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Monday, March 20, 2017

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Today in History

Henry IV of England is succeed by his son Henry V.
In India, Nadir Shah of Persia occupies Delhi and takes possession of the Peacock throne.
The Great Fire of Boston destroys 349 buildings.
In Paris, the Legislative Assembly approves the use of the guillotine.
Napoleon Bonaparte enters Paris and begins his 100-day rule.
Edgar Allan Poe’s The Murders in the Rue Morgue, considered the first detective story, is published.
Harriet Beecher Stowe‘s Uncle Tom’s Cabin is published.
Army officers in Russia mutiny at Sevastopol.
The French call off the Champagne offensive on the Western Front.
The Bolsheviks of the Soviet Union ask for American aid to rebuild their army.
President Warren G. Harding orders U.S. troops back from the Rhineland.

The USS Langley is commissioned as the first U.S. Navy aircraft carrier. Converted in 1920 from the collier USS Jupiter (AC-3), it is the Navy’s first turbo-electric-powered ship.
The German dirigible, Graf Zepplin, makes the first flight to South America on regular schedule.
President Franklin D. Roosevelt names William O. Douglas to the Supreme Court.
The British Royal Air Force conducts an all-night air raid on the Nazi airbase at Sylt, Germany.
The Allies attack Field Marshall Erwin Rommel‘s forces on the Mareth Line in North Africa.
President Lyndon B. Johnson orders 4,000 troops to protect the Selma-Montgomery civil rights marchers.
Senator Edward Kennedy calls on the United States to close all bases in Taiwan.
Patty Hearst is convicted of armed robbery.
U.S. scientists return from Antarctica with the first land mammal fossils found there.
The United State approves AZT, a drug that is proven to slow the progress of AIDS.

The Trocks

 The Drag Ballet
Ballet was once largely a male pastime as it requires a lot of strength, but over time it has become largely associated solely with women. But Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo prove that anything women can do men can do just as well only with a comedic twist.
Each member of the drag ballet troop plays both a woman character and a male one. The athleticism is pretty intense -moves designed for female dancers can be particularly hard for heavier male bodies. That also results in the occasional misstep, but fortunately for the Trocks, the routine (like most drag performances) already has comedy built in, so mistakes just add to the entertainment value.
You can read more about the drag ballet troop over on DCist.

Foods That Make You Look Older

7 Foods That Make You Look Older
And what to eat instead.

Child brides are a little-known, but very real, problem in America today

Yet another thing wingnuts are into. Their desires for sex with children "legitimized" by their "religion" and the "institute of marriage".

The great divide between rural and urban America

These six charts illustrate the great divide between rural and urban America

New York park named for disabled FDR sued by wheelchair users

New York park named for disabled FDR sued by wheelchair users

Killing broadband privacy

Somebody Shot Down A $200 Drone With A $4 Million Missile

Somebody Shot Down A $200 Drone With A $4 Million Missile

The Real American Dream

Arizona artist receiving death threats over accurate anti-Dumbass Trump billboard

The artist behind an Arizona billboard accurately depicting Dumbass Trump is now the subject of death threats from wingnuts after news and photos of her creation went national.
The very appropriate and accurate billboard that has the wingnuts in apoplexy:

Wingnut Billionaires Are Funding Plot to Destroy Dissent and Protest in Colleges Across the U.S.

Apparently Dumbass Trump’s Junta Hasn’t Heard Of Fucking LoJack

We’re not sure how this could have possibly happened. I mean, how does one allow a laptop to be stolen which contains sensitive information? Even...

Dumbass Trump Junta to Kill Fracking Rule on Public Lands

Trump Voter SHOCKED That He’s Gutting Meals On Wheels

If you haven’t heard, the Dumbass Trump junta is making wingnut wet dreams come true by gutting every social program imaginable — including...
But even as the cracks are beginning to widen in the stupidity shell that Dumbass Trump voters dwell in, the rest of America comes to the rescue as Meals on Wheels America sees surge in donations

Seeking proposals for ‘imposing’ but ‘aesthetically pleasing’ border wall with Mexico

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has issued requests for proposals for prototypes for a wall along the Mexican border, saying ideally it should be 30 feet (9 meters) high and the wall facing the U.S. side should be “aesthetically pleasing in color.”

Mexican-owned Cemex says it won't help build border wall

Why is Greenland an Island and Australia a Continent?

What makes a continent? There's no simple definition, but Simon Whistler of Today I Found Out has some observations about why our geography ended up being labeled the way it is.
I never really thought about comparing Australia and Greenland, but both places are pretty much outliers in any category. Greenland is closest to North America, but considers itself part of the European continent, mainly because it's a part of the Danish realm. How the people of a place consider that place has more lasting meaning than some definition that someone elsewhere came up with

A Good Spot at the Beach is Hard to Find ...

 ... for Humans and Seals Alike!
Whether you're a sunbathing human or seal seeking rest and refuge from the ocean, a spot on the beach sure can be hard to find. Aerial photographer Mike Page snapped this photo of thousands of seals and cormorants on Scroby Sands, a shoal off the coast of Great Yarmouth in England.
Page, 76, was flying over the sea near Great Yarmouth when he spotted something unusual around Scroby Sands. "‘So I thought we’ll go and investigate – well thousands and thousands of seals," the pilot said to Metro. "I've never seen so many in 40 years of flying."
Can you guess how many seals there are selling seashells by the seashore?

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