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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

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Today in History

Gustav Vasa becomes king of Sweden.
Spain loses Portugal.
Sivaji crowns himself King of India.
The United States invasion of Canada is halted at Stony Creek, Ontario.
The city of Memphis surrenders to the Union navy after an intense naval engagement on the Mississippi River.
Confederate raider William Quantrill dies from a wound received while escaping a Union patrol near Taylorsville, Kentucky.
U.S. Marines enter combat at the Battle of Belleau Wood.
The German Reichstag accepts the Dawes Plan, an American plan to help Germany pay off its war debts.
Frozen foods are sold commercially for the first time.
President Franklin Roosevelt signs the Securities Exchange Act, establishing the Securities and Exchange Commission.
The U.S. government authorizes the seizure of foreign ships in U.S. ports.
D-Day: Operation Overlord lands 400,000 Allied American, British, and Canadian troops on the beaches of Normandy in German-occupied France.
Swiss psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung, one of the founders of modern psychiatry, dies.
African American James Meredith is shot and wounded while on a solo march in Mississippi to promote voter registration among blacks.
Israel invades southern Lebanon.
The body of Nazi war criminal Dr. Josef Mengele is located and exhumed near Sao Paolo, Brazil.

8-year-old Nebraska girl disqualified from soccer tournament because ‘she looks like a boy’

A short-haired girl was disqualified from a Nebraska soccer tournament because organizers thought she looked like a boy.
Mili Hernandez is just 8 years old but plays well enough to compete with 11-year-olds for Omaha’s Azzuri Cachorros girls club team, reported WOWT-TV.
She helped her team reach the finals over the weekend at the Springfield Soccer Club girls tournament, but Mili and her teammates were abruptly disqualified Sunday before taking the field.
Tournament organizers insisted Mili, who prefers to keep her hair short, was a boy — and they could not be persuaded otherwise.
“Just because I look like a boy doesn’t mean I am a boy,” Mili said.
8-year-old Nebraska girl disqualified from soccer tournament because ‘she looks like a boy’
This says more about the perverted minds of the tournament officials and says it loudly than anything else we've read recently.
Also, we have a strong suspicion that the opposing team had someone afraid they would loose the match and they could not let that happen (a parent, a coach, an official, etc.) so they concocted this farce ... if her looking like a boy was a problem it should have been brought up prior to the tournament not after all matches had been played to decide who would play in the final for the championship.

North Carolina Needs Our Help

North Carolina Needs Our Help

Supreme Court throws out North Carolina redistricting ruling

The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday threw out a lower court ruling that required North Carolina to urgently redraw state legislative districts found to have been be mapped out in a way that diluted the electoral clout of black voters.ING
The high court, with no recorded dissents, sent back the case to a three-judge federal district court panel, which had ruled in November that the state should draw new districts and hold a special election. The Supreme Court in January put that ruling on hold while it decided whether to hear the state’s appeal.
The Supreme Court separately left in place an earlier ruling by the same court from last August that said the districts were racial “gerrymanders,” with boundaries drawn to diminish the voting power of minorities, and violated the U.S. Constitution’s guarantee of equal protection under the law.

A Food Addiction Has Defined My Entire Life

Big Investors Diving Deep into the Marijuana Industry

The 10 deadliest drugs in the US

The 10 deadliest drugs in the US

Maternal mortality rate highest in Texas

A 2016 University of Maryland study discovered that Texas has the highest maternal mortality rate in the entire developed world. However, in spite of knowing this fact a few months later after the study was published, Texas wingnuts did nothing to address the problem or take steps to curb it.
Maternal mortality rate highest in Texas

The Hard Reality of Poverty in Texas

‘Slaves built the US the way cows built McDonald’s’

Hello, State Home, you know that inmate you can't find ...
Katie McHugh was fired from Breitbart News on Monday after she wrote on Twitter that “there would be no deadly terror attacks in the U.K. if Muslims didn’t live there” after a terror attack in London.

Amputee Files Lawsuit Against American Airlines

Flint official resigns after he’s caught on tape blaming ‘fucking niggers’ for water crisis

An official with a publicly funded land bank in Flint, Michigan, has resigned after he was recorded blaming the city’s water crisis on “fucking niggers” who failed to pay their bills on time.

Corporations and Western Governments Continue to Profit From Looting of Africa

Critics Rage at Uber Over Surge Pricing During London Terror Attacks

The Gig Economy at Its Worst

Inequality in America Is by Design

Signs the 'Handmaid's Tale' Dystopia May Be Our Reality

America's Biggest Terrorist Threat?

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