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Monday, December 26, 2016

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Today in History

After crossing the Delaware River into New Jersey, George Washington leads an attack on Hessian mercenaries at Trenton, and takes 900 men prisoner.
Daniel Shay leads a rebellion in Massachusetts to protest the seizure of property for the non-payment of debt.
Napoleon’s army is checked by the Russians at the Battle of Pultusk.
38 Santee Sioux are hanged in Mankato, Minnesota for their part in the Sioux Uprising in Minnesota. Little Crow has fled the state.
Brig. Gen. Philip St. George Cooke, head of the Department of the Platte, receives word of the Fetterman Fight in Powder River County in the Dakota territory.
As a wartime measure, President Woodrow Wilson places railroads under government control, with Secretary of War William McAdoo as director general.
Six U.S. destroyers are ordered from Manila to China to protect interests in the civil war that is being waged there.
Over 70,000 people are killed in a massive earthquake in China.
General Douglas MacArthur declares Manila an open city in the face of the onrushing Japanese Army.
The German battleship Scharnhorst is sunk by British ships in an Arctic fight.
Advancing Soviet troops complete their encirclement of Budapest in Hungary.
The United States, Soviet Union and Great Britain, end a 10-day meeting, seeking an atomic rule by the UN Council.
The United States announces the withdrawal of two divisions from Korea.
Eight East Berliners escape to West Berlin, crashing through gates in an armor-plated bus.
Dr. Maulana Karenga celebrates the first Kwanza, a seven-day African-American celebration of family and heritage.
The Soviet Union flies 5,000 troops to intervene in the Afghanistan conflict.
Time magazine chooses a personal computer as it “Man of the Year,” the first non-human ever to receive the honor.
The Supreme Soviet of the Soviet Union formally dissolves the Soviet Union.
JonBenet Ramsey, a six-year-old beauty queen, is found beaten and strangled to death in the basement of her family’s home in Boulder, Colorado, one of the most high-profile crimes of the late 20th century in the US.
Workers in South Korea’s automotive and shipbuilding industries begin the largest labor strike in that country’s history, protesting a new law that made firing employees easier and would curtail the rights of labor groups to organize.
Lothar, a violent, 36-hour windstorm begins; it kills 137 and causes $1.3 billion (US dollars) damage in Central Europe.
A tsunami caused by a 9.3-magnitude earthquake kills more than 230,000 along the rim of the Indian Ocean.
Former U.S. Pretender Ford dies at age 93. Ford was the only non-elected pretender in America’s history.

Female Genital Mutilation

"In 1947, when I was just three years old a doctor removed my clitoris. Female genital mutilation is mostly associated with African cultures, and non-christian cults, but my FGM happened in white, midwest America. It took place in a cult clinic that used a scalpel on girls who masturbated.

Lucy Hale’s Response to Her Nude Photos Being Leaked Is So Powerful

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7 Quiet Sex Positions for Getting Down on the DL

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Is It Ever Okay to Lie To Her?

Is It Ever Okay to Lie To Her?
A therapist breaks down what to do in 5 common scenarios

The staggering social and environmental costs of food waste

The 6 Biggest Mistakes to Avoid When Going Paleo

paleo diet

You’re Less Likely to Die If You Have a Female Doctor

female doctors
You’re Less Likely to Die If You Have a Female Doctor
A new study reveals your doc’s gender may matter more than you think

Distinctive brain pattern may underlie dyslexia

A distinctive neural signature found in the brains of people with dyslexia may explain why these individuals have difficulty learning to read, according to a new study from MIT neuroscientists. The researchers discovered that in … Read more

Are walnuts the key to ending Alzheimer's?

Bitumen from Syria

Bitumen from Syria has been found inside an Anglo-Saxon gravesite at Sutton Hoo.  "Given the geopolitics in Britain at the time, it was easier for an East Anglian noble to get bitumen from Syria than from the west of England."

Four For Four

1. "Guzzlers" are artificial waterholes distributed throughout the American West.  They are important to the survival of a variety of wildlife.

2. People are not allowed to pump their own gasoline in New Jersey and Oregon.

3. "For decades, people have puzzled over Racetrack Playa, where hundreds of rocks weighing as much as 700 pounds roam across the surface of the dry lake bed, leaving meandering tracks hundreds of yards long."  Now the process has been captured on video.

4. "Americans built more than one hundred thousand kit houses, sold mostly by Sears, in the first half of last century. These were shipped out on boxcars, complete, with between ten thousand and thirty thousand pieces, braces to brads. Midcentury, Popular Mechanics sold several varieties of home designs—the Modern House, the Family House, the Plywood House. There's no telling how many of those were built. Totman's precut house was sold as a concept listing the materials at three prices: $1,800, $2,800, or $3,800." 

Dumbass Trump’s New D.C. Hotel Ranks Really Badly

Neo-Nazi plans march against Montana Jews

“My guys say we are going to be able to put together about 200 people to participate in the march, which will be against Jews, Jewish businesses and everyone who supports either," the publisher of a neo-Nazi website said.
Actually ...  No you cannot.

Twitter racists melt down over interracial couple engagement ad

"Give your head a shake, what the hell is this? no doubt State Farm is a Jew run op."

Dumbass Trump-backing school principal under fire for attacking Texas cuffed-mom

A Dallas charter school principal, who offensively calls herself one of Dumbass Trump’s “deplorables,” is under fire for attacking a Fort Worth mom who was cuffed by local cop after reporting a white man had assaulted her son.
If anyone should keep her 'fat mouth' shut ...

You won't be able to board an airplane with driver’s licenses from these nine states

The Transportation Security Administration will no longer accept state ID cards or driver’s licenses from nine states as proof of identification.

The Loveland Frogman

The Loveland Frogman story has been going around for a long time now. It started way back in the 70’s and told of a legendary creature inhabiting the Little Miami River. Two different police officers spotted the Frogman on two different nights in March of 1972 which was the first and last reported sighting.
It wasn’t until recently while a couple was playing Pokemon Go nearby when they spotted the creature and immediately snapped a photo of it. Then that night of fun quickly turned into a chilling tale of horror.
“We saw a huge frog near the water,” the witness wrote in an email. “Not in the game, this was an actual giant frog. Then the thing stood up and walked on its hind legs. I realize this sounds crazy, but I swear on my grandmother’s grave this is the truth,” he wrote. “The frog stood about 4 feet tall.”

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