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Thursday, December 10, 2015

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Declaration of Human Rights ... !
Today is - World Human Rights Day

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Today in History

1817 Mississippi is admitted as the 20th state.
1861 Kentucky is admitted to the Confederate States of America.
1862 The U.S. House of Representatives passes a bill creating the state of West Virginia.
1869 Governor John Campbell signs the bill that grants women in Wyoming Territory the right to vote as well as hold public office.
1898 The United States and Spain sign the Treaty of Paris, ceding Spanish possessions, including the Philippines, to the United States.
1917 The Nobel Peace Prize is awarded to the International Red Cross.
1918 U.S. troops are called to guard Berlin as a coup is feared.
1919 Captain Ross Smith becomes the first person to fly 11,500 miles from England to Australia.
1936 Edward VIII abdicates to marry Wallis Warfield Simpson, an American-born divorcee.
1941 Japanese troops invade the Philippine island of Luzon.
1941 The siege of Tobruk in North Africa is raised.
1943 Franklin D. Roosevelt signs a bill that postpones a draft of pre-Pearl Harbor fathers.
1943 Allied forces bomb Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria.
1949 150,000 French troops mass at the border in Vietnam to prevent a Chinese invasion.
1950 Dr. Ralph J. Bunche becomes the first African-American to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.
1977 On UN Human Rights Day, the Soviet Union places 20 prominent dissidents under house arrest, cutting off telephones and threatening to break up a planned silent demonstration in Moscow’s Pushkin Square. Soviet newspapers decry human rights violations elsewhere in the world.
1978 President of Egypt Anwar Sadat and Prime Minister of Israel Menachem Begin are jointly awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.
1983 Democracy restored to Argentina with the assumption of Raul Alfonsin.
1989 Tsakhiagiin Elbegdorj announces the establishment of Mongolia’s democratic movement that changes the second oldest communist country into a democracy.
1993 The Wearmouth Colliery in Sunderland, East England, closes, marking the end of the County Durham coalfield, which had been in operation since the Middle Ages.

Non Sequitur


America’s First Birth Control Clinic

In 1916, contraceptives and information about them were considered obscene, and as such it was illegal to send them through the postal system. Their mere existence was not illegal, but the "obscene" label meant that upstanding citizens wouldn’t touch them with a ten-foot pole - at least publicly. That meant that women who didn’t have the proper connections: the poor, the uneducated, and those who didn’t speak English had no access to any kind of contraceptive. Margaret Sanger made her career out of trying to bring birth control to the masses. In fact, she was the one who coined the term "birth control." Part of her campaign was the establishment of the first family planning clinic the US, in Brooklyn.
Finally, Sanger and her team were able to rent out a storefront at 46 Amboy Street for $50 a month, and the nation’s first birth control clinic was born. Consisting of just two rooms and a spot outside where mothers could leave their carriages, the tiny facility was perfect for their needs. The patients could wait in the outer room while consultations were held in the inner room. Though Sanger was not able to find a doctor willing to work at the clinic, an examination table was put in the back room, just in case they ever could find a willing physician.
Thousands of fliers were printed, calling for mothers who wanted to learn about contraceptives. “DO NOT KILL, DO NOT TAKE LIFE, BUT PREVENT,” the leaflets proclaimed. They were printed in English, Yiddish, and Italian, and were stuffed into as many mail slots and pedestrians' hands as possible. Sanger was well aware of the legal trouble her new clinic could, and likely would, get her into. Far from operating in secret, she went so far as to mail a letter to the District Attorney of Brooklyn, letting him know that she would be distributing contraceptive information, and included the clinic’s address.
Having done everything she could to get the word out both to the women who needed to take advantage of the clinic and the lawmakers that needed to see it in action, Sanger and her associates opened the doors of their clinic on October 16, 1916. In her autobiography, Sanger said she didn’t know if anyone would show up, due to fear or disinterest, but she was relieved to find that when they opened the doors, there was already a line of some 150 people waiting to be treated. America's first birth control clinic was in business.
It didn’t last long. Read the story of how the clinic came to be, and what happened after it opened, at Atlas Obscura.

