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Saturday, August 12, 2017

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Today is - International Youth Day

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Today in History

30 BC Cleopatra VII, Queen of Egypt, commits suicide.
1099 At the Battle of Ascalon 1,000 Crusaders, led by Godfrey of Bouillon, route an Egyptian relief column heading for Jerusalem, which had already fallen to the Crusaders.
1791 Black slaves on the island of Santo Domingo rise up against their white masters.
1812 British commander the Duke of Wellington occupies Madrid, Spain, forcing out Joseph Bonaparte.
1863 Confederate raider William Quantrill leads a massacre of 150 men and boys in Lawrence, Kansas.
1864 After a week of heavy raiding, the Confederate cruiser Tallahassee claims six Union ships captured.
1896 Gold is discovered near Dawson City, Yukon Territory, Canada. After word reaches the United States in June of 1897, thousands of Americans head to the Klondike to seek their fortunes.
1898 The Spanish American War officially ends after three months and 22 days of hostilities.
1908 Henry Ford‘s first Model T rolls off the assembly line.
1922 The home of Frederick Douglass in Washington, D.C. is dedicated as a memorial.
1935 President Franklin Roosevelt signs the Social Security Bill.
1941 French Marshal Henri Philippe Petain announces full French collaboration with Nazi Germany.
The erection of the Berlin Wall begins, preventing access between East and West Germany.
1969 American installations at Quan-Loi, Vietnam, come under Viet Cong attack.
1972 As U.S. troops leave Vietnam, B-52′s make their largest strike of the war.
1978 The Tel al-Zaatar massacre takes place at Palestinian refuge camp during Lebanese Civil War.
1979 Massive book burnings by press censors begin in Iran.
1981 Computer giant IBM introduces its first personal computer.
1992 The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) is concluded between the United States, Canada and Mexico, creating the world’s wealthiest trade bloc.
2000 Russian Navy submarine K-141 Kursk explodes and sinks with all hands during military exercises in the Barents Sea.

Cannibal Rituals

Archaeologists have long known about our cannibalistic past, but why humans who lived thousands of years ago ate each other has been unclear. Now, a human bone engraved 15,000 years ago has fleshed out a long-incomplete picture about this ancient practice. providing clear evidence that some Paleolitic humans engaged in cannibalism for ritual purposes. 

Art and Science

Mixing art and science started very early for Kari Byron. “I remember distinctly sitting there with a Cheerio box and a roll of tape, and trying to recreate a human skull, like a little sculpture,” she says, recalling her earliest memory of tinkering with something in her childhood.

Link Dump

In Defense Of Medicaid

Hemal N. Sampat, M.D., is an internist and pediatrician at Massachusetts General Hospital and instructor of medicine at Harvard Medical School.

The Rich Have Mostly Stopped Smoking Cigarettes

Puerto Rico Teachers Join AFT To Fight DeVos

Puerto Rico Teachers Join AFT To Fight Betsy DeVos

Walmart Forced To Apologize

Walmart Forced To Apologize After Store Tells Kids To ‘Own The School’ With Guns
While it’s good that Walmart apologized, it’s important to remember that you can still walk into most of their stores to pick up eggs, milk, and anything from a shotgun to an assault rifle.

Life in prison - For Kids

The barbaric practice of sentencing children to life in prison without the possibility of parole remains one of the most radically inhumane aspects of our criminal justice system.

You'll Be Deported Anyway

A threat they can't find

Fascist Circle Jerk

Nazis want to look 'sexy'

Desperate For Members, White Supremacists Beg Circle Jerk Goers To Make It ‘Sexy’ – No Joke
The biggest neo-Nazi circle jerk in quite some time is being planned, and they’re desperate for members. The strategy? “Fitted” clothes and telling “obese” people they’re “not tolerated.”

Racist grocery clerk fired

Racist grocery clerk gets fired after he’s caught on video profiling a Native American couple

Man Calls Cops Gets Punched In Face

California man calls police after being robbed – and cop ends up punching him in the face

The ground surrounding the Yellowstone supervolcano is shifting

A map showing how the ground around the Yellowstone supervolcano has deformed over the last two years has been released by the U.S. Geological Survey.

Wingnuts and Dog Sex

Virginia man convicted on two counts of animal cruelty after being accused of sex acts with dogs leaves judge speechless 
A Virginia man who had eight Rottweilers was convicted on two counts of animal cruelty Tuesday after being accused of performing sex acts on dogs, the Richmond-Times Dispatch reported.
Stephen Matthew Taylor, 31, entered an Alford plea for the charge of inflicting pain and causing the death of an animal, a felony, and pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor animal cruelty charge.
An Alford plea allows a defendant to acknowledge that the prosecution has sufficient evidence for a conviction without admitting guilt.
According to Nael A. Abouzaki, an assistant commonwealth’s attorney for Henrico County, Taylor confessed to police that he performed oral sex on one of the dogs. He said that during a search of the home last November, authorities found 171 images of bestiality on a hard drive at the defendant’s home, 10 of which showed him performing oral sex on a Rottweiler.
“I just don’t have any words,” Henrico Circuit Judge James Yoffy said. “This is disgusting.”
Abouzaki said the eight dogs were seized from Taylor’s home, and two of them had to be put down.
Taylor disputed the charges after his court appearance, calling them lies and saying he only entered pleas because he didn’t think he would get a fair trial in the county. His lawyer, William T. Linka, said the defendant disagrees with the claim that it’s him in the pictures.
Taylor was released on bond and must undergo a court-ordered psychosexual evaluation, as well as stay away from pets. He will be sentenced on Nov. 14, with the maximum sentence for the felony being five years in prison. The misdemeanor carries a maximum sentence of one year in prison.
Following the search of the home, which authorities performed after getting a warrant for child pornography and crimes against nature, Taylor’s roommate, Craig Michael Knox, was arrested and charged with raping a 9-year-old-boy, as well as other sex offenses.

Pushing Indonesia's Endangered Elephants to Extinction

Animal Pictures