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Monday, November 7, 2016

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Today in History

The London Gazette, the oldest surviving journal, is first published.
Rebellious Indians in a conspiracy organized in defiance of the United States government by Tecumseh, Shawnee chief, are defeated during his absence in the Battle of the Wabash (or Tippecanoe) by William Henry Harrison, governor of Indiana Territory.
Andrew Jackson attacks and captures Pensacola, Florida, defeating the Spanish and driving out a British force.
Zachary Taylor, one of the heroes of the Mexican War, is elected president.
Union General Ulysses S. Grant launches an unsuccessful raid on Belmont, Missouri.
Rutherford B. Hayes steals the office as 19th president of the United States.
Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday, two participants in Tombstone, Arizona’s, famous Gunfight at the O.K. Corral, are jailed as the hearings on what happened in the fight grow near.
President Woodrow Wilson is re-elected, but the race is so close that all votes must be counted before an outcome can be determined, so the results are not known until November 11.
Jeannette Rankin (Montana) is elected the first congresswoman.
British General Sir Edmund Allenby breaks the Turkish defensive line in the Third Battle of Gaza.
The Bolsheviks, led by Lenin, take power in Russia.
Benito Mussolini declares himself to be leader of the National Fascist Party in Italy.
Tacoma Bridge in Washington State collapses.
British troops launch a limited offensive along the coast of Burma.
President Franklin D. Roosevelt is elected to a fourth term by defeating Thomas Dewey.
UN General Assembly calls for France, Israel and the UK to immediately withdraw their troops from Egypt.
In Cleveland, Ohio, Carl B. Stokes becomes the first African American elected mayor of a major American city.
President Lyndon B. Johnson signs a bill establishing the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.
Nixon steals office again.
Congress overrides Pres. Richard M. Nixon’s veto of the War Powers Resolution that limited presidential power to wage ware without congressional approval.
A uprising in Bangladesh kills Brig. Gen. Khaled Mosharraf and frees Maj. Gen. Ziaur Rahman, future president of the country, from house arrest.
A bomb explodes in the US Capitol’s Senate Chambers area, causing $250,000 damages but no one is harmed; a group calling itself the Armed Resistance Unit claim the bomb is retaliation for US military involvement in Grenada and Lebanon.
Douglas Wilder wins Virginia’s gubernatorial election, becoming the first elected African American governor in the US; during Reconstruction Mississippi had an acting governor and Louisiana had an appointed governor who were black.
Mary Robinson becomes the first woman elected President of the Republic of Ireland.
The world’s first internet radio broadcast originates from WXYC, the student radio station of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
Hilary Rodham Clinton becomes the first First Lady (1993–2001) elected to public office in the US when she wins a US Senate seat.
Election Day in the US ends with the winner Al Gore but wingnuts steal the presidency.

A recent cosmic burst cracked the Earth’s magnetic field wide open

A burst of galactic cosmic rays was recorded by the GRAPES-3 muon telescope located at TIFR’s Cosmic Ray Laboratory in Ooty. That burst of rays occurred when the sun let loose a giant cloud of plasma that struck our planet at a speed of roughly 2.5 million kilometers.

Don’t Be Fooled

Don’t Be Fooled: Existing Extremism Is Not Dumbass Trump but Wingnut Establishment
Dumbass Trump has effectively functioned as a smoke screen for the remarkably consistent orchestration of a wingnut scorched earth policy at the state level…

Dumbass Trump’s Ties to Putin are Exposed

Dumbass Trump’s Ties to Putin are Exposed so Surrogates Push Clinton as Manchurian Candidate
Dumbass Trump claims he is going to "drain the swamp." The problem is he plans to fill it up with Russians only too eager to take the job of running our country…

The Story Behind Che's Iconic Photo

In 1960, photographer Alberto Korda snapped a photograph of Cuban revolutionary Ernesto Guevara, who went by the name Che. Fifty-six years later, the photograph, cropped into a portrait, is everywhere.  Che campaigned against capitalism, and he never liked having his picture made, yet his face has been used for everything from government buildings to political posters (promoting any and all views) to advertisements to dorm room posters to currency.
In this era of anything-goes globalization, Che doesn’t really stand for anything partly because he stands for so much. Once a symbol of a society struggling toward the ultimate abolishment of money—during the 1960s at least three communal experiments were launched in the Cuban countryside to achieve this goal—Korda’s Che has now been converted into its own form of capitalist currency: a cool knickknack or keepsake, a pin or poster or touristy T-shirt. When the Rolling Stones performed in Havana’s Sports City this year (provocatively, on Good Friday), Korda’s Che welcomed “their satanic majesties” from the audience in his usual heroic form, except for the big, fat, redder-than-ever Rolling Stone tongue protruding from his mouth. And you can bet that tongue came thanks to a pirated copy of Adobe Photoshop.
People have made money from the image all around the world, yet the little that photographer Korda received was the result of lawsuits. And Wikipedia has a long explanation of why the photo is now in the public domain. Read the story of how the photograph was taken, why it wasn't used for the project at the time, and what happened since then, at Smithsonian.

