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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

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Today in History

Pope Gelasius asserts that his authority is superior to Emperor Anastasius.
French forces in Florida slaughter hundreds of Spanish.
Macon B. Allen becomes the first African American to be admitted to the Bar in Massachusetts.
France declares war on Austria.
The Battle of Chancellorsville rages for a second day.
Lincoln‘s funeral train arrives in Springfield, Illinois.
U.S. Marines land in Nicaragua.
The first airplane lands at the geographic North Pole.
After three days of battle, the U.S. Marines retake Dai Do complex in Vietnam, only to find the North Vietnamese have evacuated the area.
James Earl Ray, Martin Luther King Jr.‘s assassin, is caught in a jail break attempt.
Margaret Thatcher becomes the first woman prime minister of Great Britain.
A British submarine sinks Argentina’s only cruiser during the Falkland Islands War.

If You’re the Only Woman Up for a Job, You're Shit Outta Luck

woman at job interview

Why ‘Game of Thrones’ Jon Snow is dead ...

Jon Snow from Game of Thrones - HBO trailer screenshot
Why ‘Game of Thrones’ Jon Snow is dead — even if he lives again

‘Outsider’ Bernie Sanders only candidate to show up at ‘insider’ White House Correspondents Dinner

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer  at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner via Twitter
Only one presidential candidate — the anti-establishment Bernie Sanders — showed up to rub shoulders with the Washington elite and other celebrities at the White House Correspondents Dinner

Exposure to particulate air pollutants associated with numerous cancers

Exposure to particulate air pollutants associated with numerous cancers
Exposure to particulate air pollutants associated with numerous cancers
Researchers have found that long-term exposure to environmental pollutants was associated with increased risk of mortality for many types of cancer in an elderly Hong Kong population. The study between the University of Birmingham and University of Hong Kong,...

Lyme disease ...

Lyme disease: A ticking time bomb

Detroit residents scramble as water shut-off looms

Detroit residents scramble as water shut-off looms -- while businesses that owe thousands slide by

There was nothing Zionist about Hitler’s plans for the Jews

Nazi leader Adolf Hitler (AFP Photo/)
When the former London mayor Ken Livingstone said in an interview that Hitler was “supporting Zionism” before he “went mad and ended up killing six million Jews”, he was quickly suspended from the Labour Party, which was already in the throes of a painful row over anti-semitism. But while Livingstone’s tone-deaf comments came at a very politically sensitive moment, the historical error at their heart is all too familiar.

Wedding cancelled due to shortage of ice cream

Shortage of ice-cream at a marriage function in Uttar Pradesh, India, led to a heated argument between the families of the bride and the groom and resulted in brick-throwing in which three police personnel were injured.
The wedding was ultimately called off after. "The incident took place last evening in Mahesh Nagar colony in Mathura, when after the 'Jaimaala ceremony' the host and few members from the groom side entered into heated argument over the shortage of ice-cream," police said.
"It finally led to a clash between the two families," Superintendent of Police (Rural) Arun Kumar Singh said. The groom's family then called the police, and based on their complaint, seven persons from the bride's side were arrested, he said. "Angry over police action, members from the bride's side, including women, started pelting stones at police.

"They also blocked the road," Mr Singh said, adding that one constable and two sub-inspectors were injured in the brick-throwing. "Also, police had to use force to clear blockade on Raya-Sadabad road," he added. First Information Reports were lodged by both the sides. Following the incident, members from the groom's side and groom returned without taking his bride.

Sexual assault victims speak up in new campaign to stop sex crimes

Sexual assault victims speak up in new campaign to stop sex crimes

This University Will Punish You For Being Raped

This University Will Punish You For Being Raped, Effectively Silencing Victims
Imagine being a woman going to a university where instead of only investigating the person who sexually assaulted you, they also choose to discipline...

Former Scientologist forced to have abortion wins major legal victory against the cult

It took seven years, but a former Scientologist will see her lawsuit against the cult — which she says kept her captive and forced her to have an abortion — go to trial.

Supreme Court gives FBI permission to hack computers anywhere

Supreme Court gives FBI permission to hack computers anywhere

Man in trouble after asking police to help him find his lost marijuana

A man from Alliance, Ohio, who police say was drunk, told them he lost his marijuana.
An officer was filming with his body cam. Dennis Wagner, 42, was arrested following the incident on Wednesday.
Concerned a child would locate the drug, police helped him look and found the marijuana on Wagner’s lawn.

Wagner was charged with possession and issued with a ticket and a summons to appear in court.

Florida cop who beat handcuffed woman also slammed her face into ground in separate incident

Akinyemi Borisade beating restrained woman -- YouTube screen capture
Florida cop who beat handcuffed woman also slammed her face into ground in separate incident

Universe Likely Has Many Extinct Civilizations

Unless a typical civilization lasts much longer than ours, it's likely that others have gone extinct.

One of Titan's Strange Seas is Pure Methane

Titan -- the only other body in the solar system besides Earth where liquids pool on the surface -- has a sea of pure methane

Strange and Beautiful Deep Sea Jellyfish

What does this creature remind you of? A space alien? A virus? A cartoon? It’s real, a real jellyfish recorded by an ROV from the ship Okeanos Explorer on a NOAA expedition to the Mariana Trench. This video was taken 2.3 miles below the ocean’s surface.
Scientific American has more:
Scientists believe this animal belongs to the genus Crossota, a group of jellies that does not have a sessile polyp stage; all phases of their lives are ocean drifters. They also believe this animal is an ambush predator – note the posture it had assumed in the first half of the video: its bell motionless with its tentacles outstretched like the struts of a spider’s web, waiting for something to bumble into them. The red canals, they suggest, appear to connect the bright yellow objects, which may be gonads.

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