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Sunday, June 12, 2016

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Breaking News Update: There has been tragic shooting in Orlando at a Gay nightclub at least 20 are dead.
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Today in History

Alfonso V of Aragon is crowned King of Naples.
Napoleon Bonaparte and his army invade Russia.
The gas mask is patented by Lewis P. Haslett.
Confederate General J. E. B. Stuart begins his ride around the Union Army outside of Richmond, Virginia.
Cuba agrees to become an American protectorate by accepting the Platt Amendment.
The first airplane bombing raid by an American unit occurs in France.
Wingnuts nominate Warren G. Harding for pretender and Calvin Coolidge for vice pretender.
Warren Harding urges every young man to attend military training camp.
Brazil quits the League of Nations in protest over plans to admit Germany.
Gangster Al Capone and 68 of his henchmen are indicted for violating Prohibition laws.
Eight of Stalin’s generals are sentenced to death during purges in the Soviet Union.
American bombers strike the oil refineries of Ploesti, Romania for the first time.
Black civil rights leader Medgar Evers is assassinated by a gunman outside his home in Jackson, Mississippi.
The Supreme Court rules that states cannot ban interracial marriages.
At a hearing in front the of a U.S. House of Representatives committee, Air Force General John Lavalle defends his orders on engagement in Vietnam.
David Berkowitz gets 25 years to life for the Son of Sam murders in New York.
The U.S. House of Representatives approves $27 million in aid to the Nicaraguan Contras.
Mount Pinatubo in the Philippines begins erupting for the first time in 600 years.

The Man Seized by Four Armies

Yang Kyoungjong was born in Korea in 1920. His extraordinary life, not of his own making, reads like a novel that would be criticized as too far-fetched to be believable.
In 1938, the occupying Japanese conscripted him into the Imperial Japanese Army to fight against the Soviet Union.
In 1939, Yang was captured by the Red Army during the Battles of Khalkhin Gol and was sent to a Soviet prison camp. In 1942, the Soviets were desperate for manpower and forced him to fight against the Germans.
In 1943, Yang was captured by the Germans during the Third Battle of Kharkov. By this time, the Wehrmacht was desperate for manpower, and put him in the Eastern Battalion which was sent to France to fight the Allies.
In 1944 the Allies invaded Normandy, and Yang was captured by U.S. paratroopers. He was sent to a prison camp in Britain, but this time, he was not forced to fight for his captors. The U.S. doesn’t do that, and the war was almost over anyway. That might have been the reason Yang emigrated to the U.S. after his release. He lived in Illinois for the rest of his life. Yang had three children, but never told them the complete story of his globetrotting service in World War II

'The Voice' singer Christina Grimmie dies after Orlando shooting

Singer Christina Grimmie, who gained fame as a contestant on television singing contest “The Voice,” died after being shot at a concert in Orlando on Friday, police said on social media.
Grimmie was signing autographs with band members of Before You Exit, with whom she performed earlier, when a gunman approached and opened fire before her brother tackled him at the Plaza Live music venue, the Orlando Police Department said on Twitter.
Grimmie died from her injuries, the department said in a post early Saturday.
The suspect shot and killed himself, police tweeted.
Grimmie placed third during the 2014 season of the “The Voice,” a singing competition on NBC.
“We are heartbroken,” said “The Voice” in a Twitter post late Friday.

Four Navajos Sue The Mormon Cult Over Sex Abuse

Judge: Transgender Inmates Must Have Access To Items That Match Their Identity

The Number of Sex Partners People Have Might Surprise You

Is it normal to not want sex?

Many people aren’t interested in having sex or don’t feel sexual attraction to other people, loosely termed as asexuality.

Residents object to store for adults who dress as babies

A new baby store for adults is sparking outrage in suburban Mount Prospect, Illinois. Dozens of residents showed up at village hall on Tuesday night, calling for the business to be shut down or moved. However officials say they had no legal basis to bar the business, Tykables, which has a seven-foot crib, an oversized high chair and adult-sized playpen.