Jimmy Carter reveals he’s cancer-free

Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter takes questions from the media during a news conference about his recent cancer diagnosis and treatment plans, at the Carter Center in Atlanta, Georgia August 20, 2015.  REUTERS/John Amis
Former President Jimmy Carter announced on Sunday that he learned that his “cancer was gone” after a recent visit to the doctor.

“Stop Telling Me I’m Poisoning my Kids”

Fast Eaters

Some people we all know just devour their meals in nanoseconds. While you're still letting your food cool ... whoosh -- they're already wondering about dessert! It turns out fast eaters are missing out on the full taste of their meals.

Toys You Need for Xmas

Why can’t the holidays be about family togetherness AND some kick-butt new wheeled toys?

Some Of The Most Embarrassing Models Made By Major Automakers

Virtually every auto maker in the world has one particular model they're truly proud of, with the big names having many defining models to choose from, but even the greats blunder greatly sometimes.
Take the Dodge Shelby Lancer for example- it's an ugly eyesore of a car that nearly besmirched the Carroll Shelby name, and unlike the Cobras or Mustang GT350 it took the Lancer a whopping 7.2 seconds to go from zero to sixty.
It's almost like Shelby was sick of style and speed, so he went looking for the safety and comfort of a sedan but didn't know quite how to make the transition.
The Ford Mustang II had a similar problem making the transition from being a macho muscle car to being seen as the brown corduroy bell bottoms of the automotive world.
The 'Stangs sexy curves were replaced with a boxier look inspired by the Pinto, and even though Ford gussied Mustang: The Sequel up with King Cobra appearance packages it was more like a mule than a mustang under the hood.

Iceland's fastest-growing "religion" courts atheists by promising to rebate religious tax

056c026d-1c66-4d42-9fae-a8e96df290c5-1020x892 In Iceland, tax-authorities collect "parish fees" from all residents and remit them to churches based on the stated religious affinities of those residents. If you're an atheist, your fees are collected and go into a general fund shared by all churches.
A new church, the Zuists, claim to worship ancient Sumeran gods, and promise to rebate religious fees to anyone who registers; the faith's registered adherents in Iceland have already outstripped the number of registered Muslims, and the numbers are growing fast.
The Zuists are a protest movement aimed at ending the collection of parish fees and religious census data in Iceland. Iceland's tax authorities say that the Zuist church can do whatever it wants with the money, but that adherents who receive rebates on parish fees will be charged income tax on them.
On the Zuist website in Iceland it was advertised that anyone over the age of 16 registering with the religion ( and thus unregistering from the National Church of Iceland) would get a refund for these fees called parish fees. However, tax authorities have responded to mbl.is explaining that if Zuists go ahead to refund parish fees to their members they will have to pay income tax from these funds.
Zuists would like to abolish government funding to religious organizations in the form of parish fees and believe that the "state should stop gathering data on the personal religious beliefs of Icelanders."

Daily Life in Sweden

With a huge influx of Middle Eastern refugees slated to enter the country by year's end, Sweden is in the public eye. What's life like for the people who already live there?

Finland Is About To End Poverty In Their Nation Forever

Finland will be the first nation to provide every citizen with a basic guaranteed income. The Finnish government is still working out the details on how...

Selling Desperate Syrian Refugees’ Body Parts for Profit

Over 80 Percent Of Guns Used In Mass Shooting Obtained Legally

The weapons that were used in the terrorist attack in San Bernardino, California, were purchased legally — but this is not exactly something new....

