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Sunday, April 26, 2015

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Today in History

1478 Pazzi conspirators attack Lorenzo and kill Giuliano de'Medici.
1514 Copernicus makes his first observations of Saturn.
1564 William Shakespeare is baptized.
1607 The British establish a colony at Cape Henry, Virginia.
1865 Joseph E. Johnston surrenders the Army of Tennessee to Sherman.
1915 Second Lieutenant Rhodes-Moorhouse becomes the first airman to win the Victoria Cross after conducting a successful bombing raid.
1929 The first non-stop flight from England to India is completed.
1931 New York Yankee Lou Gehrig hits a home run but is called out for passing a runner, the mistake ultimately costs him the home run record.
1937 The ancient Basque town of Guernica in northern Spain is bombed by German planes.
1941 The first organ is played at a baseball stadium in Chicago.
1968 Students seize the administration building at Ohio State University.
1983 The Dow Jones Industrial Average breaks 1,200 for first time.
1986 The world's worst nuclear disaster occurs at the Chernobyl power plant in the Soviet Union.
1994 Nelson Mandela wins the presidency in South Africa's first multiracial elections.

‘Rosie The Riveter’ Model Dies At 92

Iconic Image Lives On
Photo via Crystal Bridges Museum, Bentonville, Ark.
Rosie the Riveter is immortal.
What does her image mean to you?
Read more

Did You Know ...

In 1856, an 18-year-old girl arrived at Fort Yuma, California. Her name was Olive Oatman, and after years of captivity with the Mojave, she was being traded to her brother for beads, blankets, and a white horse. The white crowd cheered as she reunited with her family. But Olive Oatman’s return was marked by suspicion and doubt, just as her face was marked with a distinctive blue Mojave tattoo...

Were You Aware ...

That Dangerous Minds offers a gallery of photos of Victorian women of color.

Gallup Poll Shows Conclusively Who Climate Change Deniers Are, And It’s EXACTLY Who You Thought

(Image courtesy of openparachute.files.wordpress.com)
These folks think of climate change as something akin to the way atheists think of the second coming — it’s never going to happen.

Climate Change Alert: 2015 Shapes Up To Be Hottest Year Ever

Featured image for climate change: Composite with chairs cc 2007 Bbadgett/Wikimedia Commons and Fire cc 2009 Cameron Strandberg/Wikimedia Commons.
While 56 percent of Republicans in Congress deny climate change exists, 2015 shapes up to be the hottest year on record.

Non Sequitur


Art dealer furious after being forced to cover up swear word on painting in shop window

An art dealer in Brentwood, Essex, says it is "bonkers" a police officer visited his gallery after a single complaint was made about a painting in his window that featured the word fuck. John Brandler, who owns Brandler Galleries has had a Shakespearean Much Ado About Nothing parody by the Connor Brothers in his window for a month. The £7,500 picture, called A Load Of Fuss About Fuck All, had the F-word clearly displayed.
But that all changed when a police officer came to ask him to cover up the word after one person, who the officer said was a woman, lodged a complaint. Mr Brandler, 60, who has owned the gallery for more than 30 years, fumed: "There are 60,000 people in Brentwood and one person can object to something and by law it has to be removed. I think it is fucking bonkers. Someone has gone by my window and complained because she found it offensive. One person can override 60,000.
"So we now have a piece of paper over f*ck and the police are happy with that but what a waste of police time. He had to photograph that we had covered it so he could show that he had done his job. Is that what we pay the police for? One woman, who has no sense of humor and probably does not understand that Shakespearean reference, overrides the sense of humor of 60,000 people. Why not just come in and say 'I found that offensive' or phone me? But the important point is, because of data protection, nobody is allowed to tell me who is she is.

"But I publicly can be attacked but she cannot be identified. It's still in my front window. I did not want to get arrested for non-compliance." But he admitted there was a silver lining as the piece of white paper is now positioned in such a way that it draws more intrigue as to what the word is. "She is actually helping me – if you make someone want to look at it and if they want to work it out, it makes them feel good," he said. An Essex Police spokeswoman said: "Police were called with reports of an offensive word written on some art displayed in a window. Officers attended and spoke to the shop owner who agreed to cover the offensive word."

