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Monday, February 13, 2017

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The new format for our opening post has received a number of positive reviews.
While the first few days have been graphics we do intend for other items to find their way herein.
The perverts (aka wingnuts) are staying away - this is a good thing ... Now that the entire world is onto to them and against them they will wither and blow away.
Our readership still grows daily - people want and need diversity of subject matter and the truth and they find it here within Carolina Naturally and all her sister blogs.
Joke took way too far.
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Today in History

Polycarp, a disciple of St. John and Bishop of Smyrna, is martyred on the west coast of Asia Minor.
Catherine Howard, the fifth wife of Henry VIII, is beheaded for adultery.
British Parliament adopts the Bill of Rights.
In the Glen Coe highlands of Scotland, thirty-eight members of the MacDonald clan are murdered by soldiers of the neighboring Campbell clan for not pledging allegiance to William of Orange. Ironically the pledge had been made but not communicated to the clans. The event is remembered as the Massacre of Glencoe.
The four day Battle of Fort Donelson, Tennessee, begins.
The Confederacy approves the recruitment of slaves as soldiers, as long as the approval of their owners is gained.
Jesse James holds up his first bank.
The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) is founded.
First social security checks are put in the mail.
The Royal Air Force Bomber Command devastates the German city of Dresden with night raids by 873 heavy bombers. The attacks are joined by 521 American heavy bombers flying daylight raids.
A mob burns a radio station in Ecuador after the broadcast of H.G. Wells’ “War of the Worlds.“
At the Battle of Chipyong-ni, in Korea, U.N. troops contain the Chinese forces’ offensive in a two-day battle.
The Pope asks the United States to grant clemency to convicted spies Ethel and Julius Rosenberg.
The United States sends 10,500 more combat troops to Vietnam.
General Motors is reportedly redesigning automobiles to run on unleaded fuel.
Enemy attacks in Vietnam decline for the third day as the United States continues its intensive bombing strategy.
Konstantin Chernenko is selected to succeed Yuri Andropov as Party General Secretary in the Soviet Union.

People Using Medical Marijuana Drink Less and Gobble Fewer Pain Pills

80-year-old lady surprised when TSA finds sword inside her walking cane

The AP reports that an 80-year-old South Carolina woman had no idea her cane contained a sword until she attempted to board a plane and it was inspected by TSA staff.
News outlets report that Transportation Security Administration regional spokesman Mark Howell recounted the incident Thursday at Myrtle Beach International Airport as part of an effort to highlight examples of dangerous items recently carried by passengers departing the airport.
Howell told reporters secret swords are not actually that uncommon a discovery for TSA screeners since people sometimes buy the canes at thrift stores without realizing there's a sword inside.

Yes, Innocent People Sit In Jail In The USA...Because Money

How the Pacific Ocean changes weather around the world

Understanding Climate Change in a Post-Truth World

Continuing The Legacy of Hope Inspired by President Obama

Fired Up And Ready To Go! Protestors Continue The Legacy of Hope Inspired by President Obama
From airports to schools and city centers to city streets the people of this country are showing up because they believe in what this country can be.…

Killing Gandhi All Over Again

Kmart and Sears drop Dumbass Trump Home line

Kmart and Sears have joined the parade of retailers and celebrities cutting their ties with the Dumbass Trump family brand in recent weeks.

‘This is the doomsday scenario’

Sales of underground survival bunkers have spiked in recent months thanks to increasing uncertainty and fear in the age of Dumbass Trump.

I’m A Refugee From A Banned Country

Dumbass Trump's Immigration Policies To Nearly Double the Price of Milk

Tennessee wingnut bill says children born through artificial insemination are not ‘legitimate’

‘The Handmaid’s Tale’

Margaret Atwood, whose dystopian 1985 novel “The Handmaid’s Tale” describes a a totalitarian theocracy that has taken over the U.S. and subjugated women for the ruling class, says Dumbass Trump is making her book all too real now.

Dumbass Trump Junta Strips LGBTQ Rights

Dumbass Trump Junta Strips LGBTQ Rights Just Days After Sessions Confirmation
After only three weeks of this new administration, the fears of the LGBTQ community are becoming a reality.…

Dumbass Trump Attacks Disabled Children

Dumbass Trump Attacks Disabled Children By Removing Disability Education Rights Website
Democratic Senators Maria Cantwell and Patty Murry want answers after a vital educational rights resource for disabled students, and their families vanished after DeVos stole office.…

Why You Should Never Kiss a Toad

You've probably hear stories about dogs or other animals that died after eating a toad, and maybe you've heard about animals that learned to lick toads to enjoy the hallucinogenic effects. It's possible that the story of the story of the frog prince came about after someone kissed a frog and started hallucinating. Toads and frogs in the bufonidae family carry strange toxins in their skin.
These chemicals, called bufotoxins, probably evolved to deter predators but they may offer a variety of other uses, including as medicine. Bufo gargarizans, an Asian species of toad, produces a substance that could even prove useful in the treatment of certain cancers. According to one 2011 study, the toad produces a substance that effects "significant antitumor activity, including inhibition of cell proliferation, induction of cell differentiation, induction of apoptosis, disruption of the cell cycle, inhibition of cancer angiogenesis, reversal of multi-drug resistance, and regulation of the immune response."
Other bufotoxins have been used to treat diseases among horses and cattle. Bufotoxins have been individually studied in the past but there was no single compendium of research on them. Roberto Ibáñez, a staff scientist at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, has co-authored a paper in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology that brings together everything currently known to science about bufotoxins. He helped to identify 47 species of frogs and toads which are used in traditional medicines and then narrowed in on the 15 species that are members of the bufonidae family.
But don't you know it, this research is going on while many of these frogs and toads are seriously declining. Read about the current state of frog and toad research at Smithsonian.

Dogs and monkeys judge humans by how people treat others

Animal Pictures