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Friday, March 18, 2016

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Today in History

The Roman Senate annuls Tiberius’ will and proclaims Caligula emperor.
William Penn is deprived of his governing powers.
Confederate women riot in Salisbury, N.C. to protest the lack of flour and salt in the South.
The Congress of the Confederate States of America adjourns for the last time.
Hawaii signs a treaty giving exclusive trading rights with the islands to the United States.
Barnum and Bailey’s Greatest Show on Earth opens in Madison Square Gardens.
Theodore Roosevelt opens the Roosevelt Dam in Phoenix, Ariz., the largest dam in the United States to date.
Greek King George I is killed by an assassin. Constantine I is to succeed.
On the Eastern Front, the Russians counter the Verdun assault with an attack at Lake Naroch. The Russians lose 100,000 men and the Germans lose 20,000.
The Germans sink the U.S. ships, City of Memphis, Vigilante and the Illinois, without any type of warning.
Mahatma Gandhi is sentenced to six years in prison for civil disobedience in India.
Georgia finally ratifies the Bill of Rights, 150 years after the birth of the federal government. Connecticut and Massachusetts, the only other states to hold out, also ratify the Bill of Rights in this year.
The third military draft begins in the United States.
Adolf Hitler calls off the offensive in the Caucasus.
American forces take Gafsa in Tunisia.
The Russians reach the Romanian border.
Nationalist troops land on the mainland of China and capture Communist-held Sungmen.
The Braves baseball team announces that they are moving from Boston to Milwaukee.
Cosmonaut Alexei Leonov becomes the first man to spacewalk when he exits his Voskhod 2 space capsule while in orbit around the Earth.
Nixon authorizes Operation Menue, the ‘secret’ bombing of Cambodia.
The U.S. Postal Service is paralyzed by the first postal strike.
U.S. helicopters airlift 1,000 South Vietnamese soldiers out of Laos.
South Vietnam abandons most of the Central Highlands to North Vietnamese forces.
The United States discloses biological weapons tests in Texas in 1966.
Buckingham Palace announces the engagement of Prince Andrew to Sarah Ferguson.

In Praise of Jerked Veggies

Jerk seasoning isn't just for chicken or lamb.

If Your Boss Does This, You're Less Likely to Get a Promotion

A male boss
If Your Boss Does This, You're Less Likely to Get a Promotion
This election season, we're learning all sorts of interesting facts about how the world works.

Gestures play key role in human communication

Gestures play key role in human communication but are often overlookedGestures play key role in human communication but are often overlooked
When talking with others, people routinely describe and point at things with their hands, arms, heads, faces, eyes and bodies – with or without props. Yet this action of “depicting” or “staging a scene” non-verbally is little understood in the...

Trouble sleeping?

Trouble sleeping? The size of your tongue and tonsils could be why
Trouble sleeping? The size of your tongue and tonsils could be why
The best time to identify signs of obstructive sleep apnea may not be at night while snoozing in bed but, instead, while sitting in the dentist’s chair. According to a new study led by UB orthodontic researcher Thikriat Al-Jewair, dentists are in the unique position...

You Burn Fewer Calories When You’re Tired

Tired man
Why You Burn Fewer Calories When You’re Tired
Missing out on shuteye might be wrecking your metabolism

7 Modern Medical Breakthroughs That Are About to Change the Health Game

female scientist
7 Modern Medical Breakthroughs That Are About to Change the Health Game
From poop pills to painkilling patches, science is in overdrive.

Our Brains When We Hallucinate?

Normally our brains can tell which signals are from the outside world and which come from our minds. But occasionally something can go awry.

Could a pure maple syrup extract be tapped for better brain health?

Could a pure maple syrup extract be tapped for better brain health?Could a pure maple syrup extract be tapped for better brain health?
As part of a two-day symposium at the annual meeting of the American Chemical Society, a group of international scientists shared promising results of 24 studies exploring the beneficial effects of natural products on the prevention of neurodegenerative diseases,...

