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Friday, April 3, 2015

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Bangor, Medina, Mesa, Oxford, Seattle and Sparks, United States
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Glavinitsa, Ruse and Sofia, Bulgaria
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Tallinn, Estonia
Helsinki, Finland
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Meria, Georgia
Hamburg and Kerpen, Germany
Piraeus, Greece
Reykjavik, Iceland
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Riga, Latvia
Chisinau, Moldova
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Bangkok, Thailand
Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Blida, Algeria 
Al Mansurah, Egypt
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Alberton, Pietermaritzburg and Randurg, South Africa
Tunis, Tunisia
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Makati, Philippines
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Today in History

628 In Persia, Kavadh sues for peace with the Byzantines.
1367 John of Gaunt and Edward the Black Prince win the Battle of Najara, in Spain.
1559 Philip II of Spain and Henry II of France sign the peace of Cateau-Cambresis, ending a long series of wars between the Hapsburg and Valois dynasties.
1860 The Pony Express connects St. Joseph, Missouri and Sacramento, California.
1862 Slavery is abolished in Washington, D.C.
1865 Union forces occupy the Confederate capital of Richmond, Virginia.
1882 The American outlaw Jesse James is shot in the back and killed by his cousin, Bob Ford.
1910 Alaska's Mount McKinley, the highest mountain in North America is climbed.
1920 F. Scott Fitzgerald and Zelda Sayre are married at St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York City.
1936 Bruno Hauptmann, killer of the Lindbergh baby, is executed.
1942 The Japanese begin their all-out assault on the U.S. and Filipino troops at Bataan.
1944 The U.S. Supreme Court rules that black citizens are eligible to vote in all elections, including primaries.
1948 President Harry Truman signs Marshall Plan, it will revive war-torn Europe.
1966 Three-thousand South Vietnamese Army troops lead a protest against the Ky regime in Saigon.
1972 Charlie Chaplin returns to the United States after a twenty-year absence.
1984 Coach John Thompson of Georgetown University becomes the first African-American coach to win an NCAA basketball tournament.

A fable ...


NRA Jackass Blames Women Who Don’t Carry Guns for Being Raped

CamFrom the "Public Enemies" Department:

No. No, no, no, no, no. Nope. National Rifle Association News host Cam Edwards lashed out at a Daily Tar Heel editorial that argued guns are not the…

This ‘Plus Size’ Model Doesn’t Appreciate Being Labeled Something She’s Not

I took my share of ribbing for being a skinny child, and for being a skinny adult, but I would take that any day to the merciless destructive…

Man given 26,000 years to pay back €3,000

France's national employment agency Pôle Emploi has made an unusual repayment request, asking a man to pay back 1 centime a month for the next 26,126 years. The man, from the town of Mios in the Gironde in south western France, had a debt of €3,135.20 due to an overpayment by the job agency.
The overpayment occurred several years ago after the worker was paid benefits after being fired from his job. But after the reason for the sacking was altered at an employment tribunal, the Pôle Emploi found it have overpaid the client and the agency demanded its money back.
The man protested but soon Pôle Emploi was taking money out of his account to the tune of €150 to €200 a week. The aggrieved former worker called in a lawyer and just a week before the hearing he received a letter from the agency telling him that his application to have the repayments staggered had been "accepted".
But instead of setting out any kind of logical repayment scheme, Pôle Emploi's said that he would be charged one centime a month for the next 26,000 years. Although the Pôle Emploi have not officially commented, a spokesperson from the CFDT union blamed the letter on a computer error and that it was not written by a member of staff.

Flying motorcycle helmet led to broken leg

A bizarre chain of events in which a helmet flew off a motorcyclist, resulted in a man breaking his leg near Murchison in New Zealand on Monday.
A man in his 50s was flown to Nelson Hospital by the NZCC West Coast Rescue Helicopter shortly after 4pm after he slid off his bike on State Highway 6, just north of the township.
He came off his bike while trying to avoid the flying helmet from his friend who riding ahead of him. The injured motorcyclist was among a group of several motorcyclists in convoy.
Helicopter pilot Angus Taylor said the incident in which the man's helmet "unbelievably blew off" resulted in the following rider being run over by a third motorcyclist, breaking his lower leg.

Man shot in the foot after staring contest at petrol station

Police in Jacksonville, Florida, say a man was shot in the foot after he had a staring contest with someone at a gas station.

