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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

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Today in History

The Duke of York is defeated and killed by Lancastrians at the Battle of Wakefield.
The United States takes possession of the Louisiana area from France at New Orleans with a simple ceremony, the simultaneous lowering and raising of the national flags.
Banks in the United States suspend the practice of redeeming paper money for metal currency, a practice that would continue until 1879.
The draft of the Emancipation Proclamation is finished and circulated among Abraham Lincoln‘s cabinet for comment.
Governor Frank Steunenberg of Idaho is killed by an assassin’s bomb.
Soviet Russia is renamed the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.
The Soviet Union bars food handouts for housewives under 36 years of age. They must now work to eat.
Romania’s King Michael is forced to abdicate by Soviet-backed Communists. Communists now control all of Eastern Europe.
Ferdinand E. Marcos is sworn in as the Philippine Republic’s sixth president.
After two weeks of heavy bombing raids on North Vietnam, Nixon halts the air offensive and agrees to resume peace negotiations with Hanoi representative Le Duc Tho.
Governor Carey of New York pardons seven inmates, closing the book on the Attica uprising.
Saddam Hussein, former Iraq dictator, is executed by hanging for crimes committed against his own people during his rule.

Bill Clinton's Childhood Home Burns In Suspicious Fire

Bill Clinton's Childhood Home Burns In Suspicious Fire

Five people you need to watch in 2016

Five people you need to watch in 2016

Activists Increasingly Face Dirty Tricks by Food Industry

5 of the Biggest Economic Lies Pushed by the Washington Post

The 6 Strangest Failed Drug Smuggling Attempts of 2015

Gun-makers And The NRA Have Been Lying To Us About Women And Guns For Decades

Gunmakers And The NRA Have Been Lying To Us About Women And Guns For DecadesGun-makers have been trying to convince Americans that women love guns as much as men for years. It’s all a lie.

‘I’ll kill you right now’

An argument over food at a Miami-Dade fast food restaurant escalated into gunfire on Saturday.

Mandy Patinkin Launches Glorious Rant About War, Bombs And Islamophobia

Mandy Patinkin Launches Glorious Rant About War, Bombs And Islamophobia

A Muslim Group Did Something To Teach ‘Christians’ That Hate Them A Thing Or Two (

In a huge contradiction of everything Republicans have been saying for the past year, a group of muslims chose to not only help others celebrate Xmas,...

‘I don’t want Jihadis in my neighborhood’

Wyoming ant-Islam group leader Bret Colvin with pet turtle - photo Milkes Bryan of Wyoming Public Radio
“It’s basically a terrorist group. Their religion don’t like us.”

Man who armed attackers of 'draw Muhammad' cartoon contest in Texas linked to ISIL

Man who armed attackers of 'draw Muhammad' cartoon contest in Texas linked to ISIL

Nudist swimmers rushed to the rescue after boat ran aground during yacht race

Hundreds of people watched a cheeky rescue unfold in the east of Sydney, Australia, on Saturday afternoon after a small boat got into trouble and started sinking during the Sydney to Hobart yacht race. At about 1.30pm, masses of spectators began to walk from South Head back towards Watsons Bay after watching the fleet of more than 100 yachts depart Sydney Harbor for the annual race. As the crowds passed Lady Bay Beach, which caters to nudists, some began to giggle.
Then, a small boat close to shore got into trouble. Getty photographer Christopher Pearce, who was walking back with the crowd after taking photos of the racing yachts, said nothing seemed amiss at first as the wooden boat came around Sydney Heads and started to pull close to the beach. "The boat came angling into the shore, which was a bit weird. I thought maybe they were dropping someone off," Mr Pearce said. "But then a guy with a kid started screaming at the people on the shore, saying expletives, 'come help, come help'.
"You could see a fair bit of water on the boat." A handful of nudists responded to the man's cry for help, as did other beachgoers who were more appropriately dressed for the beach. The rescuers ran into the water and helped to pluck a woman and a child from the boat, as several men wearing life jackets stayed on board. Others waded into the water, which was around one and a half metres deep, to tie a rope to the front of the boat and begin to pull it onto the sand.
The spectacle, which lasted for around five minutes, was watched by hundreds. "Everyone basically just stopped and watched and looked as this happened," Mr Pearce said. "When they were walking past everyone thought it was funny, because it was a nudist beach, and then this happened." After the woman and child were rescued from the boat, those left on board started to see the funny side of the situation. Workers from the NSW Parks and Wildlife Service were soon informed a boat had come aground and were dispatched to the beach to help.

