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Thursday, March 31, 2016

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Today in History

The great massacre of the French in Sicily The Sicilian Vespers comes to an end.
In France, Francis–king since 1515–dies and is succeeded by his son Henry II.
Abigail Adams writes to husband John that women are “determined to foment a rebellion” if the new Declaration of Independence fails to guarantee their rights.
Russia and Turkey sign a treaty by which they promise to take no military action in the Crimea.
In Paris, France, Maximilien Robespierre is elected president of the Jacobin Club.
The first monthly installment of The Pickwick Papers by Charles Dickens is published in London.
Skirmishing between Rebels and Union forces takes place at Island 10 on the Mississippi River.
The first electric street lights ever installed by a municipality are turned on in Wabash, Indiana.
The Eiffel Tower in Paris officially opens on the Left Bank as part of the Exhibition of 1889.
General John Pershing and his army rout Pancho Villa‘s army in Mexico.
The United States purchases the Virgin Islands from Denmark for $25 million.
Daylight Savings Time goes into effect throughout the United States for the first time.
Great Britain declares a state of emergency because of the thousands of coal miners on strike.
To relieve rampant unemployment, Congress authorizes the Civilian Conservation Corps .
Britain and France agree to support Poland if Germany threatens to invade.
La Guardia airport in New York officially opens to the public.
Germany begins a counter offensive in North Africa.
The United States and Britain bar a Soviet supported provisional regime in Warsaw from entering the U.N. meeting in San Francisco.
The Soviet Union begins controlling the Western trains headed toward Berlin.
Winston Churchill declares that the A-bomb was the only thing that kept the Soviet Union from taking over Europe.
The siege of Dien Bien Phu, the last French outpost in Vietnam, begins after the Viet Minh realize it cannot be taken by direct assault.
The South African government declares a state of emergency after demonstrations lead to the deaths of more than 50 Africans.
An estimated 200,000 anti-war demonstrators march in New York City.
President Lyndon Johnson signs the Consular Treaty, the first bi-lateral pact with the Soviet Union since the Bolshevik Revolution.
U.S. forces in Vietnam down a MIG-21, the first since September 1968.
President Jimmy Carter deregulates the banking industry.
Albania offers a multi-party election for the first time in 50 years.

Editorial Comment

Hello and well met.
We have returned to our regular schedule today after a week off.
We are glad to see we did not suffer and loss of readership while we were away.
We published yesterday's postings midday.

While preparing for the first games of the season last week we received and new book series from a fellow author to read and review prior to publication.
As any friend would do we immediately sat down to read the books.
Then, lo and behold, we looked up and it was 1am and we had missed our publication time for this blog.
We then made the decision to forgo publishing late and finish the first book.
This decision along with the schedule of the games over the weekend, along with the desire to spend the sunny days outdoors left us not blogging for a week.
We do wish to apologize to our readers for the abrupt departure and return, we promise to alert you when we will put a hold on blogging going forward.

Remember, as always ....
Have Fun and Be Happy

Americans Finally Realize That We Cause Climate Change

Athena Image

Who really invented the personal computer?

Who really invented the personal computer?

Quick Hits: The Travel Edition

Priceline strikes deal with Cuba to let Americans book hotels

Here are the Top 10 off-the-beaten-path ethical travel destinations to visit now

Quick Hits

After Islamophobia comes the criminalization of Arabic

US deploys Marines to fight ISIL in Iraq

The Oilman Who Loved Dictators

So much that matters in our world and on our planet happens in and remains in the shadows.

Ex-Scientologist guzzled bleach in desperate escape attempt from cult’s hellish gulag

A former top Scientologist says she was forced to spend three years performing hard labor after she was caught kissing another woman.

‘People’ deletes anti-vaxxer celebrity’s baby formula recipe — which can be deadly

Reality TV hack Kristin Cavallari, who said her sons have a sensitivity to cow’s milk, refuses to vaccinate her three children due to unfounded fears over autism.