These four countries prove decriminalization works better than prohibition

These four countries prove decriminalization works better than prohibition

How the Cutthroat Walmart Business Model Is Reshaping American Public Education

Billionaire Liberal Governor Boosted State’s Economy By Taxing The Rich

Former U.S. Senator Mark Dayton answers a question before an audience at the DFL Gubernatorial Debate at the Hopkins Center for the Performing Arts on Tuesday, November 24, 2009.Billionaire Liberal Governor Boosted State’s Economy By Taxing The Rich
How a billionaire Democratic Governor, against wingnut opposition, boosted his state’s economy by taxing the rich and raising the minimum wage.

Kansas Wingnut Bill Would Give Wingnuts Power To Impeach Judges Who Disagree With Them

Image via liberalbias.comKansas Wingnut Bill Would Give Wingnuts Power To Impeach Judges Who Disagree With Them
Republicans are trying to overthrow the state Supreme Court so that Brownback can stack it with judges who will do his bidding.

Kentucky Goes Back To The 1950s

KY Goes Back To The ’50s, Advances Bill To Discriminate Against Interracial Couples
Kentucky Goes Back To The ’50s, Advances Bill To Discriminate Against Interracial Couples
What year is it again?

‘Not My Problem’ Is The Wingnut Answer To Everything

There’s a saying: Liberals vote for others, wingnuts vote for themselves. Wingnuts will fret and fume, insisting this is not true, but...

Man says was denied a driving license renewal because he wore 'a silly fox hat'

He fought the law and won. Now, an Oregon man’s driver’s license picture has become the focal point of a constitutional rights case study. The man. who goes by the name of Bishop, says his ordeal began last summer when he went to the Department of Motor Vehicles to get his license renewed. He chose to wear this hat depicting a fox in the photo to honor his religion. Bishop said: “I’m a practitioner of the Seven Drums Religion.

Towns That Jail People Because They’re Poor Are Put On Notice

Man Has Spent A Decade In Prison Because His Court-Appointed Attorney SLEPT Through His Trial

This Man Has Spent A Decade In Prison Because His Court-Appointed Attorney SLEPT Through His TrialThis Man Has Spent A Decade In Prison Because His Court-Appointed Attorney SLEPT Through His Trial
This should scare the hell out of us all that this is happening in our country.

British man spent six days in Canadian jail after friend's ashes were mistaken for ketamine

What was supposed to be a visit by one grieving friend from England to other grieving friends in Canada, ended in an arrest after the ashes of his friend tested positive for an illegal drug. Russell Laight arrived in Canada on March 2 to deliver a portion of the ashes of Simon Darby, a mutual friend. When weather diverted the flight from Halifax to St. John’s, he ran into trouble at customs.
“They took that away, they did a narcotics test of some description on it, and it came up positive for ketamine," said Laight. Ketamine is an anesthetic and painkiller used for pain control and sedation during certain medical procedures. Health Canada says when used for medical purposes, ketamine is injected as a liquid. When used recreationally for illicit purposes, it’s changed into a powder. Laight was immediately arrested and charged. “I was very, very shocked,” said Laight.
“I have nothing to do with anything like that in my life, so I didn't know where it came from, what it was, but as far as I'm concerned, it's supposed to be my buddy’s ashes." Laight spent six days in jail as a result. The Canadian Border Services Agency says if field test return a positive result, then CBSA officers have probable grounds to suspect the substance is a narcotic and the material is seized. The traveler is detained and afforded their rights. Rules state importing cremated human remains into Canada should be declared, and they should also come with the appropriate documents. Family and friends on both sides of the ocean scrambled to provide those documents.
Death certificates were emailed from the UK, while statements from the widow of Darby included the pain-killing drugs he had used before his death from cancer. Family friend Tracey Jonasson said she came up with an idea while talking to Laight’s lawyer. “We told them we wanted a retest, and thus she put the request in, and off it went to Health Canada," said Jonasson. The results showed no ketamine or other drugs from a human cremation. “I knew that Russell would never risk doing something like that,” said friend Richard Croft. “He's a very clever individual and he'd never risk bringing anything into Canada like that, or risk his future in Canada." Laight arrived in Halifax on Tuesday without the ashes, which have not yet been to returned from Health Canada.
There's a news video here.

