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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The Daily Drift

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Today in History

54 Nero succeeds his great uncle Claudius, who was murdered by his wife, as the new emperor of Rome.
1307 Members of the Knights of Templar are arrested throughout France, imprisoned and tortured by the order of King Philip the Fair of France.
1399 Henry IV of England is crowned.
1670 Virginia passes a law that blacks arriving in the colonies as christians cannot be used as slaves.
1775 The Continental Congress authorizes construction of two warships, thus instituting an American naval force.
1776 Benedict Arnold is defeated at Lake Champlain.
1792 President George Washington lays the cornerstone for the White House.
1812 At the Battle of Queenston Heights, a Canadian and British army defeats the American who have tried to invade Canada.
1849 The California state constitution, which prohibits slavery, is signed in Monterey.
1903 Boston defeats Pittsburgh in baseball’s first World Series.
1904 Sigmund Freud’s The Interpretation of Dreams is published.
1942 In the first of four attacks, two Japanese battleships sail down the slot and shell Henderson field on Guadalcanal, in an unsuccessful effort to destroy the American Cactus Air Force.
1943 Italy declares war on Germany.
1944 Troops of the advancing Soviet Army occupy Riga, capital of Latvia.
1946 The Fourth Republic begins in France; will continue to 1958.
1958 First appearance of Paddington Bear, now a beloved icon of children’s literature.
1967 First game of the fledgling American Basketball Association; Oakland Oaks beat Anaheim Amigos 134-129 in Oakland, Cal.
1972 Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571 crashes in the Andes Mountains, near the Argentina-Chile border; only 16 survivors (out of 45 people aboard) are rescued on Dec. 23.
1976 Dr. F.A. Murphy at Center for Disease Control obtains the first electron micrograph of an Ebola viral particle.
1983 The Space Shuttle Challenger, carrying seven, the largest crew to date, lands safely at Kennedy Space Center in Florida.
1990 The Lebanese Civil War ends when a Syrian attack removes Gen. Michel Aoun from power.
2010 After being underground for a record 69 days, all 33 miners trapped in a Copiapo, Chile, mine are rescued.

Teacher praised for stripping off in front of class

A biology teacher in the Netherlands captured the attention of her pupils by stripping off in front of them.
The innovative teacher works at Groene Hart Rijnwoude school in the south of the country. Debby Heerkens stood on her desk before removing her clothing to reveal a skintight lycra suit that showed the entire muscle structure of a human.
Then she peeled the layer off, exposing a body suit with the internal organs. Finally, she peeled off the organs and showed a final body suit with the human skeletal structure.

After uploading the images and video to the school's Facebook page, she has been praised for using such a creative way to teach children about the human anatomy.

Ignoring Science Leads To The Crumbling Of Society

Ignoring Science Leads To The Crumbling Of Society, Says Viral Pro-Science Video (VIDEO)Did you know the bailout of the big banks cost as much as funding NASA for 50 years?

Airbus's Brilliant New Way to Cram More Human Bodies inside an Airplane

Aircraft builder Airbus filed a patent for a new seating system for commercial jetliners. The company certainly wasn't done when it previously developed a seating system optimal for galley slaves.
Now Airbus is thinking about ways of using all that valuable vertical space. You know--where your head goes? That's can now be taken up by someone's bottom. That person may have to lie down like a corpse in a coffin, but at least the room around the ceiling of the cabin is being used productively. Reuters reports:
"They are covering themselves for what the future may or may not hold, but ... there is no intention to bring this to a real design for any near-term scenario," said cabin interiors expert Mary Kirby, founder and editor of Runway Girl Network. […]
"The flying bunk bed has a raft of health and safety concerns. The obvious number one is the regulatory requirement for safe evacuation of passengers in 90 seconds," Kirby said.
"It doesn't take into account the elderly or passengers with reduced mobility or children or pregnant women."

Gun nuts freak out over Texas students’ #CocksNotGlocks open carry protest — and it’s awesome

Image: Women with sex toys (Shutterstock.com)
University of Texas students announced a plan to openly carry dildos in response to a new “campus carry” law that takes effect next year. The Facebook page for the group Campus (DILDO) Carry has since been flooded with abuse, which moderators are leaving in place to show the kind of aggressive hostility open carry zealots display when they find out they’re being mocked.