True Stories Of The Real People Behind The Memes

Memes introduce us to people and critters via perfectly captionable pics, and even though we don't actually get to meet these meme stars online we can make them say whatever we want.
But how much do we know about those ordinary people whose pictures were hijacked just so we can all write silly and stupid stuff on them?
Well, do you remember Overly Attached Girlfriend and the Guy Who Needs To Fart?
Apparently those two meme stars went to high school together, and she very well may be the girl he was trying not to fart in front of in class!
And speaking of women you should never fart in front of- have you met the First World Problems Woman?
Her name is Silvia Bottini- she's an actress, model and super terrific public speaking teacher, so basically the perfect person to cast in the First World Problems meme!

Nobody Wants To Buy This Creepy House In Connecticut

Home is where the heart is and sometimes it can be a battleground, but pretty much everyone agrees having a home is better than being out on the streets.
And yet some houses seem to be totally unsellable due to their terrible location, poor condition or dark history.
But realtors aren't struggling to find a buyer for this house in Avon, Connecticut because of any of those reasons- they can't find a buyer because the house looks so creepy inside.
The walls look like they've been painted with blood, there is way too much copper in every room, and the decorative elements throughout the house are so jarring visitors (and potential buyers) can't wait to leave.
Maybe if buyers find out the house, priced at around $330k, is actually a contemporary art project by Fermata Arts Foundation founder Nikolay Synkov they'll stop being so revolted by the interior?
Nah, the only hope for this house of horrors is a complete interior overhaul!

City is using toilet paper to help repair cracked roads

The City of Littleton in Colorado is taking a unique approach to covering up the cracks in roads.
The Douglas County city is placing toilet paper over freshly sealed paved areas to keep the tar in place and off people’s cars and tires.
The tar used for sealing is sticky and doesn’t dry quickly. Placing toilet paper over the cracks meshes with the sealant and also happens to be cheap. And the biodegradable paper breaks down and disappears in a matter of days.

Kelli Narde, a spokeswoman for Littleton, said the real benefit of using toilet paper is that it allows traffic to retake the road right after a crack is filled. “It means traffic has better access because we don’t have to close down a street to do the sealing,” she said.

Woman Wins $43 Million Jackpot At Casino, Receives A Steak Dinner Instead

Slot machines seem like small change but they can pay out big, and the bigger the casino the bigger the jackpot, but have you ever heard of anyone winning $43 million on a slot machine?
According to this Las Vegas Sun article the top slot machine pay out in Vegas was $39 million at The Excalibur back in 2003, so player Katrina Bookman rightfully believed she set a new record with her $43 million jackpot.
But the Resorts World Casino in New York told her she'd won nothing more than the $2.25 she put in the machine:
The apparent jackpot hit was in late August at Resorts World Casino in New York.It was casino chaos in this video shot by Katrina's partner after she reported her huge winnings. She was surrounded by customers and casino personnel and security. Escorted off the casino floor, she was told to come back tomorrow for the decision.Katrina remembers her next day visit to the casino, "I said what did I win? (casino rep said) You didn't win nothing." Katrina says the only winning the casino offered was a steak dinner. keep in mind the max payout on the machine was $6500.
Seems to me they should have paid her the max payout at least, since it's their responsibility to keep their machines in working order, but offering her nothing but a steak dinner? That's just plain rotten!

‘Everything happens for a reason’

People have a strong desire to want to believe that the world is orderly and that good people get good things and bad people get what's coming to them. It's not so. Not even close.

Hostel bathroom sign details banned activities

An unusual sign has been spotted at a hostel in Stockholm, Sweden. Ida Modliba, 22, said she laughed when she first spotted the sign after she and her boyfriend checked in at the Castle House Inn in Stockholm's Old Town.
The sign, in one of the communal toilets, warns hostel guests in no uncertain terms: "No smoking or wanking. It is a criminal offense to smoke or wank on these premises." It is accompanied by a crossed-out cigarette (just a cigarette).
"I started Googling to check if 'wanking' could mean different things in different situations. But it looks like it means only one thing," Modliba said. Wanking is a chiefly British, and rather vulgar, slang for masturbating.
"We have put up several different signs with various informative messages. I thought that one was funny," hostel manager Henrik Thydén said. Not everyone saw the humorous side, however. One guest commented on Booking.com: "I found the sticker on the door offensive and disrespectful for the guests."

