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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

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Today in History

1096 Seljuk Turks at Chivitot slaughter thousands of German crusaders.
1529 The Pope names Henry VIII of England Defender of the Faith after defending the seven sacraments against Luther.
1600 Tokugawa Ieyasu defeats his enemies in battle and affirms his position as Japan’s most powerful warlord.
1790 The Tricolor is chosen as the official flag of France.
1805 Vice Admiral and Viscount Horatio Nelson wins his greatest victory over a Franco-Spanish fleet in the Battle of Trafalgar, fought off Cape Trafalgar, Spain. Nelson is fatally wounded in the battle, but lives long enough to see victory.
1837 Under a flag of truce during peace talks, U.S. troops siege the Indian Seminole Chief Osceola in Florida.
1861 The Battle of Ball’s Bluff, Va. begins, a disastrous Union defeat which sparks Congressional investigations.
1867 Many leaders of the Kiowa, Comanche and Kiowa-Apache sign a peace treaty at Medicine Lodge, Kan. Comanche Chief Quanah Parker refused to accept the treaty terms.
1872 The U.S. Naval Academy admits John H. Conyers, the first African American to be accepted.
1879 After 14 months of testing, Thomas Edison first demonstrates his electric lamp, hoping to one day compete with gaslight.
1904 Panamanians clash with U.S. Marines in Panama in a brief uprising.
1917 The first U.S. troops enter the front lines at Sommerviller under French command.
1939 As war heats up with Germany, the British war cabinet holds its first meeting in the underground war room in London.
1940 Ernest Hemingway’s novel For Whom the Bell Tolls is published.
1942 Eight American and British officers land from a submarine on an Algerian beach to take measure of Vichy French to the Operation Torch landings.
1950 North Korean Premier Kim Il-Sung establishes a new capital at Sinuiju on the Yalu River opposite the Chinese City of Antung.
1959 The Guggenheim Museum, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, opens in Manhattan.
1961 Bob Dylan records his first album in a single day at a cost of $400.
1967 The "March on the Pentagon," protesting American involvement in Vietnam , draws 50,000 protesters.
1969 Israel’s Foreign Minister Moshe Dayan resigns over disagreements with Prime Minister Menachem Begin over policies related to the Palestinians.
1983 The United States sends a ten-ship task force to Grenada.
1994 North Korea and the US sign an agreement requiring North Korea to halts its nuclear weapons program and agree to international inspections.

We’re Not as Selfish as We Think We Are

Why The Florida School That Sent 6-Year-Old Home In Soiled Clothes Isn’t The Only Wrong One

Why The Florida School That Sent 6-Year-Old Home In Soiled Clothes Isn’t The Only Wrong OneShe has a medical condition, wasn’t allowed to use the bathroom, soiled her clothes, and was sent home without pants. WTF?

Teenager fighting for life in hospital after 'Eraser Challenge' game

A 13-year-old student from Chico Junior High in California is fighting for his life after participating in the “Eraser Challenge,” a game that has become popular with teenagers across the US.
The game is a dare in which students take an eraser and rub it back and forth across their arm while reciting the alphabet and coming up with a word for each letter. Once they reach the letter Z they stop and compare their burns with their friend’s eraser burns.
The teenager had played the eraser challenge at school last Tuesday and is now fighting for his life at Sutter Women's and Children Center in Sacramento. According to a one of the student's relatives, he contracted Strep A Toxic Shock, likely from the germs on the dirty eraser he rubbed against his arm.
He was taken to Enloe Medical Center where doctors found he was unable to maintain oxygen or proper blood pressure, so they placed him into a coma and had him flown to Sacramento for more advanced treatment. Relatives say he is still in critical condition, but is improving. Family members are asking parents to use his situation as a reason to talk with their children about the dangers of the “Eraser Challenge.” Chico Junior High did not send a notice to parents about the incident, or the game, but say administrators spoke with each student involved.

The 1% Is Outraged At This Simple Check On Affluenza: The $108,000 Speeding Ticket

The 1% Is Outraged At This Simple Check On Affluenza: The $108,000 Speeding Ticket
It’s time we got rid of our ridiculously unconstitutional two-tiered justice system; one for the rich that treats them with kid’s gloves and the real one for the rest of us.