Inside the 'Fetal Assault Law' Sending Pregnant Women to Prison

Here Are The ABSURD ‘Alternatives’ Florida Now Has For Women Instead Of Planned Parenthood

It’s become clearer than ever that Republicans don’t care about women. They also don’t care about freedom one iota. And they most certainly...

Duggar-loving wingnut threatened to wave his penis at woman he thought was a man

La Tour sold himself in a recent election as the candidate of “Wingnut Values – Wingnut Choice” and was rewarded with a $2,000 campaign donation from former 'christian' reality show hacks Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar.

Drug-Dealing Wingnut Pedophile Rep’s Client List Implicates NH Elected Officials

Wingnut Tasker, who was recently arrested on felony drug and solicitation charges, had a client list. Guess who’s on it? More wingnuts ...

‘Decent guy’ youth pastor charged with sexually abusing 5-year-old girl at his home

Lucas Savage
The arrest of a Maine youth pastor on child sex abuse charges has shocked some congregants — but at least one neighbor suspected he “seemed a little different.”

Baptist pastor sentenced to 50 years for hiring mistress and her husband to set his wife on fire

Donald Lafferty - (Stoddard Co. Prosecuting Attorney Russ Oliver)
“Chris poured the gas around the couch, and poured some on Mildred,” Hicks testified. “I stood behind him and watched when he lit the fire. Then we turned around and walked out.”

Bristol Palin Cheers For 'Christian' Students Forcing Their Delusion Upon Atheists

No one is saying that students can’t be 'christians'. But there is a place for 'christians' to go to wallow in their delusion, and that place is generally known as a cult.

How 'christian' ‘pay-to-pray’ scams victimize the poor and the desperate

“When they are going through incredibly difficult situations, often times people turn to prayer,” Davies continued. “They see a website touting that thousands of people will pray for you. They have a pastor, testimonials on the website of people whose prayers were answered. The pastor was a sham. The testimonials were fictitious as well.”

Paddles, Stun Guns and Chemical Sprays

Crying 6-year-old put in handcuffs under school’s stairs for taking candy off teacher’s desk

Madisyn Moore was handcuffed by school security (Screen capture)
Crying 6-year-old put in handcuffs under school’s stairs for taking candy off teacher’s desk

Police found heroin after suspect whispered 'I don't think they found all the stuff in the car'

State troopers in Massachusetts missed hundreds of baggies filled with heroin during their first search of a car they stopped in Hatfield, according to court documents. On Feb. 17, Massachusetts State Police arrested Jordan Johnson, 26, of Woodsville, N.H.; Ethan Richards, 26, of Woodsville, N.H., and Carrie Tutsock, 24, of Haverhill N.H. after searching a car, owned by Tutsock, that was pulled over for traveling at 11 mph above the speed limit.
After spotting a crack pipe sitting on the front passenger's thigh, troopers searched the vehicle and found two additional crack pipes, several baggies of heroin and crack cocaine, and a digital scale with heroin residue on it, police reports said. Hypodermic needles were also found on the car's floor. Tutsock told police that she and the two men had just bought heroin and they were heading home to New Hampshire. None of the three suspects would say where, or from whom, they bought the drugs.
While transporting the suspects from state police barracks in Northampton to the Hampshire County Jail & House of Corrections, troopers allegedly heard Tutsock turn to Johnson and Richards and whisper, "I don't think they found all the stuff in the car." Shortly after, detectives returned to the car in question to conduct a second search, police reports said. Police came across a sealed Coca Cola can containing 230 baggies of heroin labelled "Alpha" on the car's floor police said.
Troopers also discovered three digital scales with white powder on them inside the trunk's spare tyre compartment. Troopers said the soda can is known as a "hide," which is used to conceal drugs, court documents said. Johnson, Tutsock and Richards were arraigned in Northampton District Court on Thursday and were each charged with possession with the intent to distribute a Class A drug. They are due back in court on May 4.