Drunk defendant ordered to pay compensation after falling down and smashing court toilet

A defendant who drank vodka to calm his nerves before appearing in court ended up knocking back too much and fell down the toilet. Magistrates heard how Naheem Gorsi was so drunk he crashed into the public lavatory at Pennine Magistrates Court in Burnley, Lancashire, smashing it into three pieces and causing damage to the tune of £450.
Gorsi had been drawing attention to himself in the waiting room because of the state he was in. He went to use the toilet and a security guard heard some young people, who had opened the door, laughing at him, and a smash. The officer then found the lavatory in bits on the floor. The defendant, who had been due at a fines court over a drink driving conviction, ended up back before the bench for a further hearing, where he admitted damage at the court.
Gorsi, 34, of Nelson, was ordered to pay £300 compensation. Prosecutor Mrs Alex Mann told the court it appeared the defendant had “spent the day” drinking vodka and coke, hidden in a coke bottle. He became more and more disruptive and had been told off for playing his music too loud on his phone and smoking in the wrong place outside the court, Miss Mann said: “It seems he was nervous about his court hearing.
“He did acknowledge he shouldn’t be in front of the court drunk.” Mr John Rusius, for Gorsi, said he had had a drug problem in the past and had managed to resolve that after his family put him through a detoxification program. He had only recently come out, wasn’t feeling great and had some drink because he had pain in his legs. The defendant came to court, had to wait rather longer than expected and drank more than he should have.

Intoxicated Good Samaritan found attempting to give kiss of life to inflatable dinghy

A good, but very drunk, Samaritan spent the night in prison after police found the man trying to breathe life into an inflatable dinghy in Brittany, western France.
The 22-year-old man was found by police in a shipyard just after 4am on Sunday in the western town of Vannes. Officers noticed the man kneeling by an inflatable boat and went to investigate.
"He was underneath a boat, on his knees, trying to resuscitate a rubber dinghy," local police said. The man told officers that someone was unconscious inside the vessel, but upon closer inspection officers discovered the young man was instead performing CPR on the inflatable boat itself.
To make matters worse, he had already called out firefighters to the scene, an emergency call that the police promptly cancelled. Police took the man to prison to sleep off his hangover and recover his senses.

Białowieża Forest

A Remarkable Remnant Of Europe's Primeval Past
Straddling the border of Poland and Belarus, there is a reminder of what Europe used to look like before the arrival of man. Białowieża Forest is the largest remaining part of a vast primeval forest that stretched for thousands of miles from corner to corner of the European plain.
Something very large and very rare still stirs within the forest. Little has changed here for thousands of years. It is still home to Europe's heaviest land mammal - the Wisent.

Coyote spotted on roof of New York bar

People in Queens did a double take on Monday, when a coyote was spotted roaming along the roof of the LIC Bar in Long Island City.
Many people spotted the animal roaming on the bar’s roof before it ran into a broken window of an abandoned building next door as police officers tried to catch it.
An animal control officer searched the scene, but the only coyote he could find was jazz musician Coyote Anderson. Yes, that is his real name. “My name is Coyote Anderson,” Anderson said.

“Believe it or not, my parents named me Coyote Anderson Moore.” Of all the nights that Anderson’s jazz quartet could have a gig, it was on the night that LIC Bar received its unexpected visitor. “We couldn’t be blessed with a better omen,” Anderson said. He said he was dedicating a song or two to the creature.

One woman killed and several people injured by rhinoceros on the rampage in Nepalese town

A rhinoceros that escaped from a nature reserve charged into a town in southern Nepal on Monday, killing a woman, injuring several others and chasing panicked people through the main market and a hospital.

Attempts to force the rhino out of Hetauda city by honking car horns and beating drums were unsuccessful, with the animal running from one area to another, government administrator Ram Prasad Thapaliya said.
Teams with tranquillizer guns were on their way to attempt to capture it, he said. Thapaliya said the rhino gored a 61-year-old woman on the outskirts of Hetauda. An unknown number of people were injured, he said.

It chased people around the main market and the city bus station, he said. “The whole town is terrorized by this animal. It even entered the local hospital, forcing terrified people to jump over the fences,” Thapaliya said. Hetauda is about 50 miles south of Kathmandu, Nepal’s capital.

Officials say monkey attacking train drivers is seeking revenge for death of sibling

Over the past week a monkey in the West Champaran district of Bihar, east India, has attacked three train drivers.
AK Jha, a railway official in the region, says the money is determined "to take revenge for the death of one of its siblings." Last week, a monkey was run over by a goods train near the Valmiki Nagar Train Station.
Since then, his avenger has been busy. The driver of a goods train was attacked on Saturday and had to be rescued by railway officials. The monkey then attacked another goods train driver but he was able to lock himself in the engine cabin.
"Another goods train driver attacked by the monkey flashed a distress message on his walkie talkie to the station staff to rescue him," Mr Jha said. Now, train drivers have been asked to be alert when they stop their trains at the station.