Cops Told To Boycott Business Because “Black Lives Matter” Sign Displayed in Nearby Home

Are We Obsessed With Tech and the Distant Future Because the Near Future Looks So Scary?

Salvadoran Women Imprisoned For Miscarriages Fight Back Against Their Country’s Abortion Ban

Farmers in Uzbekistan were told to glue cotton back on to bushes for official visit

When word came that the Uzbek prime minister would be driving past their village, local officials wanted to impress him with roads lined by snowy white fields of cotton. The only problem was that the cotton had already been picked. So, locals say, farmers were told to glue cotton balls back on the bushes to give an impression of a bountiful harvest of the country’s most important crop.
Ahead of the expected visit by the prime minister, Shavkat Mirziyaev, at the end of September, some 400 men and women in the village of Shaharteppa in Ferghana province were reportedly pressed into service along the main road where the official convoy was expected to pass.
“Some of them were applying glue inside the bolls and others were putting cotton on the bolls, while another group was attaching cotton capsules onto stalks in the front rows of the cotton field,” a resident, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said. “When I asked them why they were gluing cotton, they told me, ‘Apparently the prime minister is coming and we’re told everything should look good here,’” the resident said.
Meanwhile, hundreds of others swept the area along the main road to keep it clean for the prime minister. A farmer appeared to confirm the claim. “People were put through so much trouble,” he said. “More than 500 people had to leave their work and come and glue cotton here. They said it was being done at the provincial governor’s order.” Fearing reprisals from the authorities, the farmer did not want to give his name. Yet it seems they had labored in vain as the prime minister changed his route at the last minute and didn't pass by the village after all.

Non Sequitur


Police hunt for thief caught on CCTV stealing knickers and bras from charity display

Police in Lancashire are on the hunt for an underwear thief who stole a charity display of pink bras and knickers.
The hooded culprit was caught on CCTV shimmying up a pole to reach the washing line of lingerie at the Pristine Car Wash in Penwortham, Preston, which had been put up in aid of "Paint Penwortham Pink" to highlight Breast Cancer Now.
When Pristine Car Wash owner Louise Pratt, 35, arrived at work last Friday, she was shocked when she saw the display had vanished. She checked the CCTV and spotted the thief at 2.24am brazenly leap over a gate to get into the premises before scaling a pole to steal the undergarments. Miss Pratt said she wanted the offender publicly exposed for stealing from a charitable cause.
"It really is crazy. He came on the premises and didn't even look around. As you can see it would take some skill to freestyle up a tall pole. It's quite a tall structure. He was on a mission to get it. I don't think he was drunk because he wouldn't have been able to climb it," she said. The missing underwear is yet to be found but a replacement display has since been put up.

Man wearing stolen chef’s apron demanded to be let into police station before removing pants

A 25-year-old man wearing an allegedly stolen chef’s apron demanded to be let into the Springfield Police Station in Oregon early on Wednesday morning, only to take off his pants once inside, according to police.
Travis Jeffrey Hodges of Springfield arrived at the station just after 3am, pulling at the locked doors and slamming a public phone before officers arrived to see what was going on, police said.
Meanwhile, police responded to an alarm at the Sprout! Regional Food Hub, located across the street from the police station. The nonprofit group’s glass door was shattered, and police said several similar chef’s aprons were inside.
Police believe Hodges broke into the Sprout! facility, stole the apron and then walked directly to the police station. He was found pantless but still wearing the apron. He was arrested on charges of third-degree theft, second-degree criminal trespass and third-degree criminal mischief. He was taken to the Springfield Municipal Jail. Hodges allegedly admitted to using methamphetamine, police said.

Wife in love triangle recruited daughter and boyfriend to help kill her husband and lover

Like something out of a soap opera, a twisted love affair has turned into double murder in Anne Arundel County, Maryland. Three people are charged with the crime, including two teenagers. Family members say it’s been an extremely difficult time. They’re trying to wrap their heads around what was staged as a murder-suicide, but is really a love triangle gone wrong.
Ann Marie Anastasi, 42, her 13-year-old daughter, and the girl’s 18-year-old boyfriend, Gabriel Struss have been arrested in connection with the double murder. Last Monday, police found 40-year-old Anthony Anastasi Jr. gunned down in his home in the quiet Lothian community and 25-year-old Jacqueline Riggers stabbed to death. “Once our homicide detectives were on scene, they immediately knew something was off, something wasn’t right,” said Anne Arundel County police said.

