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Sunday, August 14, 2016

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Today in History

The first book ever printed is published by a German astrologer named Faust. He is thrown in jail while trying to sell books in Paris. Authorities concluded that all the identical books meant Faust had dealt with the devil.
Spanish explorer Tristan de Luna enters Pensacola Bay, Florida.
The Popham expedition reaches the Sagadahoc River in present-day Maine and settles there.
French commander Louis Montcalm takes Fort Oswego, New England, from the British.
Republican troops in France lay siege to the city of Lyons.
The European allies enter Beijing, relieving their besieged legations from the Chinese Boxers.
The Chinese Parliament declares war on the Central Powers.
Dwight D. Eisenhower is named the Anglo-American commander for Operation Torch, the invasion of North Africa.
Japan announces its unconditional surrender in World War II.
Pakistan becomes an independent country.
British troops arrived Northern Ireland in response to sectarian violence between protestants and Roman catholics.
The United States ends the “secret” bombing of Cambodia.
Mark McGwire hits his 49th home run of the season, setting the major league home run record for a rookie.
Shannon Faulker becomes the first female cadet in the long history of South Carolina’s state military college, The Citadel. Her presence is met with intense resistance, reportedly including death threats, and she will leave the school a week later.
Four coordinated suicide bomb attacks in Yazidi towns near Mosul, Iraq, kill more than 400 people.
First-ever Summer Youth Olympic Games open, in Singapore. Athletes must be 14–18 years old.

Large human brain evolved as a result of ‘sizing each other up’

Large human brain evolved as a result of ‘sizing each other up’
Humans have evolved a disproportionately large brain as a result of sizing each other up in large cooperative social groups, researchers have proposed. A team led by computer scientists at Cardiff University suggest that the challenge of judging a person’s...

Flaming toilet rolls used to guide flying doctor's aircraft to remote airstrip

The Royal Flying Doctor Service in Australia has used flaming toilet rolls to light up an airstrip in north-west Queensland. They were flying in to rescue a station hand, who was critically injured while working on a property, about 180 kilometers north of Cloncurry.
Pilot Geoff Cobden said there were no flares available to light the runway, so they turned to the next best thing - 20 toilet paper rolls soaked in fuel. "I've probably landed with toilet rolls a few times a year," he said. "Basically they dip them in diesel so they're soaked, and put them out [on the runway].
"Then I tell them I'll call them on the UHF inbound … and then once I'm overhead, they light them and then I'll circle overhead to make sure they're set up correctly, and then land." Mr Cobden said flying into remote spots required lateral thinking at times. "The last resort, we can land with the lights of four cars, which gives us a touchdown point and where the other end of the airstrip is.

"But that's an absolute last resort," he said. "Generally, if a station doesn't have flares, the toilet roll option is the next best thing to using car lights and most stations have got enough toilet rolls." The injured female station hand was picked up from an airstrip near the Burke and Wills Roadhouse and taken to the Mount Isa hospital.

Fight For 15? Low-Wage Workers Want Respect, Regular Shifts Too

Fight For 15? Low-Wage Workers Want Respect, Regular Shifts Too

Whoever Simone Biles Calls Her Parents Are Her Parents

Cenk Uygur Reveals That Roger Ailes’ ‘Black Room’ Enemies Ops Were Known To MSNBC

It’s Officially Unacceptable To Call Women “Honey” Or “Darling” In The Courtroom

Man surprised to find portable toilet packed with marijuana

Police say a man walking through a park in Oregon discovered a portable toilet filled with marijuana plants.
Rogue River police posted photos on social media on Wednesday, saying it's the largest seizure of pot the department has ever made.
Marijuana grows are common in southern Oregon, which has some of the nation's best conditions for outdoor cultivation. Chief Ken Lewis on Thursday said police still don't know how the pot got there.
He said it could be anything from a pick-up point to a disgruntled resident making a statement about all the marijuana grows. Lewis said a public works employee checked the toilet three hours before the discovery was made and it was empty. People playing tennis on a nearby court saw nothing suspicious.

Woman being arrested for skinny dipping allegedly 'mule kicked' police officer in the groin

Two South Carolina women were arrested in connection with indecent exposure after police said the pair was swimming in the nude at a Myrtle Beach-area apartment complex pool on Monday night. Kadie Lynne Naumann, 23, and Kyla Elizabeth Cole, 32, were each charged with indecent exposure. Naumann was also charged with assaulting a police officer while resisting arrest because police said she kicked an arresting officer in the groin area, authorities said.
Horry County police were called at about 11pm to the amenities center at the Alta Surf apartment complex in reference to a loud noise complaint. Police said the women were swimming completely naked when they arrived. Authorities spoke with another woman there, who was clothed and told them she lived in the complex and invited the women over. The women said they wanted to go swimming, but didn’t have their swimsuits, so they decided to go swimming in the nude.
Everyone seemed highly intoxicated and had slurred speech and poor balance. Naumann and another person with the group began to walk off while police were checking to see if any in the group had arrest warrants, and Naumann became “belligerent” and “unpredictable,” police said. Officers decided to arrest Naumann in connection with indecent exposure. Naumann allowed her towel to fall to the ground as an officer placed her in handcuffs.
The officer wrapped the towel back around Naumann who then executed a “mule kick” - delivering a rear-thrust kick with the heel of her foot, striking the officer in the groin, causing pain to his genitalia. Police then took Naumann to the ground and the arresting officer placed his left knee between Naumann’s shoulder blades. Naumann kicked the officer in the thigh as he was arresting the other woman. Police said they took the pair to J. Reuben Long Detention Center without further incident. Naumann was released on $5,000 bail, and Cole was released on $2,500 bail.