Compensation order after woman ejected from party during row about size of guest’s manhood

A Scottish party host has been ordered to pay £1,500 compensation to a woman he hurled down a flight of stairs after a heated row about a guest’s manhood. Julie Jamieson was left severely injured after being thrown out of the party when an argument about the size of one of the reveler's package  got out of hand. Jonathan Wales, 28, grabbed Miss Jamieson and struggled with her until she toppled down a full flight of stairs and broke her wrist on landing. Perth Sheriff Court was told that it was bawdy banter between rival groups of women which sparked the confrontation and led to a physical brawl.
Wales was ordered to pay his victim and told to carry out 240 hours unpaid work as part of a community payback order on Tuesday. Sheriff Lindsay Foulis told Wales: “I really question whether there was any need for you to get involved, or certainly not to the extent which you did. But I do accept the injury sustained by the complainer was probably not anticipated and was a consequence of a struggle which took place outside.”
Depute fiscal Gavin Letford told the court Wales ended up grabbing hold of Miss Jamieson and shoving her out of the flat and on to the landing in the close. “As she fell down the stairs she fell on to her wrist and felt it buckle under her body,” he said The court heard Miss Jamieson was taken to hospital and required surgery on her broken wrist. Wales admitted assaulting and severely injuring Julie Jamieson during the fight at the party in Dundee.

Woman paid to leave job after walking in on married male boss kissing man at work's party

A woman in New Zealand has been paid to leave her job after walking in on her married male boss kissing a male employee at a pre-Xmas work party. A source said the woman asked for help from an employment expert because she felt she was being pressured out of her job following the incident about two weeks ago.
Her boss, the business owner, agreed during a disciplinary meeting to a confidential financial settlement, believed to be a few thousand dollars, in return for the woman leaving the job, the source said. "Everyone has agreed to part ways." The source would not identify the business but confirmed the boss' wife worked with him in the business.
The wife insisted on taking part in the exit negotiations, after hearing chatter around the office about the incident, the source said. "Once she heard about it there was no way she was going to let it happen without her ... [but] through the disciplinary process, she did not look happy at all. [Her husband] looked very sheepish the whole time.
"He wasn't very happy either. No one wins in this situation." Despite the cash settlement, it was not a pleasant outcome for the woman, the source said. "She was just annoyed that she was dragged into it. She was annoyed because basically she could see that the writing was on the wall. The trust between her and her employer was gone."

Woman who cruised store on motorized cart consuming sushi, chicken and wine arrested

A Florida woman ate sushi, cinnamon rolls and the majority of a rotisserie chicken, drinking wine while driving a motorized shopping cart at a Walmart, according to the Citrus County Sheriff’s Office. She was arrested for shoplifting and other charges.
It happened at the Lecanto Walmart on Tuesday. Citrus deputies responded after the store loss prevention employee contacted them about an alleged shoplifter he had in custody. The employee told deputies that he had noticed the woman acting suspiciously driving the motorized shopping card. He could see a half-empty bottle of wine in her cart.
He also said he watched her grab a box of sushi from the shelf, eat a piece and put the box back. She did the same with cinnamon rolls and mini muffins. He also saw her eat the majority of a rotisserie chicken while on the shopping floor. The woman, Josseleen Elida Lopez, 20, consumed $32.36 worth of food and wine while at the store, including cinnamon rolls, mini muffins, two bottles of S. Home wine and a rotisserie chicken with sauce.
When the deputies arrested her, they found two empty syringes, one in her purse and one in her backpack. She told detectives she had used the syringes to shoot up meth earlier. When they asked her why she took the food she said she was hungry and didn’t want to take it outside of the store. She told them she knew that what she was doing was wrong. She was arrested on shoplifting and drug paraphernalia charges.

How Do We Know Dark Matter Is Out There?

We hear a lot about dark matter, and how physicists are ever on the hunt for it. But how do you look for something you can't even see?

Galaxy Grows Monstrous X-Ray Tail

In a galactic cluster far, far away, a galaxy has grown an unprecedented tail of super-heated gases, providing astronomers with a unique glimpse of an extreme intragalactic environment.

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