist content, commission research to inform their counter-speech efforts and work more with counter-terrorism experts.

US judge halts deportation of Iraqis nationwide

A federal judge halted late on Monday the deportation of all Iraqi nationals detained during immigration sweeps across the United States this month until at least July 10, expanding a stay he imposed last week.

Supreme Court Won’t Take Up R.J. Reynolds Age Discrimination Case

The Supreme Court on Monday let stand a ruling that concluded the nation’s chief age-discrimination law has a much narrower reach than widely assumed. The high court’s decision will make it harder for some people later in their work lives to prove they were victims of bias.
ProPublica previously reported how the case, Villarreal v. R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co., could have a broad impact on the rights of older workers and the responsibilities of employers.
The decision was the latest in a string since the 1990s to shrink what counts as age discrimination. In Monday’s action, the justices declined to review the case from the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta, which ruled 6-5 last year that when it comes to systemic bias, the 50-year-old Age Discrimination in Employment Act only applies to people who already have jobs, not those seeking them.

The Supreme Court Just Put A HUGE Stake Through The Heart Of The First Amendment

This is why elections matter.

Supreme Court Smacks Down Religious Nuts

Supreme Court Smacks Down Religious Nuts, Makes Them Put Same-Sex Parents’ Names On Birth Certificates
This is BIG win in favor of equality.

Dumbass Trump’s Muslim Ban Gets The OK – At Least, Part Of It

There’s been development with Dumbass Trump’s Muslim ban and it’s not good. On Monday, the Supreme Court not only decided to hear the Dumbass Trump junta’s...

Court orders exhumation of Salvador Dali's remains

A Spanish court has ordered that the remains of Salvador Dali be exhumed after a woman who claims to be the daughter of the world-famous artist filed a paternity claim.
The Madrid court said Monday the exhumation aimed “to get samples of his remains to determine whether he is the biological father of a woman from Girona (in northeastern Spain) who filed a claim to be recognized as the daughter of the artist.”
“The DNA study of the painter’s corpse is necessary due to the lack of other biological or personal remains with which to perform the comparative study,” it added.
The court said the decision could be appealed.
A spokesman for the court said the woman who claims to be Dali’s daughter is called Pilar Abel, but refused to give any further details.

Ohio cops shame negligent gun owners after a 6-year-old shoots an 8-year-old

An 8-year-old boy and 6-year-old boy were playing in a basement Thursday at a Columbus home when they found a loaded handgun, police said.

Cops Killing Blacks Has Come to Be Expected

Florida cop makes up law to ticket black man for walking without identification

According to the Miami Herald, a police officer in Jacksonville, Florida incorrectly cited a law requiring identification for drivers when giving a ticket to a black man for jaywalking and for not having an ID on him, as shown in a viral video the man in question posted on social media.

Legalizing Marijuana Dramatically Reduces Traffic Stop Searches

TSA Is Requiring You to Pull Out Every Piece of Paper in Your Bags

Ohio Wingnut Wonders Whether City Can Stop Responding To Repeat Overdoses

There's a real regard for life right there.

Over 800 earthquakes recorded at Yellowstone volcano

Over 800 earthquakes have now been recorded at Yellowstone supervolcano over the last two weeks, with the ongoing swarm taking place on the western edge of the National Park.
But there is virtually no risk of the volcano erupting, the United States Geological Survey (USGS) currently lists the volcano alert level as normal and the aviation color, which lists the potential risk to flights, is at green.

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