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Friday, February 10, 2017

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Today in History

Hulagu, a Mongol leader, seizes Baghdad, bringing an end to the Abbasid caliphate.
Supporters of Marie de Medici, the queen mother, who has been exiled to Blois, are defeated by the king’s troops at Ponts de Ce, France.
The Treaty of Paris ends the French-Indian War. France gives up all her territories in the New World except New Orleans and a few scattered islands.
Napoleon Bonaparte leaves Cairo, Egypt, for Syria, at the head of 13,000 men.
Napoleon personally directs lightning strikes against enemy columns advancing toward Paris, beginning with a victory over the Russians at Champaubert.
Queen Victoria marries Prince Albert.
Led by religious leader Brigham Young, the first Mormons begin a long westward exodus from Nauvoo, Il., to Utah.
P.T. Barnum’s star midgets, Tom Thumb and Lavinia Warren, are married.
Russia and Japan declare war on each other.
President Wilson blasts the British for using the U.S. flag on merchant ships to deceive the Germans.
Japanese occupy island of Hainan in French Indochina.
London severs diplomatic relations with Romania.
Iceland is attacked by German planes.
The war halts civilian car production at Ford.
B-29s hit the Tokyo area.
Bell Aircraft displays a fixed-wing vertical takeoff plane.
Adolph Coors, the beer brewer, is kidnapped in Golden, Colo.
Protester David Miller is convicted of burning his draft card.
The Metropolitan Museum announces the first major theft in its 110-year history, $150,000 Greek marble head.
The largest Mafia trial in history, with 474 defendants, opens in Palermo, Italy.

Some Women Actually Despise Valentine’s Day

why women hate valentines dayHere’s Why Some Women Actually Despise Valentine’s Day
Read this before you splurge on those diamond earrings

Do You REALLY Need To Get A Credit Card To Build Credit?

credit cards

When Hearing Silence Can Be Meaningful

When Hearing Silence Can Be Meaningful
Most people would agree that silence can be a nice break from our noisy everyday world. Most also would agree that silence provides little information to the brain — and that, in this regard, it … Read more

8 Things You Never Knew About Heart Disease

Heart disease
8 Things You Never Knew About Heart Disease
Nine out of 10 women have at least one risk factor.

6 Reasons to Eat a Handful Of Nuts Every Single Day

why you should eat nuts everday6 Reasons to Eat a Handful Of Nuts Every Single Day
Cut your cancer risk! Lose weight! Make meals taste better! Is there anything nuts can’t do?

The Produce Butcher Will Chop Your Veggies For You

You can already buy packages of pre-cut salad or vegetables at your supermarket, but it might not be chopped the way you need it, and who knows how fresh it is? At Whole Foods in Manhattan, you can get yours custom-chopped by the new Produce Butcher, professional food cutter for fruits and vegetables. Then it will be done right, just the way you want it. But it's a bigger benefit than that to some folks.
This looks to be perfect for people who want fresh, large items like watermelon, or pineapple, and don't want to risk getting hurt prepping it. The elderly, or folks with disabilities could probably benefit greatly from this.
And then there's the rest of us, who are just lazy and want our dinner prepared quickly. Read about the Produce Butcher at FoodBeast

24 Scientific Studies about Food

Scientists study food because food is very important to all life. However, some of the experiments that have been done about food are strange, different, and something we certainly want to know about. For example, scientists who did the research would like us to know that toast doesn't always land butter-side down. Maybe it's just me- mine always lands butter-side down. John Green tells us about 24 food studies in the latest episode of he mental_floss List Show.

The Reason This Guy Lives With 7 Sex Dolls Is Even More Bizarre Than You Think

man lives with 7 sex dolls
The Reason This Guy Lives With 7 Sex Dolls Is Even More Bizarre Than You Think
See the special bond Li Chen shares with his silicone figures

When You’re Most Likely to Turn Into a Troll

bad mood trollScience Reveals When You’re Most Likely to Turn Into a Troll
Study explains every Internet commenters you’ve ever encountered

Boy Scouts of America welcomes first transgender member

Idaho judge blames rape of 14-year-old girl on her use of America’s ‘social media system’

A judge in Idaho who punished a 20-year-old rapist by forcing him to abstain from sex until marriage also scolded his 14-year-old victim for her use of social media.

Army Corps Tossed Environment Studies On DAPL Because Dumbass Trump Told Them To

My Harrowing Encounter with Customs as a Pakistani Lawyer for the ACLU

Muslim Canadian denied at US border after being asked whether she likes Dumbass Trump

A Canadian woman was turned away from the US/Canada border when she was asked what her religion was and she replied that she was Muslim.

Duffy: Muslim Terror Is Totally Different From White Terror

Duffy: Muslim Terror Is Totally Different From White Terror
What an idiot.

Proxima Centauri planet loses its habitable status

Grizzly Bears Flee America’s Classrooms Following Confirmation Of DeVos

There were heavy vibrations and thunderous noises in the hallways of America’s public schools today as the huge number of grizzlies and other species of bear known to frequent their classrooms took to surrounding hills and woodlands.
This was reportedly prompted by the confirmation of DeVos as education secretary, who has suggested guns be allowed in schools, citing grizzly bears in the classroom as the reason.
Unbeknownst to the public, this is a major problem all across America and not just isolated to a few places like Alaska and Wyoming, so a comprehensive guns-in-schools policy is warranted.
The development is a shame say educators because – though some bears were undoubtedly there hoping to eat small children – the vast majority simply sought to improve themselves through learning.
“What we should be doing instead of this draconian policy of bringing guns into public schools is developing a proper vetting program for bears who wish to attend.”

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