Woman hit husband with cooking pot before stabbing him for not getting out of bed

A woman is in jail after she attacked her common-law husband because he would not get out of bed, police said.
At about 12:30pm on Wednesday the 37-year-old man called police after he had an argument with the woman at the apartment they share in Corpus Christi, Texas. When officers arrived he told them they had been fighting because he would not get out of bed.
The man told officers the woman hit him on the head with a cooking pot, punched him in the face three times with her fist, then she grabbed a kitchen knife. The woman then allegedly stabbed the man in his left hand.
The man refused medical treatment and officers arrested Melinda Hinojosa, 39, on suspicion of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Hinojosa remains in Nueces County Jail. Her bail was set at $30,000, jail officials said.

Scientists analyze 400 years of data to reveal what global warming is doing to your wine

Scientists analyze 400 years of data to reveal what global warming is doing to your wine

How the Mayans and six other ancient civilizations made sense of dreams

How the Mayans and six other ancient civilizations made sense of dreams

Bones of Iron Age warriors may reveal link between 'spear-people' and the ancient Gauls

Bones of Iron Age warriors may reveal link between 'spear-people' and the ancient Gauls

Scientists discover an exoplanet with the most eccentric orbit ever observed

Scientists discover an exoplanet with the most eccentric orbit ever observed

Unicorns Really Existed

A now-extinct giant 'Siberian unicorn' existed much more recently than previously thought, paleontologists say. The animal, an elasmotherium Siberian rhinoceros was previously thought to be extinct 350,000 years ago. However, new research by experts in Russia indicates that the animal may have existed until 29,000 years ago.
This means that the 'unicorn' may have roamed the Earth at the same time as humans - a human fossil found in western Siberia in 2008 was dated to 45,000 years ago.

Police investigation determined that squirrel broke into home and turned on the television

A squirrel is being blamed for causing a breaking and entering investigation by police in Port Hope, Ontario, Canada.
The town's police service were called on Thursday evening to a property after the caretaker discovered what she thought was a break-in.
The living quarters were in disarray, lamps were knocked over, picture frames lay on the floor, and the television was on.
An investigation revealed the culprit was a squirrel that had got into the home via the chimney, and ran through the residence, stepping on the remote control that turned on the television. Port Hope police officers ruled the breaking and entering to be unfounded.

Runaway pet piglet has set up home with flock of sheep next door and doesn't want to go home

A runaway pet piglet that thinks she's a sheep has set up home with the flock next door, evading capture for almost two weeks. Little Babe fled from her new home in Twynholm, Dumfriesshire, Scotland, just moments after her owners' trailer parked up at the smallholding they've just moved to. And this little piggy does not want to go home, despite many attempts to capture her. Cat Galloway, 34, owner of the fugitive porker, said she has spent "hours and hours" trying to catch her with the help of neighboring farmer Willie McMorran, whose field she is hiding out in. Cat said: "She escaped pretty much as soon as we got her home. She has been out in the field with the sheep for 12 days now and we've not stopped trying to get her back in. We have tried rounding her up, cornering her, netting her and feeding her but she's too fast and doesn't tire at all.
"She changes direction in a heartbeat and can run at you, then suddenly change her mind. I've never known a pig like her." Food is usually a sure fire way to get a pig's attention but Cat said even waving cake and bananas under her snout isn’t luring Babe back to her own farm. She said: “Because of her age, she’s just left her mum so she's not had much chance with people and food. She's not aware yet that people feed her so she's not interested in anything we offer. From what I can see she's been eating on the road, eating whatever she can find. She's definitely not daft, she knows where the food is." And even a quad bike hasn’t managed to keep up with Babe’s little trotters long enough to catch her. Cat, husband Bill, and their four children moved to Glengap from the village of Twynholm a year ago. Cat said the countless attempts to capture the fugitive porker have left everybody feeling “exhausted”.

