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Saturday, July 8, 2017

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Today in History

'Christian' Invaders march around Jerusalem as Muslims watch from within the city.
The first French settlement at Quebec is established by Samuel de Champlain.
The British crown grants Rhode Island a charter guaranteeing freedom of worship.
The Austrians take Budapest from the Turks and annex Hungary.
Peter the Great defeats Charles XII at Poltava, in the Ukraine, effectively ending the Swedish empire.
Britain breaks off diplomatic relations with France as their disputes in the New World intensify.
The British attack on Fort Carillon at Ticonderoga, New York, is foiled by the French.
French troops capture Brussels, Belgium.
With Napoleon defeated, Louis XVIII returns to Paris.
29-year old poet Percy Bysshe Shelley drowns while sailing in Italy.
The truce at Villafranca Austria cedes Lombardy to France.
Demoralized by the surrender of Vicksburg, Confederates in Port Hudson, Louisiana, surrender to Union forces.
Confederate General Joseph E. Johnston retreats into Atlanta to prevent being flanked by Union General William T. Sherman.
Four of the conspirators in Lincoln‘s assassination are hanged in Washington, D.C.
The first ship to use electric lights departs from San Francisco, California.
The mutinous crew of the battleship Potemkin surrenders to Romanian authorities.
Ernest Hemingway is wounded in Italy while working as an ambulance driver for the American Red Cross.
20 B-17s fly in their first mission with the Royal Air Force over Wilhelmshaven, Germany.
American B-24 bombers strike Japanese-held Wake Island for the first time.
The Soviet Union charges American pilot Francis Gary Powers with espionage.

Peruvians get to know their ancient female leader

Peru has unveiled a replica of an ancient female ruler of the country, reconstructed using 3D printing technology and based on her mummified remains.

Having Trouble Sleeping?

Half of world's olive oil threatened by deadly bacteria

Spanish officials have confirmed the arrival of Xylella fastidiosa, a pathogen deadly to olive trees, on the country's mainland. About half the world's olive oil comes from Spain's estimated 340 million olive trees, and experts fear the bacteria could devastate the harvest. Up to a million olive trees in Italy were killed by the infection last year, leading Italian officials to chainsaw trees to the ground in an effort to stop the sickness. 

Alaska weed dispensaries are seeing their Facebook pages mysteriously shut down

At least six marijuana shops throughout Alaska have had their Facebook pages taken down in the past week -- despite it being legal in the state.

Types of Marijuana That Can Make You Feel Rejuvenated

Eating Meat in America Is Like Going on a Trip to the Drug Store

Detroit’s Underground Economy

Best Protest Signs Welcoming Dumbass Trump to Hamburg for G20

The Rich and the Middle Class Make the Same Decisions As Poor People

Hobby Lobby Slapped With $3 Million Fine For Smuggling Iraqi Artifacts

Tech Moguls' Scheme to Hijack Progressive Resistance Against Dumbass Trump Is Fooling No One

Uber driver accuses Oklahoma state senator of grabbing and kissing her inside car

A wingnut state senator from Oklahoma has been accused of grabbing and kissing an Uber driver, according to a BuzzFeed News report Wednesday.
The driver alleged that she picked up Bryce Marlatt around 10 p.m. on June 26 to drop him off at a hotel in Oklahoma City. The driver then claimed that Marlatt had grabbed her forcefully and started kissing her neck while she was driving.
"She was giving this person a ride," said Oklahoma City Police Department Master Sergeant Gary Knight, according to KFOR News. "He was in the back seat. And, he kept reaching around, grabbing her, kissing on her, things along those lines."
Two days later, the driver reported the incident and said "she was unsure what she needed to do," according to a police report obtained by BuzzFeed that redacted the names of the driver and the alleged assailant. Based on basic information, the driver was able to find a picture of Marlatt online.
"The senator was shocked and surprised at the allegations," said Robert Don Gifford, Marlatt's attorney. "He was, he really wants to get to the bottom of this. He's asked us to reach out to Uber, which we have. We're trying to get to the bottom of this and figure out what's going on."
According to the police report filed by the driver, Uber declined to provide her with information about her passenger; however, Uber said it was releasing information to law-enforcement officials.
"What's been reported is not tolerated and has no place on the Uber app," Uber said in a statement to BuzzFeed. "We are working with the Oklahoma City Police Department and will provide any information to them that would be helpful for their ongoing investigation."
Neither Oklahoma City police nor Marlatt's office were immediately available for comment on Wednesday night.
Marlatt has represented Oklahoma as a state senator for nearly 10 years. In 2015, he pleaded no contest after law enforcement officials found him asleep on the road in his running vehicle. Officers said they detected alcohol when he rolled his windows down, according to Fox 25 News.
Asked if he had been drinking, Marlatt reportedly said "no more than anyone else."

