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Monday, November 14, 2016

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Today in History

Arthur Tudor of England marries Katherine of Aragon.
As Napoleon Bonaparte‘s army retreats form Moscow, temperatures drop to 20 degrees below zero.
Herman Melville’s novel Moby Dick is published in New York.
Billy Clairborne, a survivor of the Gunfight at the O.K. Corral, loses his life in a shoot-out with Buckskin Frank Leslie.
Albert Einstein presents his quantum theory of light.
Lieutenant Eugene Ely, U.S. Navy, becomes the first man to take off in an airplane from the deck of a ship. He flew from the ship Birmingham at Hampton Roads to Norfolk.
The Cherokee Indians ask the U.S. Supreme Court to review their claim to 1 million acres of land in Texas.
The British Broadcasting Company (BBC) begins the first daily radio broadcasts from Marconi House.
Right-wing militarists in Japan attempt to assassinate Premier Hamaguchi.
Manuel Luis Quezon is sworn in as the first Filipino president, as the Commonwealth of the Philippines is inaugurated.
German bombers devastate Coventry in Great Britain, killing 1,000 in the worst air raid of the war.
The United States and Yugoslavia sign a military aid pact.
French paratroopers capture Hoa Binh, Vietnam.
New Orleans integrates two all-white schools.
President Dwight Eisenhower orders U.S. naval units into the Caribbean after Guatemala and Nicaragua charge Castro with starting uprisings.
President John Kennedy increases the number of American advisors in Vietnam from 1,000 to 16,000.
Iceland gets a new island when a volcano pushes its way up out of the sea five miles off the southern coast.
Greece frees hundreds who were jailed in the Communist uprising of 1944-1950.
The U.S. First Cavalry Division battles with the North Vietnamese Army in the Ia Drang Valley, the first ground combat for American troops.
Yale University announces its plan to go co-ed.
The United States launches Apollo 12, the second mission to the Moon, from Cape Kennedy.
US President Jimmy Carter freezes all Iranian assets in the United States in response to Iranian militants holding more than 50 Americans hostage.
Lech Walesa, leader of Poland’s outlawed Solidarity movement, is released by communist authorities after 11 months confinement; he would win the Nobel Peace Prize in 1983 and be elected Poland’s president in 1990.
The Space Shuttle Discovery‘s crew rescues a second satellite.
Poland and the Federal Republic of Germany sign a treaty officially making the Oder-Neisse line the border between their countries.
Budget standoff between Democrats and Republicans in the US Congress forces temporary closure of national parks and museums; federal agencies forced to operate with skeleton staff.
Northern Alliance fighters take control of Afghanistan’s capital, Kabul.
First G-20 economic summit convenes, in Washington, DC.
Israel launches Operation Pillar of Defense against the Hamas-governed Gaza Strip.

5 Foods That Protect Your Heart

foods that protect your heart
5 Foods That Protect Your Heart
Eat these to lower your blood pressure, reduce your cholesterol, and prevent a heart attack

7 Foods That Actually Make You Hungrier

7 Foods That Actually Make You Hungrier
7 Foods That Actually Make You Hungrier
Egg white omelets are for (starving) suckers.

10 Secrets Hotel Employees Won’t Tell You

hotel employees

Does Age Really Matter In a Relationship?

When you start seeing a new woman, you’ll probably get this standard question: “How old is she?”
If there’s not much of an age difference between you two, the conversation moves right along.
But people can get pretty hung up on the topic of age once they find out that woman is 5 or even 10 years younger than you. And you can expect a similar reaction if she’s much older than you, too.

Random Photos

The Story of Typhoid Mary

Typhoid Fever was a pretty nasty disease in the days before antibiotics and vaccines. An outbreak of the disease among the wealthy in New York led to an investigation which found that several affected families had used the same cook: Mary Mallon. She made a great peach ice cream. But Mallon wasn't sick, and certainly didn't understand how she could possibly spread the disease. A symptom-less carrier was a new concept for everyone at the time.
Michael Aranda of SciShow tells the story of Mary Mallon, who eventually became known as Typhoid Mary.