A Woman Should Be Her Husband’s Sex Slave–Whether She Wants To Or Not

Or So, Michelle Duggar Says
Michelle Duggar: A Woman Should Be Her Husband’s Sex Slave–Whether She Wants To Or Not
Not only can you get advice from Michelle Duggar on how to raise a pervert and a scam artist or two, you can also learn to be the perfect submissive wife.

Nebraska mom arrested for duct-taping kids to chairs and forcing them to watch 'Mommie Dearest'

Nebraska mom arrested for duct-taping kids to chairs and forcing them to watch 'Mommie Dearest'

Party organizers ordered to drill holes in buckets to stop people drinking alcohol from them

Organizers of an event in Adelaide, Australia, have been ordered by liquor licensing authorities to drill holes in 4,500 plastic buckets to try to stop people drinking alcohol from them. This weekend's celebration in Rymill Park in the city is the culmination of AsiaFest and a local version of a Thai full moon party.
Councillor Anne Moran said the council gave approval for the parklands event but then heard from many concerned people about recent such events in Asia. "We were contacted by so many people saying 'My Goodness, our children have been to this party in Thailand ... it's a terrible party with deaths and drugs'," she said.
"We had to approve it because it's an event in the parklands and - being unaware of the problems they've had overseas, we were unaware it had caused such problems in Thailand and other Asian countries - we [quickly] asked for a briefing from the Liquor Licensing Commission as to what's going to happen here, are we going to have the same problems as overseas?" Ms Moran explained that the Licensing Commission had to deal with alcohol issues for the event, to ensure it was run safely.
"I suspect the buckets were never supposed to be used for drinking but the Commissioner's just making sure that they're not used for that purpose by having holes drilled," the Councillor said. "They are the emblem of the festival so they may be giving them out - perhaps you could tip your drinks in but there's no way known in our country you can serve a litre of cocktail or spirit legally in a bucket." Organizers of the Saturday parklands event said they were disappointed the demand that 4,500 holes be drilled came so close to their deadline.

Woman who accidentally super-glued her eye shut eventually given medical treatment

A Florida woman says a friend was blowing leaves with a leaf blower when a piece of debris landed in her eye. She asked the friend to quickly run to get some Visine. The friend handed her a bottle, but what she squirted into her eye was fingernail glue - not Visine.
"It's stuck to my eyelids and my eyeball and it really hurts," Katherine Gaydos, a single parent of two small children, said, who demonstrated trying to pull apart the tightly sealed eyelids. Gaydos called 911 and went to a doctor, whom she said was treating her with antibiotic salve and ointment.

But eight days later, her eyelid was still tightly shut and she said the doctor told her he would no longer treat her unless she came up with payment. "He was talking about doing surgery to try and save my eye, but now I don't know what to do. I don't have a job, no insurance or any money," Gaydos said. However, following a local news report detailing her plight, Gaydos said her doctor called and asked her to come in for further evaluation.
She said he was able to pry her eyelid open. “It was the same office, but a different doctor,” Gaydos said. “He put Lidocaine above and below my eye and just pulled on it until it finally opened.” Gaydos said the doctor told her to come back later in the week to get the glue scraped off her cornea. “He said I should get my sight back, and not have permanent damage,” Gaydos added. She said that the office made no mention of charging her for the treatment.

Police warn residents to watch out for aggressive door-to-door meat salesman

Police in Dripping Springs, Texas, have urged that residents let them know if they encounter an aggressive or threatening door-to-door meat salesman.
In a Facebook post deputies said that a man or men are going door to door selling meat, but they may be threatening or aggressive.
Hays County Sheriff’s Office have seen reports of these incidents on social media. They have not received any calls from residents reporting this activity.
Call 911 if you encounter this situation or see any suspicious activity in your neighborhood, the sheriff’s office said.

Meanwhile in Foster City, California

Last Sunday morning, police were called about an unresponsive pair of legs underneath a vehicle.
On their arrival it was determined that they were attached to a male who had fallen asleep while changing the oil.

Runaway boat smashed head-on into truck

A boat on a trailer came loose from a vehicle while driving down Zero Street in Fort Smith, Arkansas, on Wednesday.
It then crashed head-on into a truck. Surveillance video from a nearby building captured the collision.
According to the driver of the truck, his vehicle was totaled.
He also said he was fortunate enough to walk away from the accident with only minor scratches and bruises. It is unknown if any tickets were cited.

