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Thursday, February 16, 2017

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Today in History

Cherokee Indians held hostage at Fort St. George are killed in revenge for Indian attacks on frontier settlements.
US Navy lieutenant Steven Decatur leads a small group of sailors into Tripoli harbor and burns the USS Philadelphia, captured earlier by Barbary pirates.
Fort Donelson, Tennessee, falls to Grant‘s Federal forces, but not before Nathan Bedford Forrest escapes.
Columbia, South Carolina, surrenders to Federal troops.
Bessie Smith makes her first recording “Down Hearted Blues.”
Thousands of Socialists battle Communists at a rally in New York’s Madison Square Garden.
Dupont patents a new thread, nylon, which will replace silk in a number of products and reduce costs.
The British destroyer HMS Cossack rescues British seamen from a German prison ship, the Altmark, in a Norwegian fjord.
Tojo outlines Japan’s war aims to the Diet, referring to “new order of coexistence” in East Asia.
American paratroopers land on Corregidor, in a campaign to liberate the Philippines.
Stalin contends the U.N. is becoming the weapon of aggressive war.
The FBI arrests 10 members of the Ku Klux Klan in North Carolina.
A U.S. flag flies over an outpost in Wilkes Land, Antarctica.
Fidel Castro takes the oath as Cuban premier in Havana.
Four persons are held in a plot to blow up the Statue of Liberty, Liberty Bell and the Washington Monument.
The World Council of Cult being held in Geneva, urges immediate peace in Vietnam.
China and Japan sign a $20 billion trade pact, which is the most important move since the 1972 resumption of diplomatic ties.

Eine kleine hineymusik

Music Student Transcribes Song On Character's Butt In 
"The Garden Of Earthly Delights"
There are a lot of wicked details to be found in the Heironymus Bosch triptych The Garden Of Earthly Delights, but a music student from Oklahoma named Amelia Hamrick saw something scribbled on a butt that caught her eye.
It was sheet music that Amelia felt sure she could transcribe into an actual song, so she analyzed the character's behind and put together a cheeky little tune from Hell.Listen to the song here
This kleine hineymusik isn't anything great, but transcribing sheet music found in a painting is a great idea!

How to Keep Your Sex Tapes Safe

encrpyt sex tapes
How to Keep Your Sex Tapes Safe
​This app promises to put an end to revenge porn

Greenest Cities in America

This Eating Trick May Slow Down Aging

trick to slow down eating
This Eating Trick May Slow Down Aging
​Welcome to your daily roundup of important health news

This Diet Can Actually Remove Cholesterol From Your Body

mediteranean diet

What to Do If You Get Food Poisoning In a Foreign Country​

food illness overseas
What to Do If You Get Food Poisoning In a Foreign Country​
​Here’s how to make the vacation nightmare a little less miserable

Governor, artists take aim at states' transgender bathroom measures

We don't care which bathroom you use - Just wash your hands.
The perverts (aka wingnuts) however, think everyone is like them and they want to be left alone to continue to molest little boys in men's bathrooms while screaming about little girls being attacked by men in the woman's bathroom

Psychiatric drugs haven't improved for decades

Psychiatric drugs haven't improved for decades. So researchers are scouring the brain for leads

Secret Service director stepping down

Even the Secret Service wants nothing to do with Dumbass Trump

Depression Is an Unlikely Advantage in the Fight Against Fascism

Dumbass Trump needs LSD

I cannot imagine how scary a Dumbass Trump trip could be, considering the many delusions he lives under.

Dumbass Trump Has Surrounded Himself With a Phalanx of White Nationalists

Anti-Muslim Conspiracists Escalate Campaign to Crush Muslim Civil Society Organizations

The United Arab Emirates wants to build a city on Mars

Scientists discover 60 new planets, some similar to earth

Shepherds on Stilts

The French region of Landes was once marshy and soft, with terrain that was hard to cultivate and almost impossible to build roads on. The people who lived there were relatively poor, but made do with livestock and stilts. Learning to use stilts at an early age, they used them to cover a lot of territory quickly, looking after their sheep. Even the women walked on stilts. As word spread around the country, the stiltwalkers didn't mind showing off for tourists, or even royalty. Landes is much drier now, but the tradition of stilt walking lives on in illustrations and photographs you can see at Messy Nessy Chic.

Fossil shows pregnant momma sea monster with developing embryo

Animal Pictures