She said: "I've never worked as hard in my life. I feel like I've done a 50-mile cross country. Every muscle in my body aches. The kids have been trying non-stop to get her home. But they were so exhausted they have given up now.” This is the first time the Galloway family have owned pigs, picking up the three small Kunekune piglets on March 6. And Cat said it has definitely been more eventful than she expected. She said: "We didn't know they could run so fast. We wanted a small breed, similar to the pot belly, that would be good with children and animals. And we picked girls because they are generally more easy-going - not in this case though. I remember the breeder originally telling us she was the shy one, but she is wild. I've never seen anything like it before." She joked that the little pig knows she is outsmarting her owners.

She said: "Pigs are instinctively very smart, people don't give them enough credit. They just think pig, bacon, sausage. But Babe looks right at you when you're trying to catch her and you can just tell she is thinking 'ha, you've not caught me yet - do you give up?', it's just so funny." Cat added: “She's such a funny little pig, she is following the sheep and they are following her, they seem to have accepted her. They do ram and head butt her though if she gets too cocky. She sleeps amongst them at night keeping warm and has been eating the feed the farmer’s putting out for the sheep. She isn’t losing any weight and Willie finds the whole thing pretty amusing too.” In a last-ditch attempt to outsmart the runaway piglet, farmer Willie McMorran will now attempt to lead the pig home with the sheep. Cat said: “Babe follows the sheep so Willie’s plan is to try and load them all into a trailer including pig so we can finally get her home to her sisters.”

Animal Pictures

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The Daily Drift

Welcome to Today's Edition of Carolina Naturally.
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Carolina Naturally is read in 206 countries around the world daily.   
Got a pencil ... !
Today is - Pencil Day

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Germany - Greece - Hungary - Ireland - Italy - Latvia - Netherlands - Norway - Poland 
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Today in History

King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella sign a decree expelling all Jews from Spain.
“Beau” Brummell, the English dandy and former favorite of the prince regent, dies in a French lunatic asylum for paupers.
Hyman L. Lipman of Philadelphia patents the pencil with an eraser attached on one end.
Russian Baron Stoeckl and U.S. Secretary of State Seward completed the draft of a treaty ceding Alaska to the United States. The treaty is signed the following day.
The 15th amendment, guaranteeing the right to vote regardless of race, passes.
Grant signs bill readmitting Texas to the Union, the last Confederate state readmitted.
In Afghanistan, Russian troops inflict a crushing defeat on Afghan forces Ak Teppe despite orders not to fight.
The Queensboro Bridge in New York opens. It is the first double decker bridge and links Manhattan and Queens.
Mexican bandit Pancho Villa kills 172 at the Guerrero garrison in Mexico.
Britain announces a naval construction program of 38 warships. This is the largest construction program in 15 years.
The German Afrika Korps under General Erwin Rommel begins its first offensive against British forces in Libya.
Rodgers and Hammerstein’s first collaboration, Oklahoma, opens on Broadway.
The U.S. fleet attacks Palau, near the Philippines.
The Red Army advances into Austria.
The Allies seize 1,000 Nazis attempting to revive the Nazi party in Frankfurt.
President Harry S Truman denounces Joe McCarthy as a saboteur of U.S. foreign policy.
Tunisia and Morocco sign a friendship treaty in Rabat.
Hanoi launches its heaviest attack in four years, crossing the DMZ.
As the North Vietnamese forces move toward Saigon, desperate South Vietnamese soldiers mob rescue jets.
Reagan is shot and wounded in Washington, D.C. by John W. Hinkley Jr.
Vincent Van Gogh’s Sunflowers is bought for $39.85 million.

The Lost City of Benin

While medieval Europe was dealing with feudalism, barbarian invasions, and the plague, the African kingdom of Benin boasted a magnificent city with straight roads, record-breaking fortifications, and even street lamps. The streets, houses, and villages were laid out in a planned fractal design, which went over the heads of visiting Europeans. Benin City, in what is now Nigeria, was a sight to behold. 
When the Portuguese first “discovered” the city in 1485, they were stunned to find this vast kingdom made of hundreds of interlocked cities and villages in the middle of the African jungle. They called it the “Great City of Benin”, at a time when there were hardly any other places in Africa the Europeans acknowledged as a city. Indeed, they classified Benin City as one of the most beautiful and best planned cities in the world.
In 1691, the Portuguese ship captain Lourenco Pinto observed: “Great Benin, where the king resides, is larger than Lisbon; all the streets run straight and as far as the eye can see. The houses are large, especially that of the king, which is richly decorated and has fine columns. The city is wealthy and industrious. It is so well governed that theft is unknown and the people live in such security that they have no doors to their houses.”
But the city is no more. It was totally destroyed, and the few vestiges left are mostly ignored. Read the story of Benin City at The Guardian.