Man buys gun at Arizona gun show and promptly shoots friend by mistake

Image: A sign forbidding loaded weapons at the Crossroads of the West Gun Show (Screen capture)Man buys gun at Arizona gun show and promptly shoots friend by mistake

Apparently if You Don’t Call Them by Name, You Can Make Assault Weapons Go Away

A wingnut radio hack got Fox News' Chris Wallace to agree to be misleading and vague by not using a term the gun industry first applied…
It turns out we can make our own reality and bully certain media figures (I can’t use the word journalist) to sanctify it, as did St. Louis-based hate radio hack Jamie Allman to Fox News host Chris Wallace on Thursday. Wallace was appearing on KFTK’s Allman in the Morning when Allman protested that,
“[I]t agitates people … like me and my listeners, who are gun owners” that the media uses the term “assault weapon.” He added that “people who are gun owners never call — that’s not any official name of any weapon out there — an ‘assault weapon.'”
According to wingnuts who approve of lots of innocent people being gunned down on a regular basis by assault weapons, the term “assault weapon” is misleading. Yet according to Phillip Peterson Gun Digest Buyer’s Guide to Assault Weapons (2008),
The popularly held idea that the term ‘assault weapon’ originated with anti-gun activists is wrong. The term was first adopted by manufacturers, wholesalers, importers and dealers in the American firearms industry to stimulate sales of certain firearms that did not have an appearance that was familiar to many firearms owners. The manufacturers and gun writers of the day needed a catchy name to identify this new type of gun.
And Media Matters pointed out that,
Wingnuts in media have adopted the false National Rifle Association claim that the term “assault weapon” was invented by proponents of assault weapons bans in order to arbitrarily single out certain firearms for further regulation. However, before the gun industry trade association attempted to rebrand assault weapons as “modern sporting rifles” in 2009 — a change in terminology also adopted by the NRA — the gun industry and firearm publications routinely used the term assault weapon to describe the very military-style semi-automatic rifles that would be covered by Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s assault weapons ban.
The truth is that military-style semi-automatic rifles were called assault weapons because that is what gun manufacturers and gun enthusiasts called them. The term has played a key role in the ongoing effort of the gun industry to rebrand and market military-style weaponry to civilians. Now, as legislation supported by a majority of Americans has been proposed to ban these weapons, the NRA and its gun industry and media allies are using semantics and terminology arguments to downplay the dangers of a class of weapons often associated with horrific mass shootings and law enforcement killings.
But Chris Wallace replied like the docile little Fox News 'personality' that he is:

“[I]f that’s something that ticks people off because it’s so imprecise, and such a kind of cover word that means nothing, I don’t want to do that.” He then pledged, “You will not hear the word assault weapon out of my mouth on Sunday. I may fall back into it later, but on Sunday I will be more precise”

Take a listen courtesy of Media Matters for America:
WALLACE: Thank you for the information, because if that’s something that ticks people off because it’s so imprecise, and such a kind of cover word that means nothing, I don’t want to do that.
ALLMAN: Yeah it’s almost like it’s an — and again, I’m not accusing you of this. It’s almost like an editorial description of a gun. And that’s all I’m saying is that it drives a lot of us crazy when we hear assault weapon because —
WALLACE: I don’t want you to be driven crazy.
ALLMAN: No, I’m just saying if I can have an impact on a premier journalist like yourself, then I think I’ve made some headway.
WALLACE: Well, OK, no, listen.
ALLMAN: And we all fall into that.
WALLACE: You will not hear the word assault weapon out of my mouth on Sunday. I may fall back into it later, but on Sunday I will be more precise.
ALLMAN: That’s good, OK.
Maybe we can just call them “spoons” from now on. It’s much less threatening. The problem is, these are a class of weapons. They are not shotguns. They are not hunting rifles of the traditional variety. They are semi-automatic, can take flash suppressors or muzzle breaks, they use detachable, high capacity magazines, and have folding or collapsible stocks.
We have to call them something, don’t we? It is not those who use the term “assault weapon” who are trying to be misleading.
And after all, as pointed out, we leftists didn’t invent the term; the industry did. The military M-16 is an assault rifle. The AR-15 so popular these days, and used in the San Bernadino shootings, was a precursor to the M-16 and was itself originally developed for the military. Why not call a spade a spade?
And if these things are favored by sportsmen and for home defense, they are also favored by home-grown domestic terrorists.
As CBS News pointed out Friday,
An AR-15 was used to kill nine people at Umpqua Community College in Oregon in October.
It was also the weapon used in the murders of 12 people at a Colorado movie theater in 2012.
And an AR-15 was used in the 2012 murders of 20 first graders and six adults in Newtown, Connecticut.
Controversial the term may be, but many terms are controversial and others that are not, ought to be (pro-life comes glaringly to mind as part of this discussion), and we cannot make assault weapons go away by calling them something else. All we can do is sanitize the term in order to downplay the dangerous nature of these weapons.
Sure, any gun can kill somebody, but see how far you get taking an old bolt-action rifle into a theater. Even terrifying as a sawed off shotgun is, you won’t get many shots off before you’re overpowered. The assault weapon does what the assault weapons is supposed to do. It’s just that we should not be allowing it to do that against civilians in our own schools, businesses, and theaters.

