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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

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Today in History

Jews are expelled from Zurich, Switzerland.
Mikhail Romanov is elected czar of Russia.
The last invasion of Britain takes place when some 1,400 Frenchmen land at Fishguard in Wales.
Spain signs a treaty with the United States ceding eastern Florida.
Russia and Britain establish the Alaska/Canada boundary.
Jefferson Davis is inaugurated president of the Confederacy in Richmond, Va. for the second time.
Nathan Bedford Forrest‘s brother, Jeffrey, is killed at Okolona, Mississippi.
Federal troops capture Wilmington, N.C.
Frank Winfield Woolworth’s ‘nothing over five cents’ shop opens at Utica, New York. It is the first chain store.
A fistfight breaks out in the Senate. Senator Benjamin Tillman suffers a bloody nose for accusing Senator John McLaurin of bias on the Philippine tariff issue.
The Great White Fleet returns to Norfolk, Virginia, from an around-the-world show of naval power.
Canadian Parliament votes to preserve the union with the British Empire.
The American Relief Administration appeals to the public to pressure Congress to aid starving European cities.
Columbia University declares radio education a success.
Pope Pius rejects Mussolini‘s offer of aid to the Vatican.
Adolf Hitler is the Nazi Party candidate for the presidential elections in Germany.
All plane flights over the White House are barred because they are disturbing President Roosevelt‘s sleep.
President Franklin Roosevelt orders Gen. Douglas MacArthur to leave the Philippines.
The Atomic Energy Commission discloses information about the first atom-powered airplane.
French forces evacuate Hoa Binh in Indochina.
U.S. is to install 60 Thor nuclear missiles in Britain.
A Soviet bid for new Geneva arms talks is turned down by the U.S.
Moscow warns the U.S. that an attack on Cuba would mean war.
Operation Junction City becomes the largest U.S. operation in Vietnam.
Britain and the U.S. send warships to the Persian Gulf following an Iranian offensive against Iraq.

Living in a drought-stricken America

Things you were taught about grammar that are wrong

Playboy's return to nudity

Ladies, Here’s Why You Should Be Having More Orgasms

Dramatic reduction in teen suicide attempts after same-sex marriage legalization

North Carolina governor, attorney general seek to end voting law case

NC does not need the illegal discriminatory wingnut voter suppression law in the first place.
Now that actual human beings are in charge the horror wrecked by the wingnut troglodytes is being erased.

Global investors warn Texas to withdraw transgender restroom legislation

Have you seen the pictures of Dumbass Trump naked?

We don't want to go blind from the horror it would bring.

Morbid Inequality

Heroin, Nerve Gas and Agent Orange

Grandma's Getting High

$89,000 muscular dystrophy drug is affordable?

Affordable for who ...

Stress Caused by Dumbass Trump Junta Poses Threat to Public Health

When Dumbass Trump Goes Down ...

‘He spewed evil for profit — good riddance’

In the span of just a few days, lunatic fringe wing asshat Milo Yiannopoulos lost his shrieking gig at CPAC, his lucrative book deal, and now his job at Breitbart.
Typical perverted wingnut - he preferred sex with little boys and like all wingnuts he accused everyone else of his predilections until ...

Neo-Nazi gets punched in the face

The man, who police have not identified, went Wednesday to the campus of California Polytechnic State University and passed out fliers in front of the Robert E. Kennedy Library.

Secret, Multi-Billion-Dollar Enterprise That Tortures and Kills Tens of Millions of Animals Every Year

Animal Pictures