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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Daily Drift

We Want Waffles ...!
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Today is  - Vaffeldagen (Waffle Day)

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As you can tell we are a wee bit later than normal in our postings today. We had friends ring us up for an unscheduled dinner and hangout at their place night.
And we forgot to set the automatic posting schedule - we thought we did but we evidently did not depress the 'save' button to complete the process before we turned off the computer and had a wonderful evening with friends.
So imagine our surprise when we turned on the machine to edit tomorrow's posts ...
Anyway, better late than never.
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Today in History

Lord Baltimore founds the Catholic colony of Maryland.
Puritans jail Governor Stone after a military victory over Catholic forces in the colony of Maryland.
The first horse race in America takes place.
The Continental Congress authorizes a medal for General George Washington.
British Parliament abolishes the slave trade.
The frigate USS Essex flies the first U.S. flag in battle in the Pacific.
Confederate forces capture Fort Stedman, during the siege of Petersburg, Va.
Japan invades the kingdom of Liuqiu (Ryukyu) Islands, formerly a vassal of China.
Rebel battle flags that were captured during the American Civil War are returned to the South.
A fire at the Triangle Shirtwaist Company, a sweatshop in New York City, claims the lives of 146 workers.
The first submarine disaster occurs when a U.S. F-4 sinks off the Hawaiian coast.
The Paris Peace Commission adopts a plan to protect nations from the influx of foreign labor.
Fifty people are killed in riots that break out in India. Mahatma Gandhi was one of many people assaulted.
The United States agrees to give Britain and France access to all American warplanes.
Yugoslavia joins the Axis powers.
The USS Missouri fires on targets at Kojo, North Korea, the last time her guns fire until the Persian Gulf War of 1992.
RCA manufactures its first color TV set and begins mass production.
The European Common Market Treaty is signed in Rome. The goal is to create a common market for all products–especially coal and steel.
Martin Luther King Jr. leads a group of 25,000 to the state capital in Montgomery, Ala.
John Lennon and Yoko Ono stage a bed-in for peace in Amsterdam.
The Concorde makes its first supersonic flight.
Hue is lost and Da Nang is endangered by North Vietnamese forces. The United States orders a refugee airlift to remove those in danger.
The U.S. Embassy in San Salvador is damaged when gunmen attack, firing rocket propelled grenades and machine guns.
President Ronald Reagan orders emergency aid for the Honduran army. U.S. helicopters take Honduran troops to the Nicaraguan border.

Miss Bettie Page

Bettie was an amazing seamstress.  She made most of the costumes she wore for camera clubs.  Many of her designs were copied and used by several companies with her image.  Bettie chose to not take legal action against them. Had she chosen to do so she would have been a multi-millionaire.
Bettie was an amazing seamstress.  She made most of the costumes she wore for camera clubs.  Many of her designs were copied and used by several companies with her image.  Bettie chose to not take legal action against them. Had she chosen to do so she would have been a multi-millionaire.

With the Encouragement of a Cop, Woman Who Lost 272 Pounds Completes 10K

Asia Ford of Louisville, Kentucky has always struggled with her weight. At her heaviest, she weighed 474 pounds. When her then-husband lost a limb to diabetes, she knew that she had take action to avoid a similar fate. So she began exercising vigorously and losing weight. To motivate herself, Ford set a goal: she would complete the Rodes City Run, a 10-kilometer race that was held yesterday.
Even though she had lost an impressive 217 pounds, the race was a great struggle for her. Thankfully, her son Terrance and a police officer that Ford describes as her "angel" intervened to encourage her. Wave 3 News reports:
"He was like my angel," said Ford. "He came at the moment I really needed him."
Ford said Lt. Gregory shared stories of his mother and her struggle with diabetes. Step after step, Ford realized Lt. Gregory had kept her mind off the pain - and on the goal. Hand in hand, Asia, Lt. Gregory and Asia's son Terrance crossed the finish line.
"Watching her cross the finish line," said Lt. Gregory, "I felt it all over. it was great moment and I'm glad she let me be a part of it."
Asia's son Terrance calls her a hero.
"Looking at her and how she used to be, it's inspirational and makes me push harder to do the things I want to do in life," said Terrance.
Hand in hand, the three crossed the finish line together.

