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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

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Homelessness - One of the greatest of our Societal Crimes and Failures ... !
Today is - World Homeless Day 

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Today is History

Germanicus, the best loved of Roman princes, dies of poisoning. On his deathbed he accuses Piso, the governor of Syria, of poisoning him.
At Tours, France, Charles Martel kills Abd al-Rahman and halts the Muslim invasion of Europe.
France declares war on Austria over the question of Polish succession.
In Versailles France, Joseph Guillotin says the most humane way of carrying out a death sentence is decapitation by a single blow of a blade.
Russian General Alexander Vasilyevich Suvorov crushes the rebel Polish army at Maciejowice, Poland.
The U.S. Naval Academy is founded at Annapolis, Md.
The first telegraph line to Denver is completed.
Lt. Col. George Armstrong Custer is buried at West Point in New York.
The revolution in China begins with a bomb explosion and the discovery of the revolutionary headquarters in Hankow. The revolutionary movement spreads rapidly through western and southern China, forcing the abdication of the last Ch’ing emperor, six-year-old Henry Pu-Yi. By October 26, the Chinese Republic will be proclaimed, and on December 4, Premier Yuan Shih-K’ai will sign a truce with the rebel general Li Yuan-hung.
The Panama Canal opens.
At Rio de Janeiro, nations of the Western Hemisphere sign a non-aggression and conciliation treaty. President Roosevelt adopts a “good neighbor” policy toward Latin America and announces a policy of nonintervention in Latin American affairs at the December 7th International American Conference at Montevideo, Uruguay.
Soviet troops halt the German advance on Moscow.
The Mutual Defense Treaty between the US and South Korea is signed.
U.S. Forces launch Operation Robin, in Hoa Province south of Saigon in South Vietnam, to provide road security between villages.
The Quebec Provincial Minister of Labour, Pierre Laporte, is kidnapped by terrorists.
The London Bridge, built in 1831 and dismantled in 1967, reopens in Lake Havusu City, Arizona, after being sold to Robert P. McCulloch and moved to the United States.
Spiro Agnew resigns the vice presidency amid accusations of income tax evasion. Nixon names Ford as the new vice president. Agnew is later convicted and sentenced to three years probation and fined $10,000.
An Egyptian plane carrying hijackers of the Achille Lauro cruise ship is intercepted by US Navy F-14s and forced to land at a NATO base in Sicily.
Orakzai bombing takes place in Afghanistan: members of the Taliban drive an explosive-laden truck into a meeting of 600 people discussing ways to rid their area of the Taliban; the bomb kills 110.

For Native Americans, a river is more than a 'person,' it is also a sacred place

The environmental group Deep Green Resistance recently filed a first-of-its-kind legal suit against the state of Colorado asking for personhood rights for the Colorado River.
If successful, it would mean lawsuits can brought on behalf of the river for any harm done to it, as if it were a person.

I've Been a Prostitute for Almost 10 Years

Foods Chefs Never Order at a Restaurant

What is Trypophobia?

An advertising campaign for the seventh season of the popular horror anthology, "American Horror Story: Cult," has been giving people panic attacks with its disturbing, hole-covered imagery, to which people are reportedly having visceral reactions.

A banana a day keeps strokes away

Eating bananas on a daily basis could prevent heart attacks and strokes, a new study has found.
Bananas are rich in potassium and such foods help in preventing arteries from hardening and also reduce the risk of blockages.
A banana a day keeps strokes away: study

Grow a Brain why don't ya ...

Psychedelic drugs have taken a new place in the popular imagination. Ayelet Waldman’s book A Really Good Day details her experience with microdosing—taking small daily doses of LSD—to help her out of an intractable depression. She maintains it helped. In Silicon Valley, microdosing with psilocybin, the active compound in ‘magic’ mushrooms, has been hyped as a new fad. And a controversial documentary this past spring followed a young American man who traveled to Peru to cure his severe depression with ayahuasca, a psychedelic substance used in indigenous medicine.  

Push to Create Private 'Blackwater' Police for Michigan Schools, Corporations Raises Alarm

College cheerleaders take a knee during the anthem

A week after a handful of Kennesaw State University cheerleaders took a knee during the national anthem, the squad didn’t take the field at all during pregame activities.
At Saturday night’s football game, the cheerleaders instead stayed off the field at the stadium.

College Students Strongly Support the First Amendment

Why We Need Sanctuary States

New Police Crimes Database Provides Law Enforcement Accountability Tool

Myths and Realities about Mass Shootings America

Las Vegas shooter had a very different end game than escape

After releasing a preview the day before, CBS News’ “60 Minutes” showed the full interview on Sunday night of law enforcement officers who stormed the room a week ago in Las Vegas, where mass murderer Stephen Paddock launched his brutal assault.

'Fucking Delusional'

'F*cking Delusional': Wayne LaPierre Shows His Face On TV -- And Twitter Pounds Him Over Vegas DeathsWayne LaPierre Shows His Face On TV -- And Twitter Pounds Him Over Vegas Deaths

Restaurant owners apologize for pro-Dumbass Trump Facebook post

A pair of restaurant owners in Tucson, AZ issued an apology after they posted an angry, pro-Dumbass Trump rant on Facebook that sparked a ferocious backlash.

Free Thinking Army Officer Is Driving the Wingnuts Crazy

Have You Ever Unfriended Your Wingnut Facebook Friends Out of Anger and Frustration?

No, but some of them have unfriended me because I would not be browbeaten into or kow tow to their insane idiocy.

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