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Thursday, August 11, 2016

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Today in History

Danes under Olaf Tryggvason kill Ealdorman Byrhtnoth and defeat the Saxons at Maldon.
Rodrigo Borgia is elected to the papacy as Pope Alexander VI.
A revolutionary commune is formed in Paris, France.
A band of rampaging settlers in California kill four Yokut Indians. The settlers had heard unproven rumors of Yokut atrocities.
Lincoln appoints Union General Henry Halleck to the position of general in chief of the Union Army.
German General Lothar von Trotha defeats the Hereros tribe near Waterberg, South Africa.
In France, Eugene Lauste receives the first patent for a talking film.
Britain’s King Edward VII meets with Kaiser Wilhelm II to protest the growth of the German navy.
Moroccan Sultan Mulai Hafid abdicates his throne in the face of internal dissent.
The Russia army takes Stanislau, Poland, from the Germans.
Babe Ruth hits his 500th major league home run against the Cleveland Indians.
Soviet bombers raid Berlin but cause little damage.
The German submarine U-73 attacks a Malta-bound British convoy and sinks HMS Eagle, one of the world’s first aircraft carriers.
German troops abandon Florence, Italy, as Allied troops close in on the historic city.
A small clash between the California Highway Patrol and two black youths sets off six days of rioting in the Watts area of Los Angeles.
The last U.S. ground forces withdraw from Vietnam.
US vetoes admission of North and South Vietnam to UN.
Funeral of Pope Paul VI.
Carl Lewis wins four Olympic gold medals, tying the record Jesse Owens set in 1936.
Al Qaeda formed at a meeting in Peshawar, Pakistan.
Voyager 2 discovers two partial rings around Neptune.
Troops from Egypt and Morocco arrive in Saudi Arabia as part of the international operation to prevent Iraq from invading.
A tornado in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah, kills one person.
Temperatures rise to 112 degrees Fahrenheit (44 degrees Celsius); over 140 people die in the heat wave.
NATO assumes command of the international peacekeeping force in Afghanistan, its first major operation outside Europe.

How a Guy From a Montana Trailer Park Overturned 150 Years of Biology

Are Your Summer Berries Being Picked by Abused Farmworkers?

Monsanto's Unapproved GMO Wheat Found Growing in Washington State

Christian mom gives awkward — but sincere — advice for when your daughter brings home a black man

Having open discussions about racial biases is incredibly uncomfortable and often involves acknowledging your own prejudices. That’s why it’s interesting to read christian mother Gaye Clark’s awkward — but nonetheless very heartfelt and genuine — advice.

Reality TV's 'Sister Wives' polygamist will petition SCOTUS to make his four marriages legal

Planned Parenthood vandal cites bible — gets shut down by judge who quotes it back to her

“Do you go to cult?” Rachel Jackson asked Common Pleas Judge Guy L. Reece.

Anti-Gay Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore To Stand Trial For Defying Supreme Court

Anti-Gay Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore To Stand Trial For Defying Supreme Court
There are consequences for defying a Supreme Court ruling, and Roy Moore is about to find that out the hard way.

Oregon nutcase Ryan Bundy placed under higher security after ‘threatening’ cops

A spokesperson for the jail said Bundy refused to let local sheriff’s deputies handcuff him in preparation for a transfer from the jail. Bundy was slated to be taken to an undisclosed location by federal marshals.

Sovereign Citizen Arrested For Stalking Police With 'Arsenal' Of Weapons

Murdered by a SWAT Team for Traffic Tickets

Vampire who sleeps in a coffin and drinks blood just wants to be treated like everyone else

A man who lives as a vampire has said he ‘just wants to be treated like everyone else’. Darkness Vlad Tepes, who lives in Blackburn, Lancashire, says he has been living as a vampire for 13 years, sleeps in a custom made-to-measure coffin. He says he had also drinks cow and pig’s blood, as well as a human blood substitute. Darkness said until recently he had very few problems from other people. However this changed when he went for a drink with friends at a pub in Oswaldtwistle, Lancashire, where he said he was openly abused because of the way he dressed.
25-year-old Darkness, who changed his name by deed poll, said: “I went into the pub with two mates and a lad piped up and asked if I was abused as a child when I was young because of the way I look. I felt so ashamed and embarrassed that I would get asked such a personal question based on my choice of lifestyle. Everyone has their beliefs and I don’t believe I should be persecuted for following mine. I might be a vampire but I just want to be treated like everyone else. People have got to accept the fact that what’s normal to them is not normal to us, and what’s normal to us is not normal to them.”
Darkness said he first became attracted to the vampire lifestyle as a teenager. As part of his beliefs, he sleeps in a custom made-to-measure coffin that weighs 25 kilos is roughly 6ft 7in long. He is 6ft 6ins tall. He also has a strict balanced diet which stays away from fatty foods, and drinks cow’s and pig’s blood, as well as a human blood substitute. He said: “My life was always a secret until I came out two years ago. I first learned about vampires when I was 13 and growing up in Galway, Ireland. I was taking my dog for a walk through the woodlands and I saw a group of girls dressed up and I thought they were zombies.
“I ran home because I was scared at first, but then I became really curious. One day I found them again, and they initiated me into their coven, and I have been a vampire ever since. To be a vampire is to believe that I have a living body but a dead soul. But I think there’s a lot of preconceptions about being a vampire from films and books like Twilight or Dracula. Garlic doesn’t affect me and I can quite happily walk around in the sunlight. The coffin is purely a choice option to being a vampire, it’s one that I do because it feels right.” Darkness has lived in Blackburn since 2012, and said he was high up in an East Lancashire coven of vampires called Underworld. He added: “Being a vampire is difficult and of course there are struggles in everyday life. But I’m happy to stand by my choice.”