Creek-Powered Rotisserie

Do you need to power your rotisserie while camping? Forget a generator. Nature provides all the force you need. Here's a rack of beef ribs rotating on a water wheel. The fire is in a metal pan so that it doesn't get wet.
Casual Googling suggests that this is not a new idea, though it is a clever one. You can find instructions on how to make your own courtesy of DJ BBQ.

Hospital Patient Turns Her Treatments into Glamour Shots

Going to the see the doctor? That's not icky at all. And Karolyn Gehrig wants you and everyone else to feel that way. That's why she created a series of sensuous and fashionable photos of herself in real-life medical settings. Gehrig calls the project #HospitalGlam.
Dealing with medical issues doesn't make you less beautiful. Gehrig explains:
#HospitalGlam is a movement for and by people with disabilities that started by appropriating fashion imagery and reinserting it into medical environments using bodies that don’t outwardly present as sick or disabled.

One Small Fix To Help People Who Leave Their Jobs To Care For Loved Ones

Michigan Wingnuts Pass Law Forcing Women To Buy ‘Rape Insurance’

Michigan has passed a new laws which requires women to get special ‘rape insurance’ in the state if they want to be covered in the event of sexual assault.
A mere 4% of Michigan voters, with the cooperation of the legislature, just forced a measure onto the state’s women that requires them to get a separate rider on their health insurance if they want abortion coverage. Even if a woman is impregnated through rape or incest, her insurance won’t pay for an abortion unless she already has a rider in place.
Even Michigan's moron Snyder thinks the law is too extreme.

Police left cheeky note after discovering drug dealer’s hidey-hole

When officers with the Metropolitan Police uncovered some hidden drugs in Camden, north London, they left a note behind for whoever left it there.
Sgt Paul Taylor explained a colleague discovered the dealer’s hiding place near the Grand Union Canal and removed the two bags of cannabis on Wednesday.
“Drugs found by the team today in the dealer’s latest sneaky hidey-hole,” he wrote. “Found by PC 'Sniffer' Simmond's snout.”
“This note left in the place of the early seizure from the canal towpath.” A piece of paper with ‘Metropolitan Police Service’ at the head, sported the brief handwritten word: “Unlucky.”

Non-smoking woman forced to pay £650 fine for dropping cigarette in town she’d never been to

A woman from Monmouthshire in Wales was forced to pay a £650 fine for dropping a cigarette butt in Wigan, England, despite not smoking and never visiting the town. Emma Caresimo, 40, from Magor, was "horrified" after a bailiff arrived at her home and threatened to tow her car. She said the "upsetting" ordeal was for an offense committed by someone with her maiden name from Liverpool.
Wigan council said the court instructed the bailiff while HM Courts & Tribunals Service blamed "human error". Mrs Caresimo said she was at home with her three-year-old son when the bailiff clamped her Volkswagen Golf, which he told her was worth £3,700. "I said 'I have never been to Wigan and I don't smoke' but he wasn't having any of it. He didn't believe me and said he'd heard it all before," she explained.
"He said he would take the clamp off only if I paid the outstanding fines of £650. I had no other choice; it was awful." Mrs Caresimo called the police who, on arrival, said the bailiff was working within the law. "They should not be able to get the wrong person like this, it's very distressing," she said. Paul Barton, assistant director of operational services at Wigan council, said: "Following an unpaid fixed penalty notice last year we issued court proceedings to an Emma Smith with a Liverpool address.
"We prosecuted under this Liverpool address and have never issued any proceedings to a Welsh address or instructed any court or bailiff to visit a Welsh property." An HM Courts & Tribunals Service spokeswoman said: "As a result of human error HMCTS wrongly took enforcement action against an individual with the same name and date of birth as an offender. We are deeply sorry for any distress caused by this regrettable incident and have arranged for the money to be refunded. We have taken steps to avoid this happening in future."

