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Saturday, November 25, 2017

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Today in History

2348 BC
Biblical scholars have long asserted this to be the day of the Great Deluge, or Flood.
Union ends the siege of Chattanooga with the Battle of Missionary Ridge.
Colonel Ronald MacKenzie destroys Cheyenne Chief Dull Knife‘s village, in the Bighorn Mountains near the Red Fork of the Powder River, during the so-called Great Sioux War.
Japanese Prince Ito arrives in Russia to seek concessions in Korea.
German Field Marshal Friedrich von Hindenburg calls off the Lodz offensive 40 miles from Warsaw, Poland. The Russians lose 90,000 to the Germans’ 35,000 in two weeks of fighting.
Chile and Peru sever relations.
Hirohito becomes regent of Japan.
Transatlantic broadcasting from England to America commences.
An earthquake in Shizouka, Japan kills 187 people.
Germany reports four British ships sunk in the North Sea, but London denies the claim.
The U.S. Supreme Court grants the Oregon Indians land payment rights from the U.S. government.
The Big Four meet to discuss the German and European economy.
A truce line between U.N. troops and North Korea is mapped out at the peace talks in Panmunjom, Korea.
The Interstate Commerce Commission bans segregation in interstate travel.
The body of assassinated President John F. Kennedy is buried at Arlington National Cemetery.
Eleven nations give a total of $3 billion to rescue the value of the British currency.
As Reagan announces the Justice Department’s findings concerning the Iran-Contra affair; secretary Fawn Hall smuggles important documents out of Lt. Col. Oliver North’s office.
Typhoon Nina hits the Philippines with 165 mph winds and a devastating storm surge and causes over 1,030 deaths.
The Federal Assembly of Czechoslovakia votes to partition the country into the Czech Republic and Slovakia, beginning Jan. 1, 1993.
Sri Lanka is hit by Cyclone Nisha, bringing the highest rainfall the area had seen in 9 decades; 15 people die, 90,000 are left homeless.

When Buying Nothing Gives You More of Everything

Lightning bolts are churning out antimatter all over planet Earth

Lightning is powerful enough to set off nuclear reactions in the atmosphere, a new study found. Japanese researchers report that the powerful electrical discharge produces gamma rays - the most powerful waves or radiation in the electromagnetic spectrum - which react with the air. The reaction produces radioisotopes and even positrons, which are the antimatter counterpart of electrons.

Icebound detector reveals how ghostly neutrinos are stopped cold

Icebound detector reveals how ghostly neutrinos are stopped cold
Famously, neutrinos, the nearly massless particles that are a fundamental component of the universe, can zip through a million miles of lead without skipping...

Forest plantations are a potent blend for coffee production

Why Holidays Are So Hard on Relationships

Scientific evidence that you need to spend time enjoying nature

“I saw this little flower as I was coming back from my class…and it really gave me a strong sense of hope.”
Twentieth Century German social psychologist Erich Fromm first advanced the notion that humans hold an inborn connection to nature. Later, it was popularized by biologist E.O. Wilson as “the urge to affiliate with other forms of life.” In the ensuing years, support for the positive effects of nature has gained considerable traction, grounded in a growing body of research. In recent weeks, at least four new studies have emerged adding more validity to what science repeatedly has revealed: being around nature is good for us. The latest research shows that interacting with nature makes the brain stronger and soothes the psyche.

Japan's Osaka to snap sister city link with San Francisco over 'comfort women' statue

The mayor of Japan’s western city of Osaka plans to cut ties with U.S. sister-city San Francisco after the latter accepted the donation of a “comfort women” statue from a private group there.
The issue of “comfort women”, as those forced to work in Japan’s wartime military brothels were euphemistically known, has long embittered the ties of neighbors, such as China and South Korea, with Japan.

‘I no longer fear my own death’

A newspaper editor dying of cancer has already survived past the year or so that doctors gave her to live — and now she’s hoping to outlast Dumbass Trump’s junta.

Dumbass Trump Is About to Provoke a Humanitarian Crisis in Haiti

Town rallies around shop owners after they’re threatened with 'christian' boycott for staying open on Sundays

Earlier in November, Tweed Tastic owner Leona Rawlinson got an interesting package — a bible, accompanied by a letter warning her that if she remains open on Sundays, some 'christians' in their tiny town may boycott them.

Police ticket man driving his pregnant wife to the hospital

The story is one many expectant fathers wonder about: "If I have to rush my wife to the hospital to give birth and a cop sees me, will he give me an escort with all the bells and whistles - lights flashing, siren screeching?"

Mother wants 'Sleeping Beauty' off school curriculum over inappropriate sexual behavior

A mother has made headlines after calling for “Sleeping Beauty” to be removed from her son’s primary school curriculum as it promotes an “inappropriate sexual” message.

‘I despise so many of you’

A youth soccer referee in Beverly Hills resigned earlier this month over what he says is his own personal disgust with the parents of the children he is refereeing.

High school teacher caught on video using cocaine during class

Police arrested an Indiana high school teacher Wednesday after her students caught her on video using what they say was cocaine in a classroom.
The 24-year-old teacher, Samantha Cox, is seen in the video acting strangely in an empty classroom early Wednesday morning.

Sessions' Stupid, Stupid War On Medical Marijuana

FBI removes thousands of fugitives from gun checks

The FBI has removed thousands of people who are wanted by authorities from a criminal background check database that stops them purchasing weapons.
The law enforcement agency moved in February to narrow its definition of a “fugitive from justice.” That definition now only applies to wanted people who have crossed states lines, The Washington Post reported.

U.S. attorney general orders review of gun background check system

U.S. attorney general orders review of gun background check system
U.S. Attorney General Sessions on Wednesday ordered a review of a government database used for background checks on gun buyers, after a man who killed 26 people in a Texas cult was left off the system despite having a criminal record.…

Apple Takes a Bite Out of All of Us by Ducking Billions in U.S. Taxes

Fight the Dumbass Trump Tax Scam with a National Day of Action November 27

Is the white student who tortured roommate racist?

The lawyer of a white student who called her black roommate “Jamaican Barbie” has said that his client is not a racist despite advocates calling for hate crime charges to be filed against the former University of Hartford student.

DNA test exonerates California man in prison since 1978

A man wrongfully convicted in California of the 1978 double-murder of a woman and her child is spent his first Thanksgiving Day as a free man in 39 years, after being released on the basis of DNA evidence.
California Governor Jerry Brown pardoned 70-year-old Craig Coley on Wednesday and prison officials quickly set him free, according to prosecutors and police in Simi Valley, where the double-slaying occurred.

Black People Are Being Openly Bought and Sold in Libyan Slave Markets

African Americans Are Disproportionately Arrested

Texas state trooper shot dead, suspect arrested after manhunt

A Texas state trooper was shot and killed during a traffic stop on Thanksgiving Day, leading to a manhunt and further gunfire some 125 miles (200 km) away, where the suspect was arrested.

Dolly the cloned sheep did not age prematurely

When the world's first cloned animal died in 2003 at the age of six, many suspected the cloning process put Dolly into an early grave. A new investigation of the cloned sheep's bones by scientists at the Universities of Glasgow and Nottingham suggests Dolly showed no signs of abnormal aging.

Mistaken for deer, New York woman shot dead

A woman died of severe injuries after she was accidentally shot by a hunter who mistook her for a deer Wednesday night.

Polar bears crowd on Russian island in sign of Arctic change

A boatload of tourists in the far eastern Russian Arctic thought they were seeing clumps of ice on the shore, before the jaw-dropping realization that some 200 polar bears were roaming on the mountain slope.

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