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Saturday, May 14, 2016

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Today is - American Indian Day

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Today in History

King Henry III is captured by his brother-in-law, Simon de Montfort, at the Battle of Lewes.
At the Battle of Agnadello, the French defeat the Venitians in Northern Italy.
French King Henri IV (Henri de Navarre) is assassinated by Fran├žois Ravaillac, a fanatical monk.
English physician Edward Jenner gives the first successful smallpox vaccination.
Explorer William Clark sets off from St. Louis, Missouri.
Gail Borden applies for a patent for condensed milk.
Union General Nathanial Banks heads towards Port Hudson along the Mississippi River.
Guglielmo Marconi sends first communication by wireless telegraph.
“Stars and Stripes Forever” by John Phillip Sousa is performed for the first time in Philadelphia.
A plebiscite in the Philippines ratifies an independence agreement.
Holland surrenders to Germany.
The British Army, in retreat from Burma, reach India.
Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion establishes the State of Israel.
A bus carrying black and white civil rights activists is bombed and burned in Alabama.
Three companies of the 101st Airborne Division fail to push North Vietnamese forces off Hill 937 in South Vietnam.
The U.S. space station Skylab is launched.
In South Africa, Winnie Mandela is sentenced to six years in prison for her part in the kidnapping and beating of three black youths and the death of a fourth.

How Yo-Yo Ma gets a Galician bagpipe and a violin to make beautiful music together

How Yo-Yo Ma gets a Galician bagpipe and a violin to make beautiful music together

How A Giant Restaurant Conglomerate Teamed Up With Banks To Stiff Its Workers

Congressional Wingnuts Might Cause This Deadly Virus To Overwhelm U.S.

RECIFE, BRAZIL - FEBRUARY 04: A city worker fumigates in an effort to eradicate the mosquito which transmits the Zika virus on February 4, 2016 in Recife, Pernambuco state, Brazil. Officials say as many as 100,000 people may have already been exposed to the Zika virus in Recife, which is being called the epicenter of the crisis, although most never develop symptoms. Tourists are arriving in the city for its famed Carnival celebrations which begin tomorrow. (Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images)Congressional Wingnuts Might Cause This Deadly Virus To Overwhelm U.S.
Once again, Republicans are threatening to destroy our nation instead of doing their jobs.

‘Not racist’ barber refuses to ‘do black hair’ ...

‘Not racist’ barber refuses to ‘do black hair’ — and points gun at man because he feels ‘threatened’

How these parents with a transgender son learned to deal with wingnut hate

Jo and Jon Ivester don’t exactly have kind words for North Carolina's moron McCrory and religio-wingnut legislators who called an all-day session to push state sanctioned discrimination against transgender people. “Shame on you!” says Jo.

NC pastor busted for assaulting woman seeking counseling

Rev. Kenneth Darrell Worley (Screenshot/WCOTV)
NC pastor busted for assaulting woman seeking counseling: ‘He started sticking his tongue into my ear’

10 Historical Figures Who Never Existed

The historical figures on this list changed the world in immeasurable ways, but strangely none of them actually existed.

Guitarist woke up neighborhood with with early morning rooftop renditions of Jimi Hendrix songs

The residents of Beaufort Terrace in Ebbw Vale, Wales, could have been forgiven for thinking Jimi Hendrix had come back from beyond the grave when they were awoken at 8am by the distinctive strains of Hey Joe and Voodoo Chile.
They probably couldn’t believe their eyes as well as their ears when they looked out of their windows and saw their neighbor, 52-year-old Kenn Barnes performing Hendrix classics on his roof. The guitarist, who plays in a band called NRG and has been playing guitar for more than 30 years, said he did it for a bet.
“I had scaffolding put up outside my house so I could fix my leaking chimney,” he said. “My mate Martin Whitcombe suggested that I do a Brian May when he played on the roof of Buckingham Palace and play on the roof decking. I toyed with the idea for a week or so and on Saturday the scaffolding was due to come down and Martin was still saying - ‘you will only get one chance.’