Woman arrested for drugs after calling police for help when she flushed car keys down toilet

On Tuesday evening, 57-year-old Anna Reed of Spirit Lake, Iowa, called 911 because she accidentally flushed the keys to her rental vehicle down the toilet while using the state operated rest area near Chamberlain.
When officers arrived on scene, they discovered that Reed had an outstanding warrant for possession of a controlled substance out of Iowa. Reed also admitted to having marijuana in her vehicle.
A locksmith was called to get into Reed's rental vehicle. A subsequent search of the vehicle revealed a large variety of prescription pills and a small amount of marijuana.
Reed was charged with possession of marijuana, possession of a controlled substance, and possession or use of drug paraphernalia. The Brule County Sheriff’s Office assisted the Chamberlain Police Department with the arrest. Reed was then taken into custody at the jail in Brule County. Officers were unable to recover the keys from the toilet.

Man told homeowner he was breaking in to save Taylor Swift who happens to be his wife

A man from Nashville, Tennessee, is behind bars for burglary after trying to force his way into a man's home because he was there to "save Taylor Swift." According to the police affidavit, 26-year-old Paul Herrin knocked on the door of a man who is also a landlord of other properties.
Thinking it was someone dropping off a rent check, the homeowner opened the door and found Herrin, who shoved the door open and placed his left foot inside to keep the man from closing the door on him. The homeowner instructed Herrin to leave, but Herrin continued to try and shove the door open,
He told the homeowner that he was there to "save Taylor Swift, his wife, and that he had every right to search the residence." In fear, the homeowner continued the struggle and was finally able to shut the door on Herrin and call police. That's when the homeowner heard Herrin open the back door to his home.
Police arrived at the scene and found Herrin in the backyard. Herrin told officers he was there from Knoxville to rescue his wife Taylor Swift. Herrin also said "he was told by a source he could not reveal to police too (sic) look for a house with a green light over the front door." Herring was booked for aggravated burglary and is being held on $30,000 bond.

Random Celebrity Photos

Barbara Eden

Hiker Finds Rare Ancient Roman Coin

The coin bears the image of Emperor Augustus and dates back to 107 A.D.

Why Early Humans Lost Most of Their Body Hair

We modern humans have hair in a few seemingly useless places, but we were a LOT furrier in our evolutionary past. We examine why we ditched so much of our body hair.

Top 5 Weird Facts About Mysterious Uranus

Explore a few of our favorite facts about this oddball planet in the outer solar system.

Humpback Whale Swims in a Headstand

The video captures behavior that has rarely been seen or documented in the species.

Atlantic Salmon Is Basically Extinct

Frightened dog took refuge in police car's engine compartment

A stray dog found himself in a tight spot on Wednesday when he wound up in the undercarriage of a police vehicle in Phoenix, Arizona. It all started earlier in the day, as Phoenix Police Department Lt. Tom Van Dorn was on patrol when he came across a pack of small dogs running down a street. Van Dorn sounded his horn to disperse the canines. “There was a pack of dogs, about 4 to 5 little dogs, just kind of running down the middle of the street, blocking traffic,” Van Dorn said.
“So I pulled up slowly; ended up hitting the horn on the patrol car to try to get them to disperse. Most of them took off running but one little guy ended up darting underneath the police Tahoe.” The frightened pooch ran right under the lieutenant’s car, and after that, wouldn’t budge. “He was underneath for a while. One of the neighborhood residents was coming to bring out a broom to see if we could get him to come out. But every time we tried, he just kept moving closer and closer to the Tahoe and wouldn’t budge,” he said.
“We tried to even back the Tahoe up slowly to try to get him out. He would just continue to follow the car back.” Soon, Van Dorn saw that the dog had managed to squeeze himself into the undercarriage of the patrol Tahoe. It’s not clear if the dog was stubborn or actually stuck. Nevertheless, the pup was under there for about 20 minutes. “He just appeared to be scared; he was shaking,” Van Dorn said. “He was just scared and really didn’t want to come out for us.”
Even the offer of a hot dog failed to entice the canine to emerge. “I would have never thought he would have made it up into the engine block itself or that he would have even fit,” said van Dorn. “He was a little Chihuahua-type dog. But he was still about 10 to 12 pounds, and it never would have occurred to me that he would fit.” But finally, with the help of Maricopa County Animal Care & Control, the dog was rescued. He is expected to be just fine. The shelter are trying to track down his family, or they will find him a new home.
There's a news video here.

Animal Pictures