Funding Ban Prevents Research on Gun Violence

A little-known law bans federal research on gun violence.

Sandy Hook truthers escalate threats by posting home address of victim’s sister

Sandy Hook Elementary first grade teacher Vicki Soto, who was killed in the 2012 massacre (Vicki Soto (VictoriaSotoMemorial.com)
Conspiracy theorists who believe the Sandy Hook massacre of 2012 was a hoax are threatening the sister of one of the victims to the point the woman and her husband are afraid to go home.

Man faces fines of $500 a day as zombie nativity spat continues for second year running

For the second year in a row, Jasen Dixon of Sycamore Township, Ohio, has dressed up Baby Jesus, Mary, Joseph and the three wise men as zombies in a nativity scene in his front yard. And for the second year, Sycamore Township officials have told him to remove the display.
Dixon brought it back and made improvements because it was such a hit. People like Blaise Harsch have driven by to take a look. "I like it. It looks cool," Harsch said. But a few people found it offensive. Township officials told him last year to remove it because he didn't have a permit.
So this year Dixon said he worked with township officials when he applied. A day after he submitted the application, he received a letter saying his application was denied because the zoning code doesn't allow an "accessory structure" in a front yard. Dixon's not buying it. "I think it's the theme. It just rubs people the wrong way and it puts the spotlight on me.

"That's why they're coming down so hard on me," Dixon said. Dixon could be fined $500 per day. He believes his zombies should stay for the holidays. "It's not hurting anything and it's here not even for a month," Dixon said. He is considering an appeal. He has yet to receive a fine but said he hasn't decided what he will do if he does.

Mother accused of using Brillo pad to remove 12-year-old son's 'rock and roll' make-up

A woman from Coweta County, Georgia, has been arrested after she allegedly scrubbed her 12-year-old son’s face with a Brillo pad because he was going through what she called a “rock and roll stage.”
Veridiana Pardo Meo Erbskorn, 47, said her son was dressing differently, coloring his hair and wearing a leather jacket, Coweta County Sheriff’s Office Lt. Col. James Yarbrough said. Erbskorn said she used a steel wool cleaning pad to remove make-up from her son’s face and eyes, Yarbrough said.
A sibling of the boy called the sheriff’s office, and officers found a bar of soap and a Brillo pad with freshly used blue soap inside, Yarbrough said. Deputies met with the boy and his father at the hospital. They said the boy had the blue soap commonly found in Brillo pads on his right eye socket, cheek, brow and ear.
His face was sore to the touch and his vision was blurred. His eyeball was scratched but hospital officials weren’t sure if the damage would be permanent. Erbskorn was taken to the Coweta County Jail on charges of child cruelty, reckless conduct and battery.

Elderly man arrested after trying to snort cocaine in front of police officer during traffic stop

A 73-year-old man’s spotless driving record nearly got him off the hook during a traffic stop in Seattle on Tuesday night, until he tried to snort cocaine right in front of an incredulous officer.
Officer Nic Abts-Olsen was patrolling at around 8:30pm when a man in a silver Toyota drove past him with his headlights off. After pulling over the motorist, Officer Abts-Olsen checked his licence and registration, and walked back to the Toyota, where he saw the driver portioning out a scoop of cocaine from a small glass vial.
When officer Abts-Olsen knocked on the driver’s car window, he apparently startled the man, leading him to spill cocaine all over his hands and the floor of his vehicle. “Are you kidding?,” Officer Abts-Olsen asked the man, who quickly tried to brush away the white powder. The man initially denied having any cocaine, though he admitted he had “vitamins” in his possession.