'Hitler Said It Best'

Dana Loesch Plays The Victim Over Criticism Of Her Hate-filled, Inflammatory NRA Ad

Dana Loesch Plays The Victim Over Criticism Of Her Hate-filled, Inflammatory NRA Ad

NYPD officer who encouraged toddler niece to repeatedly use the ‘N-word’ on video is suspended

NYPD officer who encouraged toddler niece to repeatedly use the ‘N-word’ on video is suspended

Iraqi male model and actor allegedly stabbed to death in Baghdad ‘over his looks’

Iraqi model and actor Karar Nushi was reportedly brutally stabbed to death in Baghdad over his looks, Iraqi News reports.

Fisherman charged with murder

Fisherman charged with murder after tying his lifeless wife to anchor and dumping her overboard
Christopher Leclair, a commercial fisherman from Pennsylvania, allegedly bound his wife Karen Leclair with fishing rope, then tossed her overboard with an anchor attached her stomach, the New York Post reports.
The incident happened in Lake Erie, near Dunkirk in upstate New York.
Police say on June 10, Leclair used a revolver to shoot her before dumping her body in the lake. Leclair originally told the Coast Guard his wife went missing on June 11, insisting she’d gotten sick on the boat and fell overboard before he could save her.
But security footage from June 10 shows the couple leaving on the boat together and Christopher returning alone, the Post reports.
Police told YourErie.com they issued warrants for Christopher Leclair after they were tipped off he was having an affair with an Albion woman.
Leclair has been charged with murder. His father Earnest Leclair, has also been charged after police say he moved the murder weapon Christopher used to shoot Karen with. Investigators found the revolver hidden under Christopher and Karen’s bed.

GA mother in custody after police discover her four children and a man dead in gruesome murder scene

Police have detained the mother of four children police say were found stabbed to death in a Loganville, GA home.

Pennsylvania man punches woman in face

Richard Stimer of Blair County, Pennsylvania has been charged with assault after police said that he punched a woman in the face because she didn’t make him steaks on time.

‘They had no qualms violating my rights’

Amanda Sharp said she was visiting Woodland Mall on Sunday with her 4-year-old son and his father when men identifying themselves as Oath Keepers security guards stopped them.

Road-raging Florida teen admits to spewing racist slurs

Police arrested an 18-year-old Ormond Beach, FL man on Monday after he pulled a shotgun on another driver in a road rage incident and hurled racist epithets at her.

GoDaddy: Neo-Nazi sites aren’t ‘morally offensive’ enough for us to stop hosting them

Top internet domain registrar GoDaddy.com has a rule against hosting websites that it deems to be “morally offensive” — and yet it has no problem hosting neo-Nazi websites like the Daily Stormer.

Feds covering for paid FBI informant accused of running ‘stranded traveler’ scam

An FBI informant who helped nab three Florida ISIL supporters was a convicted fraudster who continued to swindle people while working with federal law enforcement.

DeVos unlawfully trying to repeal Obama rules against for-profit college fraud

The Massachusetts attorney general filed a lawsuit Thursday against Education Secretary  DeVos over her agency’s decision to halt new rules to erase loan debts for students who were defrauded by their colleges.

18 States Sue DeVos

Twitter lawsuit over surveillance to move forward

A U.S. judge ruled on Thursday that Twitter Inc could move forward with a lawsuit that aims to free technology companies to speak more openly about surveillance requests they receive from the U.S. government.
US judge allows Twitter lawsuit over surveillance to move forward

NASA's Juno spacecraft is about to peer into the depths of Jupiter’s Great Red Spot

Humankind has been ogling Jupiter’s Great Red Spot through our telescopes for more than 300 years. The Voyager and Galileo missions brought us closer to understanding where this 10,000-mile-wide storm comes from, but it’s still swirling with mysteries. Well, it better get ready for its close-up: Next week, NASA’s Juno spacecraft will come closer to the furious tempest than any spacecraft ever has before, hopefully solving some of those mysteries in the process.

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