“Things for people to come and play, take pictures with. Not everybody has access to a nursery,” the owner says. The owner of the store says the primary focus of the business is selling adult diapers for medical needs and for “ABDL” or “Adult Baby Diaper Lovers,” some with baby or sexual fetishes.
Residents, however, say what’s going on inside the store has no place near schools and homes. “It’s hard for us to swallow in this community,” one concerned resident said at the village hall. “He’s getting his party go in there, and we’re supposed to sit back and watch,” another resident complained. The doors are locked at the store and customers can only enter by appointment. White panels cover the windows, for privacy.

“They’re not having sex with their diapers on, they’re having people feed them and act like a baby,” explained one resident at the meeting. “It’s a business that many people find at best distasteful, but that is legal,” said a village official at the meeting. The village is investigating whether the store owner lied on the business application. However, the village attorney says civil rights laws may protect against any action against the business.

Link Dump

Judge weighs $1 trillion fine that could destroy telemarketing

Three telemarketers face a massive $1 trillion fine for making 117 million illegal calls (Shutterstock)
A potentially massive fine levied against three telemarketing companies could finally force others in the industry to comply with federal rules — and stop nuisance calls.

Sorry, Ammosexuals: Court Says No Right To Public Concealed Carry

Sorry, Ammosexuals: Court Says No Right To Public Concealed Carry
Listen carefully and you'll hear wingers' heads explode everywhere.

Now Is the Time to Completely Overhaul America's Police Departments

Fox 'News' inspires militia goon’s violent plot against Muslim town

A South Carolina man got probation — but no jail time — for helping to organize a violent plot against a Muslim community and then lying to investigators about his role.

Army Reserve major busted after harassing and threatening N.C. mosque members

Alabama’s Wingnut House Speaker convicted on corruption charges

Prosecutors argued that Hubbard tried to obtain work and investments valued at around $2.3 million through political influence as both the state wingnut cabal’s former chair and as speaker.

Scoliosis linked to disruptions in spinal fluid flow

Scoliosis linked to disruptions in spinal fluid flow

Loch Ness footage shows humps moving across the water

A holidaymaker has filmed mysterious humps moving across Loch Ness. Tony Bligh, of Dublin, Ireland, captured the short clip while visiting the loch for the first time last Wednesday. Taken about noon from the Wellington layby on the A82, it shows a series of equidistant humps moving through the water in unison.
"I was at the top of the steps when I noticed something out on the water about three-quarters out," said Mr Bligh, who then started filming it. Mr Bligh, who also noted there was a boat about 400 yards away, said there appeared to be four to five humps, about 6ft apart, which moved together. "It was quite long," he said. "The humps were consistently the same length apart. I don’t know what it was. It was very unusual."
Mr Bligh, who was with a friend, Annie Hawkes, showed his film to staff in VisitScotland’s Inverness office. "They were really excited by it," he said. "It is interesting everyone who has seen it." They include Adrian Shine of the Loch Ness Project which gathers scientific information on the loch’s ecology and the potential for a monster. But rather than confirming the image is, indeed, of Nessie, Mr Shine maintained it was an optical illusion created by the wake of a boat.
"It is a particularly good example of the effect that a reasonably high boat wake can make. It shows how powerful this illusion could be. It produces a line of very solid looking humps." However, as he headed home to Ireland, Mr Bligh remained unsure of what the film revealed, especially given the uniformity with which the "humps" moved. "I am tending towards the wake of a boat, I am an engineer and I am on the side of logic," he said.

Horse wears funny mask to avoid sunburn

Kimberley, a 14-year-old rescue horse from Ireland, is susceptible to sunburn, so she wears a mask with big blue eyes and a smiley face.
The normally placid cremello pony is employed to provide rides for youngsters by the North Ferriby Riding for the Disabled (RDA) group in East Riding of Yorkshire. But try applying sun cream and she changes in an instant. "Kimberley is pure white and has a pink mouth and pink around her eyes," group organizer Debra Pea said.
"With it being really hot and sunny recently she is susceptible and we need to apply her with sun cream. But she knows when you are about to apply it and she really doesn't like it. It is a really tough job to do. That is why we have put the mask on her to protect her from the sun. It is a fine netting so she can see through it perfectly well and she is happy with it.
"We have plain mask, but that can make her look a little sinister. Somebody bought this mask and kindly gave it to us. Kimberley is a sensible horse but she is happy to wear the mask. A lot of people have commented on it and it has been a great source of amusement. It is also great for the kids. It cheers them up and they find it a lot more friendly."

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