Man arrested for egging elderly former neighbor's house more than 100 times

A man from Euclid, Ohio, faces charges that accuse him of egging an elderly former neighbor's house more than 100 times in a single year. Jason E. Kozan, 30, is charged with vandalism in the incidents that happened between May 20, 2014 to June 26, 2015, according to court records. Kozan egged former neighbor Albert Clemens, Sr.'s house more than 100 times.
The attacks damaged Mr Clemens, Sr.'s house and kept his family on edge, he said last year. Mr Clemens, Sr., 85, told how his home had been pelted several times a week in the past, sometimes more than once a day. The eggings usually happened after dark and lasted around 10 minutes. He also said he felt the eggs were somehow being launched at the house. Mr Clemens, Sr. and his wife bought the two-story house 60 years ago.
Although she has since passed away, he still lives there with his 49-year-old daughter and 51-year-old son. Detectives began investigating last year and obtained a warrant to search Kozan's former house. Authorities visited local restaurants and businesses to find the suspect’s supply. They traced the eggs used in the attack to an Amish farm, but weren’t able to link them to anyone. They even tried getting fingerprints, but once the eggs crack, protein dissolves any possible prints.
They eventually found evidence they presented to a prosecutor who ultimately decided to file charges, Euclid Lt. Mike Knack said on Wednesday. Detectives have not identified a motive for the eggings, which largely ceased after Kozan moved out of the neighborhood, Knack said. Judge Deborah LeBarron set bond at $2,000 during Kozan's initial appearance on Tuesday in Euclid Municipal Court. The case will be reviewed by a Cuyahoga County grand jury, police said.

Woman assaulted husband with an onion

A Florida woman was arrested after being accused of throwing an onion at her husband.
The husband of Terri Bramlett, 59, told a Martin County Sheriff’s investigator that Bramlett threw an onion at him during an argument at their home in Palm City.
Bramlett told investigators that “she felt threatened by her husband who was across their living room and threw an onion at him, striking his face.”
The onion injured her husband’s lip. “Bramlett had no signs of injury and only expressed annoyance of our investigation,” an affidavit states. Bramlett was arrested and charged with misdemeanor domestic battery.

'Bloody box' labelled ‘human remains’ found at side of road contained a tomato and an onion

A seemingly bloody box marked “human remains” was found at the side of a road in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, on Thursday morning but contained only a tomato and an onion. Multiple bright labels with the words “medical shipment” and “handle with extreme care” were stamped all over the box and red smears that looked like blood were also on the cardboard container found at about 8am. The red fluid on the outside of the box was not blood.
Horry County police say someone alerted them after they found the box. EMS claimed the box until Horry County Coroner Robert Edge came to the scene and collected it. Now authorities believe the incident could be a prank, according to Lt. Raul Denis with Horry County Police. “I don’t think we’re going to spend the time and resources to investigate something so silly where all we’re looking at is maybe a littering charge,” Denis said.
Denis said police will look at the coroner’s report when it becomes available and determine their next step. The box appeared to be a human waste decontamination box and could have held some type of human medical waste, Edge said before he discovered the two vegetables inside. He opened the box at about 10:30am and examined its contents with Forensic Pathologist Edward Proctor Jr.
Proctor also tested the fluid that looked like blood on the box’s outside and determined it wasn’t. Edge said they hadn’t determined what exactly the fluid was, but said it looked like it may be water mixed with red food coloring. Edge said he wasn’t sure if someone who worked in a medical office simply put trash inside the sealed box and lost it along their route to throw it away, or if the entire situation was a hoax.