Man drove stolen car to police headquarters to retrieve documents he'd left in another stolen car

A Florida man is back in jail after police say he left paperwork with his name on it inside a car he’s accused of stealing. St. Petersburg police officers arrested Carnell Eugene Butler, 18, after he drove a second stolen car to police headquarters. On Oct. 4th, St. Petersburg Police officers say they recovered an abandoned Infiniti.
Officers say they found personal items and a packet of court documents belonging to Butler inside the car. Officers tried, but were unable to locate Butler. Investigators say on Oct. 6th, Butler stole a Hyndai Sonata from a home in the Placido Bayou area. On Oct. 6th, a St. Petersburg Police Department detective contacted a relative at Butler’s home and left a message for Butler.
Butler called the detective back, and arranged to go to headquarters to pick up personal items from a previous arrest in June. When he arrived, the detective arrested him and found the keys to the stolen Sonata in his pocket. Acting on a hunch, the detective found the Sonata parked a block away from police headquarters. It turned out that Butler had driven the stolen car to the police department. Police say they also found a stolen bicycle at Butler’s home.
The bicycle had been stolen from an open garage in Placido Bayou. In both cases of the stolen cars, the vehicles were left unlocked, with the keys inside. Police arrested Butler for two counts of grand theft of a motor vehicle, violation of probation, and two counts of burglary of an occupied dwelling. Detectives say the crimes occurred in the Placido Bayou neighborhood. Police say Butler was already on probation for previously stealing a car in June.

Man who called 911 saying he was 'too high' after smoking weed found surrounded by snacks

A 22-year-old Ohio man called 911 last Friday evening and told officers he was "too high" after smoking marijuana.
When officers arrived at the man's home, his grandfather directed them upstairs where they found the man moaning, curled in the fetal position, and "surrounded by a plethora of Doritos, Pepperidge Farm Goldfish, and Chips Ahoy cookies."
In the audio of the 911 call, the operator asks the man what he took, he eventually responds with saying it was weed. The man told police he "smoked too much weed" and couldn't feel his hands.
He directed officers to his car, where they found a glass pipe with marijuana residue, rolling papers and a glass jar of pot. So far, no arrests have been made.

Rodeo brawlers on horseback arrested following police chase

A man from Dallas, Texas, who tried to elude police on horseback was hit with a stun gun after leading police officers on a short chase through a residential neighborhood last Sunday night, Mesquite police say. Mesquite police said an off-duty officer working security at an amateur rodeo event called for backup at about 9pm after a fight broke out at the Mesquite Championship Rodeo arena. After five backup officers arrived, one man was arrested at the scene while two others tried to escape on horseback, police said.
“I bet they thought,'There are police here, and we’re drunk, and we don’t want to go to jail, and there are horses here.' So they got on the horses and left. It’s that simple,” said Lt. Brian Parrish, with the Mesquite Police Department. “I think the main contributing factor in all of this was their level of intoxication. The horses were the only form of transportation they had available." Moments later a Mesquite officer searching a nearby neighborhood spotted the men, still on horseback, walking slowly.

When the men spotted the officer's red and blue lights, one of the riders turned around, got down from his horse and surrendered - the other rider continued on before putting the horse into a trot and then into a gallop. Mesquite police released dashcam video that showed the officer pursue the rider down the residential street and the rider galloping down the road. When the officer's spotlight hit the rider, he made an abrupt turn into an alley, throwing sparks from the horse's shoes. The man, police said, was later found walking down the street and his horse stashed in a back yard. "I think being on horseback and trying to evade police gives you somewhat of a small advantage.
"You’re not going to have a whole lot of officers that’ll keep up with you in their car, or on foot. But we didn’t give up," Parrish said. Police said in a statement that the man, identified as 33-year-old Francisco Torres, resisted arrest and was disabled with the stun gun. He was charged with evading arrest, disorderly conduct, failure to identify himself and public intoxication. The rider who stopped and turned around, 27-year-old Aaron Ibarra, was cited for public intoxication and disorderly conduct, police said. “This is the first one I can remember where it’s suspects fleeing on horseback," Parrish said. "I think this is the first for all of us." The man arrested at the rodeo, 31-year-old Macario Andrade, of Seagoville, was charged with resisting arrest, disorderly conduct and public intoxication. All of the charges faced by the men are misdemeanors, police said.