“So Saturday morning at 7am, I took my guitar amp and guitar up the scaffold and at 8am, I started playing a mix of Hendrix songs - Voodoo Chile and Hey Joe, much to the amusement of the neighbors.” And instead of being livid at their rock ’n’ roll wake-up call, Kenn’s neighbors appear to have been amused at his unorthodox rock theatrics. “They seem to have forgiven me for waking them. I just wish I had done it for charity but it was an impulsive, last minute thing.”

Man arrested for spray-painting ‘cheeter’ on ex-girlfriend's car

A man from Union, South Carolina, faces several charges after a deputy says he saw the man spray-painting the word “cheeter” on the side of a woman’s car.
Timothy Lee Trammell, 36, is charged with vandalism of property and possession of marijuana by the Union County Sheriff’s Office. A deputy says he was driving past the Kelly One Stop store in Jonesville at around 7:20pm on Friday.
The deputy saw a man crouched beside a car that had the word “cheeter” painted across the passenger side. The deputy says Trammell was holding a can of spray paint when he saw him and he tried to run away. The deputy says he caught Trammell, recovered the spray paint can and put the man under arrest.
Trammell told deputies he wanted to get back at his former girlfriend who worked at that store. The woman told deputies she wanted to press charges over the damage to her car. Union County deputies say they found what Trammell said was a marijuana cigarette on him after they searched him following the arrest. The correct spelling of the word in question is “cheater.”

Man arrested after politely holding door open for police officer

A man from Natick, Massachusetts, was apparently nice to the wrong person, and as a result of his polite gesture he'll be spending the next month in jail. When Kayvon A. Mavaddat, 28, went to the Natick Mall on Friday he stopped to hold the door open for an officer leaving the mall. Unfortunately for him, the officer recognized Mavaddat as someone having three warrants and arrested him, police spokesman Lt. Cara Rossi-Cafarelli said.
“The officer turned around to thank him and recognized him,” said Rossi-Cafarelli. “He asked if his name was ‘Kayvon,’ and he said, ‘No, Kevin.’” The officer went to his cruiser and looked up Mavaddat on his computer and recognized “Kevin” as “Kayvon” and went back and arrested him. Mavaddat had a Framingham District Court warrant that charged him with driving with a suspended license and a signal violation, police said.
According to police, Mavaddat also had two Natick District Court warrants. One charged him with possession of heroin and the second charged him with shoplifting, police said. Once Mavaddat was in court, his plight worsened. On Monday, Mavaddat’s probation officer, David DiGiorgio asked Judge Martine Carroll to hold Mavaddat without bail, pending a probation surrender hearing. He said Mavaddat has not appeared in court for months, has skipped all of his court-ordered drug tests and has not paid any probation fees.
He said Mavaddat has a history of not completing probation. Mavaddat’s lawyer, Jackeline Meireles, argued for her client’s release. “The difference here is he just started a job, so he has money, and he can start paying the money back,” said Meireles. “He can pay $200 tomorrow.” Mavaddat told the judge he would be fired from his job if he was held. Carroll ordered Mavaddat held without bail until a probation surrender hearing on June 9.

Woman rescued after becoming trapped in banyan tree

Emergency crews in Florida made an unusual rescue on Tuesday morning after a woman became stuck in a banyan tree.
The Key West Police Department received a call to help a woman stuck in a tree that she had attempted to climb.
Officer Scott Standerwick and a Fire Rescue unit responded after learning that the local woman was stuck inside the giant banyan tree.
Officer Standerwick and the others were eventually able to free the woman, who was wedged in the branches of the tree. "They popped her out like a cork," a Key West Police Department spokesperson said.

