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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

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Today in History

216 BC
Hannibal Barca wins his greatest victory over the Romans at Cannae. After avidly studying the tactics of Hannibal, Scipio Africanus eventually bested his Carthaginian adversary.
47 BC
Caesar defeats Pharnaces at Zela in Syria and declares, “veni, vidi, vici,” (I came, I saw, I conquered).
The treaty of Passau gives religious freedom to Protestants living in Germany.
An invading French army is destroyed at the Battle of Marciano in Italy by an imperial army.
During France’s religious war, a fanatical monk stabs King Henry II to death.
The Continental Congress, having decided unanimously to make the Declaration of Independence, affixes the signatures of the other delegates to the document.
The first US census begins enumerating the population.
Napoleon Bonaparte is proclaimed “Consul for Life” by the French Senate after a plebiscite from the French people.
The first parachute jump from a balloon is made by Charles Guille in New York City.
Troops under General Henry Atkinson massacre Sauk Indian men, women and children who are followers of Black Hawk at the Bad Axe River in Wisconsin. Black Hawk himself finally surrenders three weeks later, bringing the Black Hawk War to an end.
William A. Leidesdorff launches the first steam boat in San Francisco Bay.
Union General John Pope captures Orange Court House, Virginia.
The Army Ambulance Corps is established by Maj. Gen. George McClellan.
Wild Bill Hickok is shot while playing poker.
Germany invades Luxembourg.
A British force lands in Archangel, Russia, to support White Russian opposition to the Bolsheviks.
Vice President Calvin Coolidge becomes president upon the death of Warren G. Harding.
German President Paul von Hindenburg dies and Adolf Hitler becomes chancellor.
Lt. John F. Kennedy, towing an injured sailor, swims to a small island in the Solomon Islands. The night before, his boat, PT-109, had been split in half by the Japanese destroyer Amagiri.
The U.S. First Provisional Marine Brigade arrives in Korea from the United States.
U.S. destroyer Maddox is reportedly attacked by North Vietnamese patrol boats.
Newsman Morley Safer films the destruction of a Vietnamese village by U.S. Marines.
Iraqi forces invade neighboring Kuwait.
Author William S. Burroughs (Naked Lunch), considered the godfather of the “Beat Generation” in American literature, dies at age 83.

Finland: The Home of Weird Sports

Finland is home of such lofty tournaments as the World Hobbyhorsing Championship, the Mosquito Killing World Championships, the Wife Carrying World Championship, the Air Guitar World Championships, the Mobile Phone Throwing World Championships, the World Berry Picking Championship, and Swamp Soccer World Championships.
The genesis of swamp soccer was in 1998, when creative town officials in Hyrynsalmi cooked up a festival-like event that would make use of the area’s vast swamplands. Thirteen teams showed up for the first tournament. Since then, the competitive field has grown to about 200 teams.
The recent matches — six-on-six, with 10-minute halves — were played on 20 fields of varying squishiness, spread out over 50 acres of swamp. Finnish rock echoed through the woods.
People striding on seemingly firm ground would disappear suddenly into the soft earth, as if descending a stairway. Some tottered on their hands and knees, like babies. Others stood still, until they were waist-deep in muck. The scores were generally low. Many of the players were drunk.
Finland hosts the various championships because these sports were born in Finland. An article at the New York Times focuses mostly on swamp soccer, but also asks why Finland does sports the way they do. It appears to be a longing for something to do, a culture that values fun over winning, and alcohol.

Dumbass Trump-Shaped Ecstasy Tablets 'Make Partying Great Again'

Why Has School Recess Become a Thing of the Past?

Don't Give Up on Better Health Care for America

19 to 12

Outback Steakhouse responds to satanic cult conspiracy theory

Another day, another bizarre conspiracy theory involving a seemingly innocuous restaurant and satanic occultism. A few internet sleuths got the better of Outback Steakhouse recently after they uncovered a pattern of stars — more specifically, pentagrams — in the locations of the restaurant chain across cities nationwide.

Is This the 'New Normal' We Want?

What Happens When You Run Away To Join ISIL Then Want To Come Home?

Even though the news out of the Middle East clearly spells out what an awful bunch of murderous and destructive a-holes the members of ISIL are they somehow still find it easy to recruit troubled teens from the West.
And for some strange reason these angsty and angry young people are willing to give up their lives of freedom and comfort to join ISIL to get back at their parents, becoming another enemy of the world just to make a point.
But once they're part of the evil that is ISIL they quickly realize they've made a huge mistake, and like typical hasty teens they suddenly want to come home again- which they discover to their dismay is nearly impossible
A 16-year-old girl named Linda Wenzel from Pulsnitz, Germany fled to join ISIL in 2016, and now she desperately wants to return home but can't- because she's locked up in an Iraqi prison awaiting trial:
"I just want to get away from here," Wenzel told German broadcasters NDR and WDR and Sueddeutsche Zeitung newspaper. "I want to get away from the war, from the many weapons, from the noise…I just want to go home to my family."
She went on to explain that she regretted joining ISIL and wanted to be extradited to Germany. Wenzel had a gunshot wound on her left leg and another injury on her right knee that she claims was caused during a helicopter attack. The Times reports that she was found with a malnourished baby boy, though it could not confirm if the child was Wenzel's.
The Daily Mail reports that Wenzel, who was discovered in Mosul with ISIL female supporters, became radicalized after her parents' marriage broke down. Police believe she was persuaded to fly to Syria after falling in love with an ISIL fighter she met online.
It's sad when young people let hasty decisions ruin their lives, but hopefully other teens who are thinking of lashing out at their parents by joining ISIS will hear Linda's story and think twice.
Read What Happens When You Join ISIL, Then Want To Come Home here

‘What are you, retarded?’

‘What are you, retarded?’: Yankees fan berates boy with special needs for kicking his chair

A Warrant to Search Your Vagina

More Police Officers Don’t Equal Safer Neighborhoods

Airport worker caught on video punching passenger who’s holding an infant

Airport worker caught on video punching passenger who’s holding an infant

Dumbass Trump-loving gun nut calls on ‘armed wingnuts’ to shoot protesters at West Virginia circle jerk

Police and federal authorities are reportedly investigating a West Virginia man’s social media threats against protesters at Dumbass Trump’s upcoming circle jerk.

Stinks to be you

Two environmental agencies in Scotland have objected to plans by the  Dumbass Trump Organization to build a new 18-hole golf course at the Dumbass Trump International Golf Links in northeastern Scotland.
Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA) has informed the president’s company that its expansion plans violate sewage pollution, environmental protection and groundwater conservation rules, reported Scotland's Daily Record.

Earth will warm two degrees this century

Researchers have confirmed that the Earth is likely to warm by more than 2 degrees by the end of the century, and increase often cited as a “tipping point” by climate scientists—one that people should try to avoid by limiting greenhouse gas emissions.

Did quasars halt star formation in early massive galaxies?

Quasars, the brightest objects in the universe, may have been responsible for the stopping of star-formation activity in some of the early massive galaxies in the universe, a new study suggests. These galaxies were hotspots of activity, throwing up stars by the billions, about 12 billion years ago, but are now mostly astral dead zones.

Extinct dire wolves could be resurrected

The Stark family in "Game of Thrones" is represented by direwolves, a mythical wolf-like dog that is the size of a small horse. This season Arya Stark’s direwolf, Nymeria, makes an appearance in the second episode and is one of the last two remaining direwolves in the series. But are the hulking pets real?

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