Turkish beekeepers to get bear insurance

Turkish beekeepers can now get insured for bear attacks on their hives. Beekeepers across the country from now on will be able to tap into the Agricultural Insurance Pool (TARSİM).
Turkey Beekeepers Union President Bahri Yılmaz said that their efforts to get bear attacks on beehives included in TARSİM had succeeded. For years, beekeepers in the east and southeast Anatolia had been complaining about the significant monetary damage caused by bear attacks without any compensation, Yılmaz said.
"No matter what they did, bears were able to damage the hives. Some tried to hang the hives high up the trees. Some used live wires. However, nothing worked. Bears were able to destroy the hives no matter what we did. From now on, beekeepers will be given TL 175 (£45, $67) per hive destroyed," he added.
Neşet Nuhoğlu, a beekeeper from Ordu on the Black Sea coast, said he was glad hives were covered by TARSİM. "The law bans the shooting of wild bears. That's why this insurance is very important." Another beekeeper from Ordu, Murat Şahinkaya, said they would continue to protect the hives but the insurance covering bear attacks would allow them to sleep better at night.

Mystery over sparrows being killed by someone adorning them with trinkets around their necks

Sparrows are being killed in Wellington, New Zealand, by someone putting trinkets around their necks, the SPCA says. Five dead sparrows with wire rings round their necks have been found.
Each wire ring had a trinket attached. Wellington SPCA spokesman Mark Collyns said a dead sparrow was found in the eastern Wellington suburb of Kilbirnie a week ago, and by this weekend, four more had been found. One of the sparrows found dead in Wellington, strangled by a trinket placed round its neck. Trinkets included a pair of dice as well as a star, heart, and triangle cut from plastic.
"We can only assume that these were made and attached as some sort of decoration in mind, but the result is that they are becoming trapped in the birds' beak when they are trying to remove them, and the bird is dying as a result," a SPCA spokesperson said. "These birds will be suffering tremendously and having a slow death from starvation."
The SPCA received another couple of calls about dead sparrows on Monday morning. Collyns said it was assumed the person behind the killings had no sinister intent but "you just don't know do you". "It seems a bit far-fetched to think it's being done because of dislike. It's obviously a slightly warped way of showing care," he said. It was unclear how the sparrows had been trapped and decorated in the first place.
There's an audio news report here.

More than 300 chinchillas removed from home

Officials in Waukesha, Wisconsin, removed more than 300 chinchillas from a home that’s being described by authorities as “unlivable.” Police were called out to the home on Sunday for a welfare check. Law enforcement and Humane Animal Welfare Society (HAWS) crews worked to remove the chinchillas.

Dog chasing cat got head stuck in car engine

A dog that chased a cat under a car got its head stuck in the engine. Woody the Bedlington Terrier got himself jammed in the workings of a neighbor's Vauxhall Corsa after the pursuit in Plymouth, Devon, on Friday evening went horribly wrong. Woody scrambled under the car but then went up through the undercarriage and was only found when the owner opened the bonnet.
He spotted the dog's head perfectly wedged inside the engine. Woody's owner Mike Tracey, said: "My neighbor opened up the bonnet of his car Woody was just sat there looking at me. It was almost like he was saying, 'I'm stuck dad'". After trying to free him, with the help of fellow residents, the 52-year-old owner was forced to call the fire service for assistance. Mike added: "We thought about using a jack to try and get him out but we were worried about something going wrong.
"I didn't really want to call the fire brigade and be one of those 'cat stuck in a tree kind of people' but they turned up and were absolutely brilliant." A crew from Crownhill fire station attended and helped free a bashful Woody by removing one of the leads within the engine, to allow him to be pried out of the top. The three-year-old dog was covered in oil but didn't sustain any injuries during his mini-ordeal and was right as rain after a good bath.

But Woody may need a bit longer to deal with the embarrassment after his unique ordeal. Mike added: "I think he was feeling a bit sheepish as there was a bit of a crowd to watch the firefighters get him out. Even the firemen said 'well, this is a new one' when they turned-up. I plan to go up to the station and say thank you to them because they didn't take the mick at all and were really good about the whole thing. Woody does seems a bit sulky but I suppose he has been through a lot."

Quadruple amputee dog walks again thanks to prosthetic legs

A dog has been learning to walk with the four prosthetic legs fitted after he was maimed by frostbite. Brutus the Rottweiler became disabled when his breeder amputated the damaged paws himself. He is only the second dog ever known to have four prosthetic limbs and the way the high-stepping hound walks sometimes resembles a bucking bronco.
The two-year-old starting using the artificial legs several months ago and is now set to get an improved set of prosthetics. Laura Aquilina, who cares for him in Loveland, Colorado, said: "He just has these little peg legs to get around on and he does a pretty good job inside the home." Speaking about the prosthetics, she said: "He's able walk in them. It's not always pretty.
"We want to be able to give him a higher functioning, where he can run and play with other dogs, go on hikes." Exercises and play help him learn how to balance and his next step will involve physical therapy at Colorado State University's Veterinary Teaching Hospital in Fort Collins, Colorado. Brutus' contraptions were made by Orthopets which produces prosthetics for about 250 animals worldwide a year.

Founder Martin Kaufmann: "Brutus is an amazing case of a beautiful dog who was dealt a short hand. He can get out and do normal doggy things. And it just makes you feel so good. If he ended up in a shelter they'd say he was unadoptable because he's missing his feet. I think it's good for people to know we can work with animals this."

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