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Saturday, May 28, 2016

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Today in History

585 BC
A solar eclipse interrupts a battle outside of Sardis in western Turkey between Medes and Lydians. The battle ends in a draw.
Napoleon Bonaparte is crowned in Milan, Italy.
Congress authorizes Indian removal from all states to the western Prairie.
The 54th Massachusetts, a regiment of African-American recruits, leaves Boston, headed for Hilton Head, South Carolina.
The French army launches a flanking attack on the Austrian army in Northern France.
The Paris commune is suppressed by troops from Versailles.
Britain annexes the Orange Free State in South Africa.
Belgium surrenders to Germany.
Melody, the first animated 3-D cartoon in Technicolor, premiers.
Amnesty International, a human rights organization, is founded.

Row of parked cars swallowed by enormous sinkhole

A huge sinkhole measuring 200 by seven meters opened up in Florence, Italy, on Wednesday morning, engulfing 20 parked cars. The incident occurred at around 6:15am, right in the centre of the Tuscan city, between Ponte Vecchio and Ponte Le Grazie.
Emergency services arrived to secure the area and the city's mayor, Dario Nardella, described it as "very serious", but there were no injuries.

Initial investigations by the fire service suggest that the sinkhole was caused by a large aqueduct pipe breaking, and the water eroding part of the road. The area remained cordoned off to traffic throughout Wednesday morning while emergency services worked to prevent further damage to the road.

These U.S. Cities Are Best Prepared to Adapt to Climate Change

Why is there no Labor Party in the United States?

Why is there no Labor Party in the United States?
Why is there no Labor Party in the United States?
The improbable rise of Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign presents an interesting question: why is Sanders, a self-proclaimed “democratic socialist,” running as a Democrat? “In any other industrialized country, Sanders would likely be the...

The Bundys Are Suing Because They Can’t Have Guns….In Jail

BURNS, OR - JANUARY 06:  Ryan Bundy, a member of an anti-government militia, speaks to members of the media in front of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge Headquarters on January 6, 2016 near Burns, Oregon.  An armed anti-government militia group continues to occupy the Malheur National Wildlife Headquarters as they protest the jailing  of two ranchers for arson.  (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)The Bundys Are Suing Because They Can’t Have Guns … In Jail
The poor, poor Bundy boys are finding out that jail isn’t fun. You have to read this ridiculous complaint.
Sometimes the sheer stupidity is dumbfounding ...

SC cops charge teen girl with 'forgery' for faking doctor's notes to get out of school

SC cops charge teen girl with 'forgery' for faking doctor's notes to get out of school

The Numbers Are In: The War on Cops Is a Wingnut Myth

Nutters cry wingnut bro tears as ‘American Sniper’ Chris Kyle’s lies are revealed

Wingnuts, who consider Kyle a hero for shooting more people than any other sniper, had a hard time handling the news.

Utah dad beaten up by man for taking his 5-year-old daughter into Walmart men’s room

Christopher Adams (KSL)
The national debate over who should be allowed to enter certain public restrooms took a strange and violent turn when a Utah father took his 5-year-old daughter into the men’s room at his local Walmart.

Angry outbursts tied to heart problems

Angry ourbursts tied to heart problemsAngry outbursts tied to heart problems
Those who rage with frustration during a marital spat have an increased risk of cardiovascular problems such as chest pain or high blood pressure later in life, according to new research from Northwestern University and the University of California, Berkeley....

Why everyone wants to help the sick — but not the unemployed

Why everyone wants to help the sick — but not the unemployed
Why everyone wants to help the sick — but not the unemployed
New research from Aarhus BSS at Aarhus University explains why healthcare costs are running out of control, while costs to unemployment protection are kept in line. The answer is found deep in our psychology, where powerful intuitions lead us to view illness as the...

Iconic Art Shows Disease Unknown for a Century

A celebrated painting from the Enlightenment hid clues of real-life pathology.

Archaeologists discover Aristotle’s 2,400-year-old tomb in Macedonia

Bust of Aristotle. Marble, Roman copy after a Greek bronze original by Lysippos from 330 BC
A team of researchers say the 2,400-year-old tomb was excavated as part of a 20-year exploration of ancient Stagira, where the great philosopher was born in 384 BC.

Here’s how Medieval 'christians' twisted Aristotle’s philosophy so they could justify persecuting ‘witches’

witch burning
The rediscovery of Aristotle’s tomb has aroused interest in the Greek philosopher, who studied at the feet of Plato (who was the student of Socrates) and who was hired by Philip of Macedonia to be tutor to his son, Alexander.

How Aristotle's ancient teachings can help you live the good life

DNA Captured From 2,500-Year-Old Phoenician

Analysis of the ancient man's DNA reveal he had European ancestry.

Campers woke up to find lions licking water off their tent

Campers on safari woke to discover a group of thirsty lionesses licking accumulated drops of water from the outside of their tent.
A video by Francie Francisca Lubba captured the close encounter at the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park which straddles the Botswana-South Africa border.

It shows the lionesses licking raindrops from the outside of a couple’s shelter as the humans huddled inside, trying their best to stay quiet as the wildcats went about their business. “What a privilege,” Lubba said on Facebook.
“It rained during the night and three lioness [were] licking the water from the tent.” Ms Lubba also posted photos revealing how the large animals also prowled around the campsite during the close encounter.

Town in state of emergency after invasion of 100,000 bats

An Australian town is in a 'state of emergency' because it has been overtaken by a swarming mass of 100,000 bats. The grey-headed flying foxes are overrunning Batemans Bay in New South Wales and the problem is so bad they are on almost every surface and in every tree.
Danielle Smith, who lives in the plagued town, said: "I can't open the windows, I can't use the clothes lines, it's just, I can't study because the noise just goes constantly. I can't concentrate. It's not fun." She added: "The bats came and they are just out of control. We just can't do anything because of them."
Russell Schneider, of the Flying Fox Task Force, said: "This is the biggest, this is unprecedented. They've never been seen in these numbers." A statement from the task force said many of the townspeople felt 'isolated, powerless, and many had become prisoners in their own homes'. Officially, the grey-headed flying foxes are listed as a vulnerable species so authorities cannot kill them.

Instead, they are considering deterring them using smoke and noise. One approach under consideration is clearing all the local vegetation and officials have already started chopping down trees. Animal rights groups are insisting that patience is the only thing that will work, saying the bats will move on of their own accord when ready. But people who live in the town are desperate for a solution.

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