Link Dump

Drunken man shouted abuse at nuns before going on the rampage at monastery

A drunken man went on the rampage at a monastery where he shouted abuse at nuns and pushed over a Mother Teresa statue, a court heard. The unusual incident landed Kevin James McGovern, of Glasgow, Scotland, in the dock at Glasgow Sheriff Court. The court heard that McGovern, 28, entered the grounds of Carmelite Monastery in Kirkintilloch, Glasgow, at around 6.45pm on April 17. The Procurator Fiscal depute said that the monastery houses nuns and has a secure entry system. McGovern was heavily intoxicated, and was shouting and swearing within the grounds of the monastery. He was approached by two of the nuns who told him he was on private property and asked him to leave. McGovern began shouting and swearing at both the nuns saying, “She’s a fucking fat cow.” He also told the nuns to "shut their fucking mouths", and both of the women returned inside. They watched McGovern approach a Mother Teresa statue, push it over and it fell to the ground. He then lay down in the grass and fell asleep. He woke up some time later and attempted to leave but he could not open the gates. The nuns then approached McGovern again and this time he began brandishing pieces of a broken mop handle towards them in a threatening manner. He also banged the handle off a bathroom window in the monastery.
The police arrived and approached McGovern, who they described as extremely intoxicated. He was told by the officers several times to calm down but he failed to comply and was arrested. He moved his arms around to prevent handcuffs being put on then made off. One of the officers managed to get him to the ground where he thrashed around and continued to resist arrest. He kicked the policeman on the head and scratched him on the face, forcing the officer to activate his emergency assistance button. Additional officers arrived, and McGovern was handcuffed and taken to Helen Street Police Station. On his arrival at Helen Street Police Station, his aggression continued. He refused to walk into the charge bar area of the office and was carried.
He called the officers “Poofs”. McGovern’s defense agent told the court: “He has the highest remorse and greatest regret for his actions.” He described his client’s behavior as a “series of bizarre actions.” He said: “Mr McGovern was observed obviously drunk and arguing with himself. He is then described to be arguing with trees.” The court heard McGovern is a practicing catholic and planned to apologize personally to the nuns. His defense agent also said his client planned to offer his services to the nuns to carry out unpaid work. McGovern was told he will be placed under supervision for 12 months. He was also told he will have to complete 200 hours of unpaid work within the community. The work must be completed within four months. His sentence was passed as a direct alternative to custody.

Police investigating large marijuana plant found plastic office decoration

Police investigating a truck that appeared to be transporting a large marijuana plant in Utah didn't expect to find a plastic office decoration.
The Weber County Sheriff’s Office said they received tips about the truck, so officers and the Weber-Morgan Narcotics Strike Force began an investigation.
When agents arrived they discovered what appeared to be marijuana was actually a plastic plant being transported to be used as decor in an office.
Police stated: “Without being close to the plant, Agents did say that they could see how people could have mistaken it as a possible marijuana plant.”
Mother horrified by photo of St. Louis cop giving ‘thumbs up’ next to her son’s body

Police Field Drug Tests Are Sending Innocent People to Prison

Man fleeing from police rescued after getting stuck in a badger hole

An man from Ontario, Oregon, suspected of stealing a vehicle chose an unfortunate place to hide from pursuing police and found himself the subject of a 90-minute rescue operation, after he became trapped in an eight-foot-deep badger hole. At around 7:30am on Thursday, an Oregon State Police trooper was on patrol and found a stolen 2001 Chevrolet Tahoe in Ontario and attempted a traffic stop in a parking lot, said Capt. OSP Bill Fugate.
The driver drove away, jumping a curb. Pursued by Ontario police, the vehicle was pursued for a short distance, but the chase was terminated due to safety concerns, Fugate said. During the pursuit, officers saw two men and a dog inside. Information led police to land near Vale, where a search was conducted by ground and air, Fugate said. One suspect was located several hours later, walking nearby. He was identified as Jerry Boatman, 35, of Ontario, and was arrested on a third-degree escape charge and a parole violation.
The search continued, and a couple of hours later, aircraft spotted the abandoned SUV in a ravine. Tracks leading from it were followed for more than a mile, and the dog was spotted. As police approached the dog, it fled into a large badger hole and would not come out, Fugate said. After police were able to get the dog out, they could hear a man screaming for help from within the hole. Police found Gregory Morrow, 22, was stuck about eight feet underground and could not move. “He was feet-first in the hole and was losing the feelings in his arm,” Fugate said.
Police quickly began working to dig Morrow out of the hole. After about an hour and a half, Morrow was rescued and taken into custody, He was briefly taken to Saint Alphonsus Hospital in Ontario for treatment of minor injuries, then arrested on a parole violation warrant. Further charges are pending, Fugate said. If police hadn’t found him, Fugate said, “most likely Morrow would have died from exposure, as he would not have been able to free himself.” OSP was assisted by the Ontario Police Department, Malheur County Sheriff's Office and Vale Fire and Rescue.

Something Is Really Wrong With the Climate ...

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