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Friday, December 29, 2017

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Today in History

Thomas Becket, the archbishop of Canterbury, is murdered in Canterbury Cathedral by four knights of Henry II.
Indian chief Powhatan spares John Smith’s life after the pleas of his daughter Pocahontas.
British troops, attempting a new strategy to defeat the colonials in America, capture Savannah.
Emperor Napoleon I‘s French forces defeat the Russian and Prussian forces commanded by Prince Gebhard Leberecht von Bl├╝cher in the Battle of Brienne.
Texas (comprised of the present state of Texas and part of New Mexico, Colorado, and Wyoming) is admitted as the 28th state of the Union, with the provision that the area (389,166 square miles) should be divided into no more than five states “of convenient size.”
Gas lighting is installed in the White House.
Union General William T. Sherman‘s troops try to gain the north side of Vicksburg in the Battle of Chickasaw Bluffs.
The last major conflict of the Indian wars takes place at Wounded Knee Creek in South Dakota after Colonel James W. Forsyth of the 7th Cavalry tries to disarm Chief Big Foot and his followers.
The production of Belgian newspapers is halted to protest German censorship.
Sears Roebuck president Julius Rosenwald pledges $20 million of his personal fortune to help Sears through hard times.
Germany and Italy sign an arbitration treaty.
Japan formally denounces the Washington Naval Treaty of 1922.
In a radio interview, President Roosevelt proclaims the United States to be the “arsenal of democracy.”
London suffers its most devastating air raid when Germans firebomb the city on the evening of December 29.
Tito declares Yugoslavia will follow its own path to Communism.
President Dwight Eisenhower asks Congress for the authority to oppose Soviet aggression in the Middle East.
A Xmas truce is observed in Vietnam, while President Johnson tries to get the North Vietnamese to the bargaining table.
Reagan curtails Soviet trade in reprisal for its harsh policies on Poland.

What America Can Learn from Sweden About Combating Fake News

What Thin People Don't Understand About Dieting

Transgender woman sues Wal-Mart over alleged bias in North Carolina

Wal-Mart Stores Inc was sued on Wednesday by a transgender woman who said she was wrongfully fired after complaining about harassment at the Sam’s Club warehouse store in North Carolina where she had worked for 11 years.
Charlene Bost, 46, said co-workers at the Kannapolis store where she had been a member service supervisor called her “sir,” “that thing with an attitude” and “shim,” a slur combining “she” and “him.” She also said her male boss subjected her to unwanted physical advances and referred to her as “it.”

Tonya Harding Finds Redemption as a Feminist Anti-Hero for 2017

Here’s how much it will cost taxpayers to bring a Foxxconn factory to Wisconsin

Despite being lauded as a windfall for their state, Wisconsin moron Walker’s (r) plan to bring electronics manufacturer Foxconn to America’s dairyland comes with a hefty taxpayer price tag.

McDonald’s can't dodge its illegal treatment of workers

Corporate executives and industry lobbyists started cheering this month before the ink had even dried on a decision by the Trump administration’s National Labor Relations Board overturning an Obama-era “joint employer” standard.
This standard, they had feared, would make it easier for employees to hold fast-food chains accountable for violating the rights of workers employed by those chains’ franchisees or contractors like staffing agencies.
The ruling is just the latest example of how the Trump administration has favored corporations over working people. But the world’s biggest fast-food chain – McDonald’s – has not been spared from its day in court.

Farmworkers Show Us How To Organize Against Sexual Violence

Unions rush to represent California pot workers

Weed workers of California, unite!
Labor unions in the Golden State are racing to organize cannabis workers across California as legal recreational marijuana becomes a reality January 1.
Three of California's most influential labor unions are vying to represent tens of thousands of legal weed workers, including planters, rollers, and sellers, The Associated Press  reported Monday.

Catholic Diocese celebrates child molester’s Xmas return to the pulpit

A Minnesota roman catholic priest accused of sexual misconduct with a 15-year-old boy has returned to public ministry, the Minneapolis Star Tribune reported Wednesday.

California couple arrested using drone to deliver drugs

A California couple was arrested after using a drone to transport drugs out of their home and into the hands of nearby waiting customers, police say.
Benjamin Baldassarre, 39, and Ashley Carroll, 31, of Riverside, California, were arrested on several charges including possession of controlled substances, conspiracy to commit a crime and child endangerment. Riverside police were investigating a potential drug house in the area when they witnessed a drone carrying small packages flying overhead.

'Stab mommy again'

An Idaho man allegedly convinced his girlfriend’s toddler son to stab the mother in the stomach with a steak knife while he was beating her.
In testimony last week, the 29-year-old woman explained that Thanksgiving Day turned into a nightmare when 36-year-old David Gifford got drunk and began beating her, according to The Times-News.

Convicted killer released from prison sought in triple murder

A convicted killer released from prison was being sought by Nebraska police after a triple homicide Tuesday. John W. Dalton Jr. was a person of interest in the three murders, according to Omaha Police Capt. Thomas Shaffer. 
Convicted killer released from prison sought in triple murder

What is Redneck Revolt?

The word "redneck" is typically used to insult a white person from a poor, rural background, a demographic that tends to be wingnut. But now a group of left activists is reclaiming the word and using it to spark a working class movement that promotes social justice and protects minorities.

Sheriff’s Office Directs Officers Not To Ticket Pedestrians For Failing To Carry ID

All but one of the pedestrians who received the false tickets is black.

Why I Left Dumbass Trump’s AmeriKKKa

Koch-Funded Anti-Climate Group Tells Women to Ignore Concerns About Toxic Chemicals

Why Is a Small Montana Town a Hotbed of Far-Right Activity?

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