Mystery over meat-wrapped knives stabbed into trees

A 1½-year-long mystery continues in Omaha, Nebraska, after someone left knives wrapped in meat in trees in Leavenworth Park on Tuesday.
All that could be seen were handles, the rest surrounded by what looked like meat, butcher paper and duct tape, stabbed into trees around the city trail. Omaha police removed the knives and said they are investigating. John Costanzo with the Leavenworth Neighborhood Association said the findings aren’t the first.
“It is very strange,” he said. “Probably for about the last year, year and a half, neighbors have been finding steaks or other various pieces of meat pinned to the tree with knives.” Constanzo said neighbors have called in dozens of these incidents. Police reports have been filed and the crime lab has visited the scene. But the mystery of the meat-wrapped knives continues.

For many in the area, it’s not just weird, but worrisome. “It is concerning though, I mean, this is right along the trail that kids use and having knives readily accessible where kids could pick them up is definitely a hazard,” Costanzo said. Officers confirmed the meat is not human. Anyone with information is asked to call the police.

Investigation launched after trout found in mail boxes

Postal workers in the west of Dundee, Scotland, have discovered trout left in three of their mail boxes.

Dispute over goat video on Facebook led to stabbing

A dispute that started over a video of an ornery goat posted on Facebook left one man stabbed and another in handcuffs, police said. Officers arrested Kevin P. Sullivan, 28, of Weymouth, Massachusetts, on Friday night at his home and charged him with stabbing a 36-year-old man, also from Weymouth, during a fistfight in the street, according to a police report. Sullivan was arraigned on Monday in Quincy District Court on a charge of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. He was ordered held on $2,500 cash bail, which he posted, and he’s due back in court on July 22, according to the court clerk’s office.
The victim suffered non-life-threatening injuries, police Capt. Richard Fuller said. Officers responded to multiple 911 calls reporting a fight just after 7pm. When they arrived they found the victim lying on the ground bleeding from wounds to his left side and the back of his right shoulder, the report said. The victim identified Sullivan as the man who had stabbed him. Officers found Sullivan inside his home with blood on his hands, forearms and shirt. The victim’s girlfriend told police that Sullivan was angry at them because she had shared a video of a goat named Kevin on Facebook.
The video “was about a goat named Kevin who was not nice to other goats in the video.” A video posted on YouTube with the same name as the one mentioned in the police report is one of several depicting a goat named Kevin. In the video, the goat head-butts other animals and the man holding the camera, who repeatedly refers to the goat using profanity. The woman told police that Sullivan believed her posting of the video was “a direct insult towards him and meant that he was a bad father.”
Sullivan then left her a threatening voicemail stating that he wanted to fight, she told officers. The woman told police that she and the victim went to Sullivan’s home thinking they could talk things out but the two men began fighting. Sullivan told police that he stabbed the other man, who he said was armed with a large wrench, in self-defense, the report said. Sullivan first told police he hadn’t been struck by the wrench but later said he had. He was treated for minor injuries at the scene. Other witnesses said the victim grabbed the wrench in self-defense. Police say they found the knife in the grass behind Sullivan’s home.

Mother goose sought help from police officer before leading him to gosling tangled in string

Sergeant James Givens is not used to seeing a goose pecking at his cruiser door, but that's what happened on Monday - and initially the veteran Cincinnati officer thought the goose was simply hungry. "It kept pecking and pecking and normally they don't come near us.
"Then it walked away and then it stopped and looked back so I followed it and it led me right over to the baby that was tangled up in all that string," Givens said. The string was tied to a Mother's Day balloon among some of the litter near Mill Creek. Givens shot video on his cellphone.
He and Specialist Cecilia Charron called the SPCA, but no one was immediately available to come out. So Charron took matters into her own hands. "Well she has a couple of kids of her own and I guess that motherly instinct must've kicked in because it was like they communicated. The mother goose didn't bother her," Given said.

"So Specialist Charron came and untangled it. It took her a while because it was all wrapped up. I always thought that they were afraid of people and people say they will attack you if you get close to their young'uns and I was just surprised." Givens said it's something you don't see every day.

The Coywolf

Why the eastern coyote should be a separate species: the 'coywolf'

Rancher spots first wolverine in North Dakota in 150 years

A rancher shot and killed the first wolverine spotted for more than a century in North Dakota — where the animals had been eradicated.

Animal Pictures