The Most Badass Elves Of All Time

People don't generally think of elves as being badass, especially compared to orcs or dwarves, but if the works of Tolkien, Bakshi and Henson have taught us anything it's that elves should not be underestimated.
Even elves who more closely resemble the small but magical beings from mythology can serve as powerful allies to mankind, just look at what Honeythorn Gump from Legend and Buddy the elf did for their human friends.
Okay, so Buddy isn't the best example seeing as how he isn't technically an elf.
But the rest of the elves on Gamespot's list of The 20 Most Badass Elves Of All Time are truly tough, and they don't take kindly to rude remarks about their ears.

The Legendary Chinese Poison Gu

Stories of the poison known as "gu" go back centuries in China. Some of these tales are laced with black magic and witchcraft, but the more recent legends are of women who poison traveling men for seduction, robbery, or revenge. The poison itself is made by combining the venom of various dangerous creatures in a unique way.
There are several methods for formulating the perfect gu poison, according to Xu Chunfu, an official in the imperial medical bureau, who wrote about gu in 1556. The most well-known recipe is to gather different kinds of the “five poisonous creatures” and place them in a jar to fight. This done on the day of the Dragon Boat Festival, which is the fifth day of the fifth lunar month. Some say that the jar is kept in darkness for up to the year. The body of the remaining venomous creature, which has eaten the others in the jar, will become the source of the lethal poison.
The idea is that the last creature will have incorporated all the different poisonous compounds in his own body. But the scary tales of gu were used to marginalize the Miao and Lingnan people of southern China. The dominant Han folk told tales of Miao and Lingnan women who were a danger to travelers from northern China because they had gu and were willing to use it. Read the history of the poison that never really existed at Atlas Obscura.

Anti-Privatization Education Victories We Can Rally Around

How to Tell if a Guy Is Actually a Creep

is that guy you're dating a creep?
How to Tell if a Guy Is Actually a Creep, According to Science
News you can use, people.
And after the election this is sorely needed ...

University of Oklahoma student suspended for sending racist messages

A University of Oklahoma student has been temporarily suspended on suspicion of sending racist social media messages, including threats of lynchings, to black freshman at the University of Pennsylvania, the two universities said on Saturday.
Finally a report of someone with cajones.
After numerous reports of bigotry bring allowed and even rewarded in the past week it is good to see bigotry put in it's place.

Group of white men assault black woman student at Villanova University

A black woman studying at Villanova University was attacked by a group of white men chanting “Trump! Trump! Trump!” on campus Thursday night.

Again, with the Random Photos

Police hunt Gumball Bandit

Police in Florida are asking for the public's help in identifying a suspect who stole a gumball machine along with its contents, valued at more than $800, from a restaurant.
On November 4. between 11am and noon, the male subject entered the Sakura restaurant in Winter Haven and told the employees that he was there to service the gumball machine.
The employees were unaware of the true owner of the machine. The suspect, dubbed the Gumball Bandit, then told the employees he needed to take the machine off the property in order to make the necessary repairs.

He then processed to maneuver the machine, which is black with red stripes and a racing theme out of the restaurant and left in an unknown vehicle. Anyone who recognizes the suspect, or who has noticed someone with a recently acquired gumball machine, is asked to call Winter Haven police.

Major ocean current is widening as climate warms


A new study by University of Miami (UM) Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science researchers found that the Indian Ocean’s Agulhas Current is getting wider rather than strengthening. The findings, which have important implications for global climate change, suggest … Read more…

A Funnel on Mars Could Be a Place to Look for Life


A strangely shaped depression on Mars could be a new place to look for signs of life on the Red Planet, according to a University of Texas at Austin-led study. The depression was probably formed by a volcano beneath a … Read more…

It’s not a bird! It’s not a plane!


It’s the fastest flying mammal

When most people think of animals moving at high speed, they envision cheetahs or swiftly diving raptors. They can now add the Brazilian free-tailed bat — a tiny nocturnal mammal — to the list. A new study from the University … Read more…

Animal Pictures