Daily Groaners

The students that toured the Seven-Up should have known there would be a pop quiz.

Einstein developed a theory about space, and it was about time, too.

Would you like this dead battery? It’s free of charge.

The soldier who survived attacks of mustard gas and pepper spray is now well-seasoned.

I was up all night looking for the sun. Then it dawned on me.

I wondered why the rock was getting larger. Then it hit me.

I changed the name of my MP3 player to Titanic, because it was always synching.

Despite all our hard work, we couldn’t het the tent up. Too many missed stakes.

How does Moses make his tea? Hebrews it.

Kim said she knew me from the vegetarian restaurant, but I’ve never met herbivore.

Did you hear about the indecisive plastic surgeon?  He couldn’t pick his own nose.

Jon’s addicted to brake fluid, but he says he can stop any time.

Haunted French pancakes give me the crepes.

Velcro is such a rip off!

I used to be a banker, but then I lost interest.

Studying fungus is a cultured way to mold young minds.

The kitchen remodelers were very counterproductive.

The cross-eyed teacher was fired because she couldn’t control her pupils.

German sausage is the wurst.

Don’t you limp in here late with a lame excuse!

Some of the World's Coolest Offices

Pixar's Emeryville, Cllifornia office has a room dedicated to cereal and a "secret" bar
What would it be like to report to work at one of these seemingly fairytale office buildings? While every job has its drawbacks, if my workplace had a swimming pool and workout room that I could hang out in for a bit to blow off some steam, that would be fantastic. What would your dream amenity be for your workplace?
In the meantime, check out all of the companies featured in the article "Some of the World's Coolest Offices" here.
Google's offices in Zurich feature a basketball court, pool table and a slide that leads to the eating area

10 Most Valuable Startups Launched By Students

Are you dreaming of launching your own startup, but you are still a college student? This infographic tells about the greatest and the most valuable businesses that were launched by students. Did you know that such popular companies as Reddit, Wordpress and Time Magazine were founded by students?

Random Photos

Elderly lady lay under bus for six hours in protest after losing life savings to con men

An elderly Chinese couple who discovered they had lost their life savings to con men staged a protest in which the wife ran out into the road and climbed under a bus, leaving her husband standing next to it with a sign demanding the money be returned. The woman, named as 68-year-old Cui Ma, and her husband Shao, 72, said they had given the money to con men who had made off with it.
They said they were staging a public protest to make people aware of the fact that they were victims, and demand the money back. Police spokesman Shen Mai confirmed that the protest had caused major traffic disruption after the woman climbed under the bus at a set of traffic lights in the city of Tianyuan, in northern China’s Shanxi province.
He said: "There were several attempts to get her to come out, but she always crawled away from rescuers and refused to move until her husband had been given the money they lost." The couple said they had lost some £2,000 but did not specify how they had been tricked.
Eyewitness Ni Li, 30, said: "They were understandably pretty upset about what had happened to them and were insisting that society as a whole should pay them back. After six hours I think they realised they were not going to get it, and the woman crawled out from under the bus and policemen took her to hospital with her husband for a check-up." Police confirmed that no charges will be made against them.

Police called after arguing parents 'threatened to kill each other' outside primary school gates

