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Sunday, June 28, 2015

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Today in History

1635 The French colony of Guadeloupe is established in the Caribbean.
1675 Frederick William of Brandenburg crushes the Swedes.
1709 Russians defeat the Swedes and Cossacks at the Battle of Poltava.
1776 Colonists repulse a British sea attack on Charleston, South Carolina.
1778 Mary "Molly Pitcher" Hays McCauley, wife of an American artilleryman, carries water to the soldiers during the Battle of Monmouth.
1839 Cinque and other Africans are kidnapped and sold into slavery in Cuba.
1862 Fighting continues between Union and Confederate forces during the Seven Days’ campaign.
1863 General Meade replaces General Hooker three days before the Battle of Gettysburg.
1874 The Freedmen’s Bank, created to assist former slaves in the United States, closes. Customers of the bank lose $3 million.
1884 Congress declares Labor Day a legal holiday.
1902 Congress passes the Spooner bill, authorizing a canal to be built across the isthmus of Panama.
1911 Samuel J. Battle becomes the first African-American policeman in New York City.
1914 Austria’s Archduke Francis Ferdinand is assassinated at Sarajevo, Serbia.
1919 Germany signs the Treaty of Versailles under protest.
1921 A coal strike in Britain is settled after three months.
1930 More than 1,000 communists are routed during an assault on the British consulate in London.
1938 Congress creates the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) to insure construction loans.
1942 German troops launch an offensive to seize Soviet oil fields in the Caucasus and the city of Stalingrad.
1945 General Douglas MacArthur announces the end of Japanese resistance in the Philippines.
1949 The last U.S. combat troops are called home from Korea, leaving only 500 advisers.
1950 General Douglas MacArthur arrives in South Korea as Seoul falls to the North.
1954 French troops begin to pull out of Vietnam’s Tonkin province.
1964 Malcolm X founds the Organization for Afro-American Unity to seek independence for blacks in the Western Hemisphere.
1967 14 people are shot during race riots in Buffalo, New York.
1970 Muhammed Ali [Cassius Clay] stands before the Supreme Court regarding his refusal of induction into the U.S. Army during the Vietnam War.
1971 The Supreme Court overturns the draft evasion conviction of Muhammad Ali.
1972 Nixon announces that no new draftees will be sent to Vietnam.
1976 The first women enter the U.S. Air Force Academy.

Teenagers Invent a Condom That Changes Color When It Contacts an STD

Muaz Nawaz, Daanyaal Ali, and Chirag Shah are 13, 14, and 14 years old, respectively. Though they’re young, they’ve already developed a sophisticated and helpful invention: an STD-detecting condom. The material is embedded with bacteria that turn green when they contact chlamydia, blue when encountering syphilis, and yellow when detecting herpes.
The three inventors are students at Isaac Newton Academy in Ilford, Essex, UK. The condom, which they cleverly call the S.T.EYE, earned them a £1,000 prize and a trip to Buckingham Palace in the TeenTech invention contest.

10 things Europe does way better than America

Portrait of three women at a beach resort in Costa Brava. Spain (Shutterstock)
Europe is ahead of America when it comes to healthcare, better sex ed and less violent crime.

This May Be the Only Photo of Vincent van Gogh Ever Taken as an Adult

In this image thought to be taken by photographer Jules Antoine, it has been suggested that Vincent van Gogh is seen here, in conversation with Paul Gauguin, Emile Bernard and Félix Jobbé-Duval. André Antoine stands between the artists.
This recently discovered 1887 melainotype is what some experts believe to be a photo of Vincent van Gogh, in fact the only photo of him as an adult. Van Gogh hated photography and supposedly refused to sit for any photo portraits throughout his life. The only two known photos of him are taken at ages 13 and 19.Though the idea that it is indeed van Gogh in the picture is controversial — van Gogh museum in Amsterdam says that it can’t be the artist due to his acknowledged hatred of photo portraits and “because it simply does not look like him” — nevertheless, others disagree. The photo generated enough interest to be sold at auction this past weekend. Though the sale price hasn't been made public, an estimate was between $136,000 and $170,000.
See a close-up of the man thought to be van Gogh in the photograph and read more on this story at Colossal.

"Genius Girl" Hoax

High School Student Tried to Impress Parents by Telling Them She Got Accepted into Both Harvard and Stanford
Got parents with high expectation? Impress them by telling them you got into Harvard.
Got parents with really high expectation? Impress them by telling them that you not only got accepted at Harvard and Stanford with full scholarships, but also that they both want you so bad that they're creating a special joint program so you can attend both schools.
And if that's not enough, tell them that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg called you on the phone to give you advice on which college to attend.
That's what one high school senior, dubbed by the media as "Genius Girl," did. Too bad that none of it was true and when the story went viral. The Washington Post reports:
The senior’s tale of academic conquest of admission into what turned out to be a bogus program apparently was designed to impress her parents, peers and teachers as part of the annual cutthroat competition for the relatively tiny number of spots at the nation’s top schools. The faked admission story went much further than most teen fantasies: It made its way to the international media, where the student’s parents admitted the truth and publicly shamed themselves before the Korean community. ...
The question now at the school is what caused the student to concoct the elaborate college admissions scheme. The answer seems obvious to students and teachers there: overwhelming pressure to succeed from parents and unrealistic expectations from the teens themselves.
Creating a story that went viral and brought you internet notoriety? Now that's impressive!

