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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The Daily Drift

Welcome to the Tuesday Edition of  Carolina Naturally.
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I am happy to find this blog very useful for me, as it contains lot of information. 
I always prefer to read the quality content and this thing I found in your blog.
~ Gayatri
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Today in History

357 Julian Caesar defeats the Alamanni at Strousbourg in Gaul.
1346 Edward III of England defeats Philip VI’s army at the Battle of Crecy in France.
1758 The Prussian army defeats the invading Russians at the Battle of Zorndorf.
1765 In protest over the stamp tax, American colonists sack and burn the home of Massachusetts governor Thomas Hutchinson.
1830 The "Tom Thumb" steam locomotive runs its famous race with a horse-drawn car. The horse wins because the engine, which had been ahead, breaks down.
1862 Union and Confederate troops skirmish at Waterloo Bridge, Virginia, during the Second Bull Run Campaign.
1864 Confederate General A.P. Hill pushes back Union General Winfield Scott Hancock from Reams Station where his army has spent several days destroying railroad tracks.
1875 "Captain" Matthew Webb becomes the first man to swim across the English Channel.
1916 The National Park Service is established as part of the Department of the Interior.
1921 The United States, which never ratified the Versailles Treaty ending World War I, finally signs a peace treaty with Germany.
1925 A. Phillip Randolph organizes the Sleeping Car Porters’ Union.
1940 The first parachute wedding ceremony is performed by Rev. Homer Tomlinson at the New York City World’s Fair for Arno Rudolphi and Ann Hayward. The minister, bride and groom, best man, maid of honor and four musicians were all suspended from parachutes.
1941 British and Soviet forces enter Iran, opening up a route to supply the Soviet Union.
1943 The Allies complete the occupation of New Georgia.
1944 Paris is liberated from German occupation by Free French Forces under General Jacques LeClerc.
1948 The House Un-American Activities Committee holds first-ever televised congressional hearing.
1950 President Harry Truman orders the U.S. Army to seize control of the nation’s railroads to avert a strike.
1980 Zimbabwe joins the United Nations.
1981 Voyager 2 spacecraft makes its closest approach to Saturn.
1989 NASA scientists receive stuning photographs of Neptune and its moons from Voyager 2.
1989 Mayumi Moiyama, formerly head of Japan’s Environmental Agency, becomes Japan’s first female cabinet secretary
1991 The Airbus A340 makes its first flight.
1991 Belarus gains independence from the USSR.
1991 Croatian War of Independence: Battle of Vukovar begins, an 87-day siege of a Croatian city by the Yugoslav People’s Army (JNA), supported by various Serbian paramilitary forces.
2012 Severe flooding in Burma.

Ride the bus for free if you read a book

As reported by The Independent:
Those who can’t resist reading a good book on public transport have been rewarded by a city in Romania, which offered a free bus ride to anyone who read a book during their journey...
Miron said that he wanted to “encourage more people to read on public transportation”...
“I believe that it’s better to promote reading by rewarding those who read, instead of criticizing the ones who don’t,” said Miron...

July Was the World's Hottest Month on Record

The month was the warmest since records began in 1880.

Ice Age and Greenhouse Gas

Greenhouse gases caused glacial retreat during last Ice AgeGreenhouse gases caused glacial retreat during last Ice Age

A recalculation of the dates at which boulders were uncovered by melting glaciers at the end of the last Ice Age has conclusively shown that the glacial retreat was due […]

Nazi Gold Train

Two men, a German and a Pole, claim to have found a 400-500 foot-long train once used by the Nazis.

Health News

John Oliver lifted the lid on prosperity gospel pastors ...

John Oliver’s segment on televangelist prosperity preachers this week has exposed what some say is a massive system of fraud that is being carried out on vulnerable people with no government enforcement or oversight.

Woman faked her own kidnapping to avoid returning to work

A certified nursing assistant in Panama City, Florida, faked her own kidnapping rather than go back to work, police have said. On Monday officers with the Panama City Police Department responded to a report of a local woman being kidnapped.
The woman left the nursing establishment on a break with her boyfriend and failed to return. A concerned co-worker called the woman to see if she needed a ride back to work and she claimed her boyfriend was holding her against her will and preventing her from returning.
The boyfriend could be heard in the background, telling the female she was not getting out of the car. Two detectives and numerous officers from five different law enforcement agencies worked for several hours on the case. The woman, Beverly F Brooks, 43, and her boyfriend, James Vincent Hill Fennell Jr, 35, were both located in Port St Joe, Florida.
"Brooks was found to be in no distress and admitted that she simply did not want to go back to work and made up the reported incident," officials wrote. Brooks and Fennell were later charged with false report of commission of a crime and booked into the Bay County Jail.

