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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

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Today in History

312 Constantine the Great defeats Marcus Aurelius Valerius Maxentius at the Mulvian Bridge.
969 After a prolonged siege, the Byzantines end 300 years of Arab rule in Antioch.
1216 Henry III of England is crowned.
1628 After a fifteen-month siege, the Huguenot town of La Rochelle surrenders to royal forces.
1636 Harvard College, the oldest institution of higher learning in the United States, is founded in Cambridge, Mass.
1768 Germans and Acadians join French Creoles in their armed revolt against the Spanish governor of New Orleans.
1793 Eli Whitney applies for a patent on the cotton gin, a machine which cleans the tight-clinging seeds from short-staple cotton easily and effectively–a job which was previously done by hand.
1863 In a rare night attack, Confederates under Gen. James Longstreet attack a Federal force near Chattanooga, Tennessee, hoping to cut their supply line, the "cracker line." They fail.
1886 The Statue of Liberty, originally named Liberty Enlightening the World, is dedicated at Liberty Island, N. Y., formerly Bedloe’s Island, by President Grover Cleveland
1901 Race riots sparked by Booker T. Washington’s visit to the White House kill 34.
1904 The St. Louis police try a new investigation method: fingerprints.
1914 The German cruiser Emden, disguised as a British ship, steams into Penang Harbor near Malaya and sinks the Russian light cruiser Zhemchug.
1914 George Eastman announces the invention of the color photographic process.
1919 Over President Wilson’s veto, Congress passes the National Prohibition Act, or Volstead Act, named after its promoter, Congressman Andrew J. Volstead. It provides enforcement guidelines for the Prohibition Amendment.
1927 Pan American Airways launches the first scheduled international flight.
1940 Italy invades Greece, launching six divisions on four fronts from occupied Albania.
1944 The first B-29 Superfortress bomber mission flies from the airfields in the Mariana Islands in a strike against the Japanese base at Truk.
1960 In a note to the OAS (Organization of American States), the United States charges that Cuba has been receiving substantial quantities of arms and numbers of military technicians" from the Soviet bloc.
1962 Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev orders Soviet missiles removed from Cuba, ending the Cuban Missile Crisis.
1965 Construction completed on St. Louis Arch; at 630 feet (192m), it is the world’s tallest arch.
1971 Britain launches the satellite Prospero into orbit, using a Black Arrow carrier rocket; this is the first and so far (2013) only British satellite launched by a British rocket.
1982 The Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party wins election, giving Spain its first Socialist government since the death of right-wing President Francisco Franco.
2005 Libby "Scooter" Lewis, chief of staff to Vice President Dick Cheney, resigns after being indicted for "outing" CIA agent Valerie Plame.
2007 Argentina elects its first woman president, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner.

Canadian Town Creates Christmas in October for Boy with Brain Cancer

Seven-year-old Evan Leversage of St. George, Ontario has been courageously fighting brain cancer for the majority of his life. After five years of living with the disease, Evan's brain tumor has been recently determined to have increased in size. Medical professionals have told his parents that he could be gone by the year's end.
Once they received that heartbreaking prognosis, Evan's parents decided to gather their family and celebrate Christmas on October 24th. But the extended family did not stop there. They circulated flyers, created a Facebook event page and started a crowdfunding campaign to allow the entire town to celebrate Christmas early with Evan and his family. Thus far they've raised $21,000. Evan's mother told the CBC,
"You look out our front window, the entire street is lit up. Everywhere you look it's Christmas. It's more than I could have imagined. When Evan looks out his window, the backyard is decorated and there's a sign saying 'Merry Christmas.'"

A Sumo Wrestler Footrace

Sumo wrestlers must be strong enough to push another wrestler their size across the ring, sturdy enough to take some physical abuse when they bump bellies, and heavy enough to hold their ground.
But the art of Sumo has little to nothing to do with distance running, so watching sumo wrestlers take to the track in a footrace is truly a sight to behold.
The sumo wrestlers are surprisingly light on their feet, but this video feels incomplete without the Benny Hill song playing in the background.



Turns Out Starbucks Is A ‘Grande’ Tax Avoider!

thanks seattle
Good day, fiends, junkies, and catalog models. It's officially Fall, which means it's time for some Coffee Talk! What have our caffeinated Corporate Persons have been doing with themselves when they're not competing to create...

South Carolina man arrested with almost 10,000 stolen guns

Brent Nicholson mugshot - WSOC screenshot
A South Carolina man was taken into custody on Friday after police discovered an estimated 10,000 guns they believe were stolen stored on his property.

Hitler's Bronze Horses

How Fans Smuggled Nazi Art To West Germany
by Konstantin von Hammerstein
Hitler's Bronze Horses: How Fans Smuggled Nazi Art To West Germany
In one of the most curious stories of art smuggling from the Eastern Bloc prior to the fall of the Berlin Wall, two classic car dealers smuggled Nazi artworks from a Soviet barracks to West Germany in 1989. The full account is only now coming to light. More... 

Grinding Teeth

Why You’re Grinding Your Teeth at Night—and How to Stop
So that’s why you can’t stop clenching your jaw.

Counting Moles

Why You Should Count the Number of Moles on Your Arm
Take this advice to find out your risk of melanoma

Eating Ants

A man missing in a remote Australian desert, in searing heat, without water, ate black ants for nourishment.

Antioxidants aid cancer cells in metastasizing

Science via ShutterstockAntioxidants aid cancer cells in metastasizing, research shows
New research shows that antioxidants shield cancer cells immediately after they leave the tumor in metastasis.

Is Cheese the New Crack?

There Are Pollutants Lurking in Your House That Can Make You Seriously Miserable

My Child Is Not in Heaven ...

Islamophobic Lunatic Goes On Insane Rampage After Being Told To Shut Up

Featured image credit: video screen capture via DOAM on youtube
This anti-muslim racist is completely batshit…

The Fight Over Houston LGBT Nondiscrimination Ordinance Gets Ugly

Houston Lgbt

Only ‘science deniers’ believe sex reassignment surgery works for transgender people

Loudon, a teabagger agitator who became a 'reality' star after she and her husband joined ABC’s Wife Swap, insisted that it was “absolutely not” cruel and unusual punishment to withhold surgery from transgender inmates.

Imprison women for abortions because that’s what we do to bald eagle murderers

Gospel of Christ Ministries Pastor Ben Bailey (screen grab)Confused Tennessee jesus freak: Imprison women for abortions because that’s what we do to bald eagle murderers

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