Man jailed for riding horse where he shouldn't have been

A man has been jailed for six weeks after riding a horse in breach of a court order. John Ginty had been ordered not to "leave any horse" on a piece of land owned by a housing association near Middlesbrough. He was found to have breached the order by leaving horses on the land and "riding a horse at speed". Detail emerged in a ruling published by a judge following a hearing at Middlesbrough County Court.
The ruling gave no background to the case, but it indicated that housing association Erimus had complained that Ginty was in contempt of a court order made in June, and the judge had agreed and jailed him.
A spokesman for Erimus explained that Ginty had originally been ordered not to tether his horse on land owned by the association and that was the order which had been breached. He said: “It is disappointing the individual has failed to abide by the court order we obtained earlier this year. We operate a zero-tolerance policy towards anti-social behavior, which has a negative impact on the local community.”

Police negotiators used suicidal car thief's cat to coax him down from ledge

As the standoff between San Francisco police and a suspected car thief threatening to jump from a building crept into its third hour on Wednesday evening, officers turned to an unlikely source to help them talk the man down: his cat. The man, barefoot and wearing only black shorts, was distraught and hanging out of a third-floor window of the building, threatening to leap. Officers set up foam pads below him as the department’s trained hostage negotiators perched precariously on a fire escape, urging the suicidal man figuratively and literally off the ledge.
But after three unsuccessful hours, reinforcements arrived in the form of the man’s orange-and-white feline. Using his pet, hostage negotiators were able to persuade him to go back inside the building, come down the stairs and surrender without incident. Within 45 minutes of the cat’s arrival, the 3½-hour standoff was over. “Using the cat was ingenious,” said Officer Albie Esparza, a police spokesman. “Never underestimate the power of the love between people and their pets. I think it was great to think outside the box like the officers did. It made enough of an impact on this person to bring him down and come to his senses.” The man had run into the building about 2:30pm, after he had been stopped while driving a white Toyota Highlander that had no license plates.
While California Highway Patrol officers questioned him, he sat on a sidewalk. When a computer check showed that the car was stolen, the man jumped to his feet and ducked into the building, CHP officials said. San Francisco police responded to the scene once the situation devolved from a traffic stop to a possible suicide attempt. Officers from the hostage negotiation team, the tactical unit, the motorcycle unit, the traffic division as well as Southern Station arrived to aid in the standoff, Esparza said. A common strategy in these situations is to call the family of the person in crisis, in hopes a loved one can talk them down, Esparza said. The man’s family was on its way from the East Bay as negotiators gently spoke to him from the fire escape.
When police learned the man’s relatives brought his cat to the scene, officers took it up to the negotiators. Shortly after 6pm, the man went back inside the building and the standoff was resolved. “I don’t remember ever using a cat before, but it worked,” Esparza said. “The guy voluntarily came out of the window and opened the door and was taken into custody without incident.” Esparza said he never got the cat’s name, but he applauded the officers for their quick thinking, as well as their sensitivity. Even as the man, later named as Dion Stamper, 47, of San Francisco, was handcuffed and taken to a police car, officers brought the cat to him so he could see his beloved feline before going to jail. “The hostage negotiators establish a trust with the person, regardless if they are suicidal or a suspect, and you want to maintain that trust as much as you can,” Esparza said. “The guy wasn’t resisting. There was no need not to help him out. Obviously, he had a very emotional attachment to the cat and it was nice to comfort him as much as possible.”

Drunk driver who led police on high-speed chase told officers his dog was driving

A Florida man was arrested for DUI on Wednesday evening after he drove into two ditches, hid in a cult bathroom, and told police officers that his dog had been driving the car. According to a police report, officers began chasing a car driven by Reliford Cooper III after the vehicle was spotted speeding at around 7:45pm.
With police in pursuit, Cooper, 26, raced through a stop sign and drove through two ditches before crashing into an occupied home on a street in Palmetto, a city 15 miles north of Sarasota. Cooper, a Palmetto resident, bolted from the car and sought to hide in the bathroom of a nearby pentecostal cult, but he was chased out by parishioners (and into the arms of police).
Cooper, who smelled of alcohol and marijuana, asked officers, “Who was chasing me?” He added, “You slow as fuck!” But Cooper then disavowed being at the wheel, claiming: “My dog was driving that car, I ran cause I wanted to. You ain’t gonna find no drugs or guns on me.”
Cooper has previously served nearly five years in a Florida state prison following his conviction on armed robbery, burglary, and grand theft charges. Since his release from custody in mid-2013, he has twice been arrested for aggravated assault. Cooper, who told officer he works at a car wash, was charged with drunk driving, resisting arrest, and leaving the scene of an accident. He is currently locked up in lieu of $26,120 bond.

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