Half-naked woman seen trying on underwear in store before putting them back on the shelf

Shoppers were surprised as a woman stripped off and started trying on knickers in the middle of a shop floor, before putting the underwear back on the shelf. The woman is said to have tried on about four pairs after reportedly taking off her own in Primark at Bouverie Place shopping center in Folkestone, Kent, according to one eyewitness.
The company has confirmed the incident took place. A spokesman said: "Primark is aware of an incident which took place in our Folkestone store on Tuesday 9th August.
"All the products in question have been removed from sale." It is understood the woman did not buy any of the briefs and left the store empty-handed.

Man Shoots His Ex-Girlfriend In The Face, But It’s All Good Because This Is Florida

Man Shoots His Ex-Girlfriend In The Face, But It’s All Good Because This Is Florida
The sad thing is, he could get away with this despite his really flimsy defense.

Suspected trailer thief also stole bottled water that dog had urinated on

Authorities in Calhoun County, Alabama, say they caught a suspect in a trailer theft with a surprising twist. The man has been identified as Jeffery Fair and is in the Talladega County jail on other charges, according to the Calhoun County Sheriff's Office.
Police say he helped himself to a case of bottled water before driving off with his red Chevrolet Tahoe hitched to a stolen trailer. What the burglar didn't know was that the water was set outside because a family dog had apparently urinated on it.
“The reason why they had the case of bottled water outside is because their dog had urinated on it. So they set it outside so it wouldn't be in the house. So this guy comes by. Hope he enjoys the, uh - it's kind of like yellow snow, he's getting the yellow water,” Calhoun County Chief Deputy Matthew Wade said.

The theft took place in Calhoun County's Iron City area. They say the residents would like their trailer back, but not the water. The investigation is ongoing. In addition Talladega case, authorities say Fair faces a second, unrelated burglary charge in Calhoun County.

Hunt for burglary suspect who didn't finish sweeping family's floor

A family from Muskogee, Oklahoma, caught a man mid-burglary, attempting to clean out their house. Robert Felts’ 17-year-old son awoke late on Monday morning to find a stranger asleep on their couch in their home. Felts said his startled son checked with mother to see if anyone was supposed to be there. She told her son to get his brother and get out of the house.
The boys’ mother rushed home. “By this time, he’d got up off the couch and was sweeping the kitchen floor,” Felts said. “So, he was very high and disoriented on drugs.” Muskogee Police Department spokesman Lincoln Anderson said by the time the mother arrived home, the man had shut and locked the door. He then fled from the house, taking off on a bicycle.
Felts, after leaving work, later caught up to him on a nearby street. “He got away from us again,” Felts said. “Somebody came rolling up in a car and he jumped in and they ran off.” The car was a light brown, or champagne-colored 2007 Chevrolet Impala, Felts said. After he got away, Felts returned home to talk with law enforcers.
His wife, Wendy Felts, snapped the alleged burglar’s photo during the ordeal. “No one was hurt, praise God,” Robert Felts said. “Luckily, he didn’t get hurt. My wife pretty much figured out right away that he was under the influence.” The man left a small bag at the Felts’ home, in which police found drug paraphernalia. Felts said that the suspect did not finish the sweeping. The man has not been arrested, Anderson added.

The Single-celled Organism That Almost Wiped Out Life on Earth

Two-and-a-half billion years ago, the earth was a very different place, but it already had life. Not anything you’d recognize, or could even see, but life of a sort anyway. While those archaic single-cell life forms reproduced by splitting, they also managed to mutate like crazy, at least on an evolutionary scale. And some of them caused a mass extinction event.
It’s kind of strange to think that oxygen could have ever been considered a pollutant in the air. But it was, and that affected everything that came after. You have to wonder what kind of life forms will evolve in the greenhouse gas-rich atmosphere that will remain after we become extinct after the climate change apocalypse.

Meditating camper came face-to-face with bear watching him through tent mesh

A man from Vancouver, Canada, who survived a close encounter with a black bear while camping last week has shared video of the interaction. David James Weale said he'd needed a little downtime, so he went to the Capilano River Regional Park, hiked down a path and set up a small tent. He was meditating the next morning when he heard sniffing sounds nearby. When he sat up, he came face-to-face with a black bear. "I guess I startled him a little bit and then he came close and just started exploring the tent," Weale said.

Siberian Miners Unearth Creepy Mummified Critter

When Siberian miners uncovered a horrific-looking mummified critter corpse in the diamondiferous sands in Udachny they didn't freak out and cry “monster!” - because they thought they'd found a dinosaur.
But most people with a rudimentary understanding of animal anatomy instantly recognized it as the corpse of a mammal, so the dinosaur angle was ruled out with a glance.
As commenters argued about what it could be they determined it was probably a marten or weasel, possibly a badger, and definitely no big deal much to the miners' dismay.
The creature is currently being transported to the regional capital Yakutsk for examination, where experts will determine whether it's an important find or an elaborate prank.

Alaskan Moose Family Plays In The Sprinklers

The dog days of summer can really get you down, even if you're a moose, and we all want to find a fun and refreshing way to beat the heat.
Pools and water parks are great, and hanging out in the frozen foods section of your grocery store will keep you cool for a while.
But take it from the moose family in this video- running through the sprinklers is the most fun way to stay cool and go wild at the same time!
This fun moose footage was captured by Eagle River, Alaska resident Candice Helm, who was kind enough to turn on the sprinklers so that adorable moose family could cool off.
Just don't put out any Moose Chow, Candice, or your summer visitors will never leave!

New earth snake species discovered in Mexico

New earth snake species discovered in Mexico
A new gem has been added to the vast treasure of Mexican reptiles. Mexican scientists recently described a new and strikingly colored species of earth snake from the mountains of Puebla and Veracruz in east-central Mexico. These burrowing reptiles are seldom...

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