Unfortunate Chinese tourist who reported stolen wallet in Germany ended up in refugee shelter

A Chinese tourist spent nearly two weeks in a German refugee shelter after mistakenly applying for asylum when he actually wanted to report a theft. The 31-year-old backpacker, who spoke neither German nor English, underwent a medical check and his fingerprints were taken. A Red Cross worker later found out that the man's wallet had been stolen. But instead of going to the police the man registered as a refugee.
After being robbed in Heidelberg, the man went to the town hall, which he thought was a police station, where he signed an asylum application. He was then taken 220 miles (360km) to a refugee shelter in Dülmen and given food and spending money like other refugees. "He simply did what he was told," Red Cross worker Christoph Schluetermann said. A Mandarin speaker later solved the puzzle. The translator was found at a Chinese restaurant near the refugee shelter where the tourist was staying.
In early July the tourist arrived at the refugee shelter on a bus with migrants. "He was so different from the others. Very, very helpless," said Schluetermann. A translation app confirmed Mr Schluetermann's suspicions that the tourist had got entangled in the asylum system by mistake. "It came up with phrases like 'I want to go on a trip abroad'," he said. It emerged that the tourist had plans to visit Italy and France. The man, from northern China, had calmly allowed the authorities to take away his passport and visa, and take his fingerprints.
He then had a medical check and was given the standard papers that refugees get on arrival in Germany. He had meals at the refugee shelter and received some spending money. Mr Schluetermann said shelter staff made futile calls to various consulates, hoping to identify the tourist. An error over the man's visa caused further delay. Finally, after 12 days at the center, his asylum application was stopped and he was able to continue his European tour. The man did not get angry, but left Germany saying simply that he had imagined Europe to be quite different.

Nine-year-old girl crashed truck into tree

A 9-year-old girl from Ludington, Michigan, was driving a pick-up truck when she crashed it into a tree on Friday morning.
The crash occurred at 10:22am, when she lost control of the truck, a GMC. The girl was later transported to hospital, complaining of head and neck pain.
The girl reportedly took the truck from a nearby address, driving it about 100 feet before losing control and crashing it into the tree.
The Ludington Police Department, Ludington Fire Department and Life EMS had personnel respond to the scene. A report has been sent to the Mason County Prosecutor’s Office for review.

Man accused of stealing tow truck that was repossessing his car

A man from Memphis, Tennessee, was arrested after allegedly driving off in a tow truck that was being used to repossess his car. Last Monday, the man was inside a store trying to sell a cell phone.

Man arrested for drunk driving on his lawnmower

A man from Massillon, Ohio, was arrested for driving while drunk on his lawnmower on Friday. According to Ohio DUI laws, the man will face a misdemeanor even though it was his sixth DUI charge.
At around 9:30pm Massillon police saw the man stalled on his lawnmower. When the officer asked the man to walk to the patrol car he couldn't and the officer had to hold the man up.
The suspect's name has not been released, but Massillon police said that his blood alcohol level was three times the legal limit. The man also had a suspended licence and told officers that was why he was on his lawnmower.
I don't think it's possible to turn off the subtitles on this video.

The man will only get a misdemeanor charge because his six DUI offences fall within a span greater than 20 years. If it was a span shorter than 20 years, he would have faced felony charges.

The Great American Horse Race Won By A Mule

The horse race has a tradition as long as horses have been domesticated, but what kind of sadistic mind organized a horse race that was 3,500 miles long? It was the Great American Horse Race in 1976, a part of the U.S. bicentennial celebration. The route retraced parts of the Pony Express, the Oregon Trail, and the Donner Party, and was scheduled to take 14 weeks. The winner would take home $25,000, and 91 teams took off from Frankfort, New York, on May 31st. 
And so they were off. Day by day, the race was less a neck-in-neck sprint than a kind of friendly, prolonged shuffle. The hundred or so riders were accompanied by their second mounts, along with a support staff of about 750, mostly friends and relatives who had volunteered to caravan along in pickup trucks and trailers and carry supplies. The whole posse moved along the same prefabricated route, from camp to camp. There were mandatory vet checks every ten miles. "What's the slowest race ever? The Great American Horse Race," joked the Dover, Ohio Daily Reporter when the group hit their town in June.
Pace notwithstanding, it was as grueling as anyone had guessed. Like their pioneer predecessors, horses and riders got tired, injured, or just fed up. The group burned through around 18,000 horseshoes.
The race started with fine Arabian horses, tough Icelandic ponies, Thoroughbreds, Appaloosas, and Virl Norton’s mules, which gave the other contestants a laugh. You can guess who won by the title, but you should read the story of the Great American Horse Race at Atlas Obscura.

A Squirrel’s Eye View

Have you ever wondered what a squirrel sees as he is running through the trees? Here ya go! This squirrel picked up a GoPro camera and took off with it, with the lens fortunately pointed forward.
What’s even better, the squirrel eventually decided it was too heavy and inedible besides, so he dropped it. And that’s how we get to see what a squirrel sees as he jumps from limb to limb and tree to tree, high above the ground.

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