Investigators say Anastasi Jr., his wife, Ann Marie, and Jacqueline all lived in the house together. Charging documents show the three, historically, were all sexual partners. Documents add the husband and wife’s marriage was fraught with conflict and domestic abuse and that Anastasi Jr. and Riggs were still in a relationship, but he and his wife were not. Ann Anastasi told police her husband committed suicide, but a gun near his body didn’t match evidence on scene.

“Mrs. Anastasi provided the initial false report,” said Wes Adams, Anne Arundel County State’s Attorney. Police say Mrs. Anastasi and her daughter plotted the killing and had the teen’s boyfriend carry it out. “He’s never done nothing, as I know of. Never. He’s been manipulated into doing this,” said Struss’ grandfather. Struss’ family is now speaking out. “I know he hung out with that girl a couple of times. He’s a teenager. He did what kids do,” his brother said. All three suspects are being charged with first-degree murder and other charges. Ann Marie Anastasi was denied bail on Friday. Her 13-year-old daughter remains in a juvenile facility.

Gunfail at the OK Corral

Clay Allison and John Westley Hardin, members of the Tombstone Vigilantes, face off during a re-enactment (Facebook)
One actor accidentally shot another actor and a bystander during a Wild West re-enactment in Arizona.

Mississippi judge: People charged with crimes are criminals

A Mississippi judge displayed a startling lack of concern with constitutional rights during a one-on-one interview.

Man Dies on Aer Lingus Flight After Biting Another Passenger

by Laura Begley Bloom
A man has died aboard an Aer Lingus flight. (Photo: Peter Morrison/AP)
A bizarre incident on Sunday night onboard an Aer Lingus flight headed from Lisbon to Dublin has left one passenger dead. According to the Irish Mirror, a 24-year-old man “ran amok” and had to be restrained after he became violent and started “biting another passenger.” 
The crew reported that the man fell unconscious after he was restrained. A doctor on the flight attempted to treat him, but he was pronounced dead onboard the plane. 
The captain declared a medical emergency, diverting the flight to Cork. There were approximately 168 passengers and six crew members on the plane who were being questioned by police in Cork.
The passenger was flying solo and is believed to be a student in Ireland.

Stupid Hunters Go After Elk Through Fence Only To Discover It Was In A Zoo

Stupid Hunters Go After Elk Through Fence Only To Discover It Was In A ZooThe last thing they need are a bunch of children coming to the zoo while hunters are shooting up the forest!

Kangaroo captured after hopping around New York neighborhood

A runaway kangaroo enjoyed a few minutes of fun in a New York neighborhood on Saturday morning. The marsupial named Buster was spotted at around 8am after slipping through an unlocked gate in a 6-foot-high fence and happily hopping through Staten Island. “It was jumping around, enjoying the freedom and the fun," said Urim Osmani, 34, owner of the nearby Alb’s Auto Repair.
“We didn’t know what it was. We thought it was a deer,” he said. “When it came closer, we saw it was a kangaroo. We thought it disappeared from a zoo or something.” Police sources confirmed that the 4-foot-tall kangaroo belongs to John Schirripa. Schirripa told police officers that the ‘roo belonged to his brother, who he said brought Buster with him from upstate New York to his sibling’s home.

Buster was hopping around in the backyard on Saturday morning when he found the unsecured gate and made his move. Local residents then called 911. When police arrived, they found Buster bouncing up and down in a neighbor’s yard. The officers surrounded the kangaroo, but the owner quickly showed up, subdued the animal and returned him to the backyard. Buster’s adventure in the big city lasted about 10 to 15 minutes, according to a police source. No charges were filed and Buster remains in his owner’s custody.
The ASPCA was notified, per procedure, but it doesn’t look like they will get involved, according to police. “It looks like it’s legal to possess a kangaroo where this man is from,” a police source said. “Since he was visiting the area and was returning home today, there was no violation.” Buster wasn’t injured, and neither were the police who responded. “We were trying to keep it calm. We didn’t want to scare him,” Osmani said. “We were scared it was going to hurt somebody. It jumped a couple of times and then it disappeared.”

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