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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

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Today is - Same Sex Marriage Day 

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Today in History

Afghan chief Sher Khan defeats Mongul Emperor Humayun at Kanauj.
Italian Jesuit Niccolo Zucchi sees the belts on Jupiter’s surface.
Louis XIV sends an expedition to aid James II in Ireland. As a result, England declares war on France.
Britain declares war on France.
Merchants form the New York Stock Exchange at 70 Wall Street.
Denmark cedes Norway to Sweden.
Union General Ulysses Grant continues his push towards Vicksburg at the Battle of the Big Black River Bridge.
The first Kentucky Derby is run in Louisville.
Frederick Douglass is appointed recorder of deeds for Washington, D.C.
Germany occupies Brussels, Belgium and begins the invasion of France.
The U.S. Supreme Court unanimously rules for school integration in Brown v. Board of Education.
The Senate Watergate Committee begins its hearings.
In the Persian Gulf the American guided missile frigate USS Stark is struck by 2 Exocet missiles fired by an Iraqi aircraft; only one detonates, but 37 sailors are killed and 21 are wounded. Whether the launch was deliberate or a mistake is still debated.

The Pro-Charter Billionaires Vs. Bernie and the Progressives

The Depressing Reality of Mosul

If You Think Corporate Media Is Bad Now

NSA ‘WannaCry’ hackers have ‘compromised’ data that could include foreign nuclear codes

Last week’s ‘WannaCry’ ransomware attack rocked networks and became the biggest cyberattack of its kind in history — and now, the group behind it is threatening to release more data as part of a Spotify-like subscription plan.

Bye Bye, Net Neutrality

New Film Is Case Study in What Resistance Is All About

'Pay Trump Bribes Here'

Artist Beams 'Pay Trump Bribes Here' Onto Trump Hotel DC
The best protests are snarky protests.

Dumbass Trump Admits He Shared Info With Russians But It's Totally Cool

Trump Admits He Shared Info With Russians But It's Totally Cool

Wingnut demands classified briefings ‘so that Congress can at least know as much as Russians’

Comstock (r-VA) on Tuesday demanded that the Dumbass Trump junta provide Congress with classified briefings about the “highly classified” information Dumbass Trump gave to Russian officials.

New Hampshire Wingnut Who Founded Woman-Hating Site Makes Outrageous Statements Validating Rape

Female Farmers Are Fighting Big Ag's Gender Injustice

This Is What Emboldened White Supremacists Look Like

A "Klan" Rally by any other name ..

White man sucker punches black security guard

White man sucker punches black security guard after she attempts to help him up off the ground

Mulvaney Mocks People With Diabetes, Says They Don't Deserve Health Care

Mick Mulvaney Mocks People With Diabetes, Says They Don't Deserve Health Care

A Sneaky Way to Hurt Social Justice

We Need to Stop Sessions from Escalating the Racist War on Drugs

Giant rotting sea creature mystery solved by scientists

Animal Pictures