Woman known as 'Kayla Kupcakes' flashed judge in court

A Florida judge was talking to a suspect via closed circuit television when she suddenly lifted her shirt and flashed him.
Susan Surrette, 54, who says she works as an escort and porn star, was arrested for disorderly intoxication.
As Surette, who also goes by the name “Kayla Kupcakes,” was discussing her case with the judge, she lifted her shirt to show apparent bruises from a recent assault.
After a brief laugh, the judge set her bond at $100 and ordered her to undergo a mental health evaluation.

KKK Member Convicted On Charges Of Making X-Ray Machine To Zap Muslims

KKK Member Convicted On Charges Of Making X-Ray Machine To Zap Muslims
Glendon Scott Crawford was convicted of making a weapon of mass destruction.

Florida college head was carjacked as retaliation for exploiting teen girls

Former Keiser University president Matthew McEnany [WKMG-TV]
"When you have a 60-year-old man sending 50 text messages to a 15-year-old, that's not good," Police Chief Mike Chitwood said.

Bad Cops

"You and your friend got any money to buy these thrill show tickets? Support your police department? Ten bucks each, man," Zagursky tells the driver. 

New Orleans Cop Found Guilty Of Raping Child, Faces Life In Prison

New Orleans Cop Found Guilty Of Raping Child, Faces Life In Prison The trial of New Orleans police officer Michael Thomassie ended last Friday afternoon. The jury found him guilty of raping a young girl in October ...

Massive Human Skull Rack

The recovered skulls feature holes on both sides -- suggesting they had been arranged on wooden poles and displayed.

Deadliest Predators

It’s an animal-kill-animal world, and we are the worst killers of all, according to new research.

Fossil of a four-legged snake

Found... in a museum!
Fossil-hunters have found several extinct snakes with stunted hind legs, and modern boas and pythons still have a pair of little spurs. “But no snake has ever been found with four legs. This is a once-in-a-lifetime discovery.”
Martill called the creature Tetrapodophis: four-legged snake. “This little animal is the Archaeopteryx of the squamate world,” he says. (Squamates are the snakes and lizards.)
This finding has substantial implications regarding the evolution of snakes.  More details at Ed Yong's incomparable Not Exactly Rocket Science blog at National Geographic.

Unwelcome bear broke into bear rescue center

Officials at Appalachian Bear Rescue in Townsend, Tennessee, said they had a tense 24 hours from Tuesday night into Wednesday when an intruder bear made its way into their enclosure area. At the last feeding before sundown on Tuesday night, Head Curator Coy Blair noticed an extra bear in the enclosure where cubs Bobbie Blue, Ridgeway, Marvin, Carter, Noli and Sola are living. The intruder appeared to be an adolescent male, around 150 to 175 pounds.
The bear had got past two sets of fencing, barbed wire, an electric wire and scaled a protective sleeve around a hemlock tree, coming to a rest in its highest branches. “Kind of had some finesse getting in there to be 166 pounds. I do imagine that he got zapped at least once probably by electric, but at that point he probably just dropped right in just eight feet or so,” said Blair. Blair called the Parks Service and TWRA to help. ABR says male bears are not friendly to cubs and if the intruder saw them as competition, he could have done them harm.
There was also a chance the cubs might see the intruder in the same way and initiate a confrontation. “They definitely noticed him. They definitely seemed on edge,” said Blair. “Larger bears like that can definitely hurt them especially if there was some kind of competition between the food source.” Parks officers and curators used paint ball and bean bag guns to encourage the intruder to come down, without success. Humane traps were then set to either capture the intruder or lure the cubs out of harm’s way. Only one cub cooperated. In the early morning, officers were able to sedate the intruder. They measured it, took fur samples and ear tagged it.
It weighted in at 166 pounds. It was released in a location far from ABR. Officials say they do not fault the bear and hope to prevent similar occurrences in the future. Curators believe the bear followed his nose into their enclosure in search of food. “There is something going on right now in the wild. Bears are turning up everywhere. They’re having a very hard time. I’m hopeful that the hard mast will be sufficient enough to care for all the bears, but there’s a good chance it won’t,” said Blair. Appalachian Bear Rescue is a nonprofit group working to black bears that are orphaned, injured or in need of medical care.

Animal News

When a northern white rhino died in the Czech Republic recently, it left four remaining -- on the entire planet! Julia explains the science behind how animals are deemed to be extinct or endangered.
A family in Rockaway Township, N.J. shoots beyond-adorable video of a family of bears taking over their backyard playthings.
The archerfish is a sharpshooting threat even to creatures outside of the water.
The survival of the species now rests with around 100 rhinos in the wild in Indonesia and nine in captivity.
Filmmaker Patrick Dykstra's footage highlights the sheer size of the gentle aquatic giants.
The slender hummingbird tongue has been misunderstood for more than 180 years, a new study finds.

Animal Pictures