Finally, the man relented, complimented Officer Abts-Olsen on his keen detection skills and admitted that snorting cocaine in the middle of a traffic stop was, perhaps, a poor decision. Officer Abts-Olsen also informed the man he had only intended to issue him a warning, due to his clean driving record, until the cocaine came out. Officers did not immediately cite the man, but arrested and booked him into the King County Jail for narcotics possession.

Police hunt man who crawled under bathroom stall and propositioned elderly lady for sex

Police in Florida are trying to identify a man who crawled under a bathroom stall at a Cracker Barrel in Boynton Beach and propositioned a 79-year-old woman.
The woman told police she was using the bathroom on Tuesday afternoon when the man crawled under the stall and told her that he wanted to have sex with her.
She said he cursed at her, so she screamed for help and the man walked out of the bathroom.
The man is described as being "scruffy looking" and wearing a white T-shirt, shorts and a hat. Anyone who recognizes the man is asked to call police.

How Many Inmates Have Died in Sheriff Joe Arpaio's Jails?

Cannibal Cop Goes Free After Judge’s Insane Ruling

Featured image credit: video screen capture via ABC 7A jury found NYPD officer Gilberto Valle guilty of plotting to kidnap, rape, cook and eat women whose names he found in the police data base. But a judge just let him walk.

Georgia cop threatens black motorist after telling him ‘I don’t care about your people’

Georgia cop speaking with motorist - YouTubeGeorgia cop threatens black motorist after telling him ‘I don’t care about your people’

Mississippi officer admits having sex with teen while on duty

Patrick Anthony KlisA former Long Beach police officer has admitted to having sex with a 15-year-old girl and meeting her for sex while on duty.
WLOX-TV reports 45-year-old Patrick Anthony Klis pleaded guilty Friday to two counts of statutory rape.
According to District Attorney Crosby Parker, the investigation began in April 2014 after the parents of a friend of the victim reported the alleged relationship to the Harrison County Sheriff's Department. Investigators determined Klis began seeing the girl in October 2013 when the victim was 14 years old. Parker said the relationship became sexual after the girl turned 15.
Forensic investigators found fake Facebook accounts Klis and the victim used to communicate. Authorities also retrieved sexually explicit instant messages between the two.
Klis faces up to 60 years in prison.

Archaeology News

Finding an undisturbed Etruscan tomb is an extremely rare event that has the potential to reveal more about one of the ancient world's most fascinating and mysterious cultures.

Lurking in the Kuiper Belt

Although Pluto is a distant memory to NASA's New Horizons mission, which flew past the dwarf planet in July, it doesn't mean its voyage of discovery is over.

Dog Owner Who Stabbed Husky 11 Times With Samurai Sword is Jailed 100 Days

A North Carolina man who police say stabbed his dog to death with a samurai sword has been senteced to 100 days in jail.
Douglas Joseph Hagler of the town of Cary entered an Alford plea on Friday, meaning he made a plea of guilty without admitting guilt, to charges he killed 13-month-old Siberian husky Koda in May.
Hagler was punishing the dog, which was tied to a tree at the time, after he bit Hagler's roommate, police say.
Hagler took the roommate to the hospital before returning home and allegedly stabbing the dog, WTVD reports.
A neighbor who witnessed the alleged stabbing called 911. "He kept saying 'that dog's a killer,'" the caller told the operator.
A judge on Friday also sentenced Hagler to five years probation.
For the first two years of his probation, Hagler--whose attorney maintained is an alcoholic not always able to control his emotions--must wear an alcohol monitoring device.
He must also not own a dog, live with a dog, or have contact with one.

Animal Pictures