27 Weird World Records

Have you noticed that in the past couple of decades people try to come up with weird things to make world records out of? The most nickels stacks on the back of a hand is not anything that would ever have happened if there were no Guinness Book of World Records. The most interesting records are the ones that just happen with no world record intent, but that’s not going to stop people from trying to beat the record for the most marshmallows caught with chopsticks. John Green tells us about some of the weirdest ways people dream up to get into the record book in the latest episode of the mental_floss List Show. Along the way, he tries out some of the stunts he talks about. No records were broken.

Non Sequitur


Link Dump

Bad Cops

Thomas Thompson
Thomas Thompson, a Lake County detention deputy, was charged with aggravated assault with a firearm and improper exhibition of a firearm in connection with the road rage incident.

More Bad Cops

Woman worried, depressed (Shutterstock)

Police apologize for X-rated chopper talk inadvertently broadcast to public

The Winnipeg Police Service has apologized for the comments of three helicopter pilots, which at one point touched on oral sex, who didn't realize their public address system was on at the time.
The three, aboard AIR1, were on routine patrol on Monday evening when they inadvertently activated the system. "As a result, the flight crew's conversation was publicly broadcast [and] some content of the conversation was inappropriate," stated a press release from the WPS. "The involved members were not able to hear the public address system from within the aircraft.
"They became aware their conversation had been broadcast and immediately turned the system off. The Winnipeg Police Service, the Flight Operations Unit, and the involved members sincerely apologise to all members of the public, especially those who overheard the broadcast," the release said, adding the incident is being reviewed and the outcome "will be determined at a later time."
One person who overheard the remarks, Natanielle Felicitas, said that she was enjoying a nice evening in her backyard with friends when the extra voices came from the sky. "We paused to listen and were shocked by what we heard. It was a hilarious and inappropriate human blooper moment," she said.

Man bereft of pants posed like Superman while urinating in the street

23-year-old Joshua Masciarelli was “intoxicated and endangered the safety of others” late on Saturday night as he walked by an intersection not far from his home in Palm Harbor, Florida, according to a police report.
Masciarelli, officers noted, was “wearing a red tank top and no pants” during his midnight ramble. As he travelled, Masciarelli allegedly “would stop on occasion and pose like Superman exposing himself and urinating.”
When confronted by a sheriff’s deputy, Masciarelli “could not explain why he had no pants on,” nor did he know the way home. Masciarelli was arrested for disorderly intoxication, a misdemeanor, and booked into the Pinellas County jail.
He was released from custody on Sunday after posting $100 bond. According to his LinkedIn page, Masciarelli, an account executive with an identification equipment firm, is a Coker College graduate who captained the school’s lacrosse team for three years.

Man wearing just underpants signed guest book after causing $20,000 damage inside cult

Members of St. Luke's episcopal cult in Stephenville, Texas, are working to put their beloved cult back together after a man broke in and caused more than $20,000 in damage.
Jeffrey Dale Travelstead, 27, was arrested just after midnight on Monday after a motorist spotted him in front of the cult putting stolen items in the middle of the road. When he arrived at the Erath County Jail he was reportedly wearing only a pair of underpants and a sticker from the cult that read "Visitor."
Sheriff Tommy Bryant who is a member of the cult said the inside received considerable damage and the sign out front was kicked in. "One of the stained glass windows was busted, and brass candlesticks were thrown against the walls," Bryant said.
"The inside of the cult is just torn up, but we are fortunate there wasn't more damage." Bryant said he believes Travelstead was high on drugs when he vandalized the cult. "He even signed the guest book," Bryant said. Travelstead was charged with criminal mischief and is being held at the Erath County Jail.


Brilliant streaks of green, purple and pink lit up skies across Canada and many northern U.S. states.

Alive After All

Venus is looking hot. And it looks like lava might be causing it.

Metal Rain

Magnesium and iron measurements suggest the hourly meteor rate overhead on Mars must have been tens of thousands of shooting stars per hour for hours. 

Toad-licking man arrested for trespassing

Police responded to JJ's Sideout Bar & Grill in LaPorte, Indiana, early on Sunday morning after a man refused to leave the property. On arrival, officers observed bar security staff standing on the sidewalk with Richard Mullins, 41, of LaPorte.
Mullins was barefoot and carrying his sandals. Security staff told police that Mullins started to enter the bar and was asked for proper identification. He allegedly ignored the request and refused to speak with staff. He was advised that if he didn’t provide ID he would have to leave.
After not producing anything, he was escorted outside and told to leave the property. He proceeded to dance around in the parking lot, picked up a toad and began licking it, according to witnesses. While police spoke with Mullins, he remained on the public sidewalk, dancing.
He was warned not to return onto JJ's property or he would be arrested. Police left, but kept the area under surveillance. After a few minutes, they observed Mullins walk back into the parking lot carrying another toad. He was taken into custody for Trespass, Class A misdemeanor.

Genetically modified jellyfish lamb accidentally sold and presumably consumed

A fluorescent lamb that had been genetically modified with jellyfish protein to give it transparent skin ended up mistakenly being taken to an abattoir in France, even though it was only meant to be used in research, reports said on Tuesday. Authorities are looking into how the lamb was sold as meat to an unknown customer and almost certainly eaten. The lamb, named Ruby, was genetically altered with a jellyfish protein known as GFP (Green Fluorescent Protein) that gave the animal a fluorescent color.
The protein altered the appearance of the animal's skin to make it transparent. Ruby was born for research purposes but last autumn she was mistakenly taken to the abattoir along with other animals destined for consumption.
The meat was put on sale as normal and purchased by an individual consumer in Ile-de-France, whose identity has not been revealed. Therefore the likelihood is that the meat from the animal was eaten, but it is unclear by whom or how many people.

Animal Pictures