Police officers were called to St John's C of E Primary School in Dorking, Surrey, after parents were seen arguing outside the gates on Wednesday morning. One concerned parent said the adults were ‘threatening to kill each other’ in front of theirs and other children.
The parent, who wished to remain anonymous, said: “Parents were shouting and screaming at each other, with bad language and threatening to stab and kill each other in a play ground, it’s disgusting. It’s a primary school, this should not be going on.” The parent said that this was not the first time something like this has happened, claiming that police have been called out several times in the last year due to parents fighting outside the school.
They added: “I don’t want to send my kid there in that environment, and I am not the only parent that has complained, but I can’t get him in any other school as they are all full. I don’t want him subjected to it. But if I take him out we will be done for absences. Sooner or later someone is going to get hurt. It’s beyond unbelievable what happens, police will soon have to start being there for morning drop-offs.
“Enough is enough, kids are picking up bad behavior. It’s not the school’s fault, but it is their fault for not acting. It’s not them, it’s parents, but it’s going on in school premises in front of children.” The school has denied that this is a regular occurrence, with only one other incident in the past few months that has involved police. Police received reports of an altercation taking place at the school, just before 9am. A spokesman said: “Officers attended and the matter is being investigated. No arrests have been made at this stage.”

Man jailed for snatching ex-girlfriend’s phone to read her text messages

A 24-year-old man from Puglia in Italy has been jailed for two years and two months for robbery, after he snatched his ex-girlfriend’s phone from her to read her text messages.
In what is said to be the first ruling of its kind, Italy’s Court of Cassation upheld the jail term after concluding that forcefully taking someone’s phone was the same as robbery.
The court also said the man, from the city of Barletta, had violated the woman’s privacy after attempting to read her private messages.
In his defense, he claimed his actions were not “unjust” because he wanted to show the girl’s father evidence of her alleged betrayal.

Woman reaching under bed for her cats grabbed burglar instead

A woman in Florida searching for her cats reached under her bed was startled to find a burglar hiding underneath, according to a police arrest report. It happened on Tuesday at a home in Palm Springs. A stranger was knocking on residents' doors, drawing the suspicion of a neighbor who phoned the police.
The neighbor watched the man walk toward the rear of a residence, according to the report. Inside that home, a woman was searching for her two cats. As the woman reached under her bed, she "felt she had touched human skin," an officer wrote in the report. "The suspect was hiding under her bed."
That caused the man, later identified as Christian Vatovec, 25, of Lake Worth, to sprint from the home and jump a fence before running away, police said. Police responded to the neighborhood, and an officer visited the residence where the burglar had been. The woman said a gold ankle bracelet and digital camera were stolen.

Officers found Vatovec near a canal and took him back to the burgled home, where the woman identified him as the burglar. Vatovec faces burglary, grand theft and resisting arrest charges. He was booked into Palm Beach County Jail, where he was held in lieu of $53,000 bail.



The Story of Symbols

We use them every day - but what are the mysterious origins of these symbols we take for granted? Here are a few short explanations to demystify the meanings of our favorite symbols.

Amazing insight into what US intelligence knew about Hitler in 1943

Adolf Hitler Nazis 
One of history's most brutal tyrants was a diagnosed schizophrenic on a mission to avenge his childhood years of repressed rage, according to American psychologist and Harvard professor Henry Murray.

Don Quixote Found

Researchers said they were convinced that they had found Cervantes, hailed by academics as the father of the modern novel.

The Great Wall Of Kumbhalgarh Fort

Located in western India, Kumbhalgarh Fort is the second most important citadel after Chittorgarh in the Mewar region. The fort was built during the 15th century by Maharana Kumbha and is one of 32 forts built by the Rajput ruler of the Mewar kingdom.
The fort is surrounded by a perimeter wall that is an astounding 36 km long (22.3 miles), and varies in width from 15 to 25 feet. Historical accounts claim that eight horses could ride side by side over it. The massive wall at Kumbhalgarh took nearly a century to construct and made the fort virtually impregnable.

Dog stranded a mile out on frozen lake rescued

A dog who ran away from her home in Lorain, Ohio, last Sunday has been reunited with her owner. Kimberly, a Labrador, was spotted on Lake Erie earlier this week, 18 miles from her home, said her owner Susan Pritchard.

Ponies Chase Away Wild Boar

Marc Polet and his wife were out on their farm in Belgium when a wild boar approached at breakneck speed and attacked! But then their miniature ponies spring into action and chase the boar off. That’s a good pony. If you speak French you'll find the commentary quite amusing.

Animal Pictures