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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

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Today in History

St. Eusebius of Vercelli begins his reign as Catholic Pope.
Martin Luther confronts the emperor Charles V, refusing to retract the views which led to his excommunication.
Sudbury, Massachusetts is attacked by Indians.
American revolutionaries Paul Revere and William Dawes ride though the towns of Massachusetts warning that “the British are coming.”
National Guardsmen prevent Louis XVI and his family from leaving Paris.
A regiment of Indians and blacks is defeated at the Battle of Suwannee, in Florida, ending the First Seminole War.
William Lamb becomes prime minister of England.
The Wilkes’ expedition to the South Pole sets sail.
U.S. forces defeat Mexicans at Cerro Gordo in one of the bloodiest battle of the Mexican-American War.
The first train in Asia begins running from Bombay to Tanna.
Colonel Robert E. Lee turns down an offer to command the Union armies.
The First Sino-Japanese War ends.
A massive earthquake hits San Francisco, measuring 8.25 on the Richter scale.
Yankee Stadium opens with Babe Ruth hitting a three-run homer as the Yankees beat the Red Sox 4-1.
Leon Trotsky calls for the overthrow of Soviet leader Josef Stalin.
James H. Doolittle bombs Tokyo and other Japanese cities.
Traveling in a bomber, Japanese Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto, the mastermind of the attack on Pearl Harbor, is shot down by American P-38 fighters.
The League of Nations dissolves.
The Republic of Ireland withdraws from British Commonwealth.
The first transatlantic jet passenger trip is completed.
Colonel Gamal Abdel Nasser seizes power in Egypt.
The U.S. Senate approves the transfer of the Panama Canal to Panama.
Zimbabwe’s (Rhodesia) formal independence from Britain is proclaimed.
A suicide bomber kills U.S. Marines at the U.S. Embassy in Lebanon.

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As Canada Moves To Fully Legalize Pot, Dumbass Trump Tells America To Just Say No
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Montana Wingnut Bill Charges Abortion Doctors With Homicide
This is the right of a woman and her doctor.
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Auburn University cancels shriek by Nazi

Auburn University cancels shriek by avowed white nationalist
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