Teenage girls strip searched at California school

Capture Two families are questioning the use of strip searches at a school in California.
A 13-year old and a 15-year old girl were both searched for drugs at Serrano Middle School.
They say a male security guard patted them down and was in the room when the girls removed their clothes and bras.
“She was asked to take off her jacket, take off her shirt, take off her T-shirt, unfasten her bra and pull her bra out — literally pull her bra out from the bottom and shake her breasts,” said the girl’s mother.
A quarter of a gram of marijuana was found in one of the girls’ bags.
The girls’ parents say it could have been planted because the bag was unsupervised for 40-minutes.
Linda Bardere, a spokesperson for the San Bernardino School District, confirmed to the San Bernardino Sun that the district is looking into the search.
“We adhere to our board policy and (California Education Code) when a search is conducted. We take all parent concerns and complaints seriously, however due to student confidentiality we can’t comment further,” said Bardere in a statement.

Cops Removed Clothes From Young Woman’s Dead Body, Took Nude Photos

Featured image credit: video screen capture WGN News ChicagoThe Cook County Sheriff’s Office is no longer denying the existence of nude photos, which were taken of a 20-year-old accident victim, following her death.

Intoxicated women arrested for driving car in which they failed to notice missing passenger

A woman suffered a serious head injury on a highway in Lincoln County, Oklahoma, in the early morning hours of Tuesday. Lincoln County Sheriff Charlie Dougherty says that three women, all just under 21, were severely intoxicated and ended up doing some pretty bizarre and dangerous things.



American tourists say New Zealand airport security ruined holiday by confiscating chutney

An American couple say the confiscation of chutney and jelly from their luggage at Queenstown Airport in New Zealand ruined their holiday. Jonathan and Tiffany Sturman and their two children were passing through security screening before a flight to Sydney earlier this month when the condiments were confiscated from their carry-on baggage because they were deemed a ''gel'' under aviation security rules. The Hong-Kong-based couple have expressed their disgust at the experience, which had left a ''very unfavorable mark'' on their holiday.
They say the rules are heavy-handed and security staff should have the discretion to pass items that do not pose a threat to safety. The Aviation Security Service (Avsec) says the rules have been in place for years and are clearly communicated to passengers. Mr Sturman said they were told the items, a jar of apple jelly and two jars of cherry chutney bought at a Cromwell store, should have been packed in their checked-in luggage. The rules needed to be more clearly explained to passengers. ''This type of behavior is bully-like and does not help to promote tourism to your country, nor does it help to keep the skies safe. It is a sad day when cherry chutney is deemed a threat to air travel.''
Mrs Sturman said when she double-checked the rules afterwards, those relating to food were in the 'small print'. ''When you normally hear about the gels, the pictures are always in reference to toiletries. Who calls chutney a gel? Security staff should have the power to use discretion when passengers had products in sealed jars and were carrying receipts. Is there not a way, like with duty-free bags, that would give people the opportunity to keep their souvenirs?'' Avsec spokesman Mike Eng said the rules barring liquids, aerosols and gels in quantities of more than 100ml from carry-on luggage on international flights had been in place since 2007, and had always covered food products.
The restrictions were in line with International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) requirements and were in place in all ICAO member states, including the United States. Aviation security officials had no discretion in such cases, although they gave passengers the opportunity to go back and check the goods in, he said. Most travelers were aware of the rules, which were clearly indicated on signage at security screening points, but items were 'occasionally relinquished'. ''The vast majority of passengers do this with the understanding that it is in the interests of the safety and security of all travelers.''

Man arrested after assaulting wife with dangerous waffle

A man was arrested after allegedly assaulting his wife in Lowell, Massachusetts, on Monday. Patrick Manjong, 39, has been charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon - a waffle with syrup.
Police say they responded to an address at 5 pm for a report of a domestic assault in progress. The victim, Manjong's wife of eight years, told police that while she was making waffles for dinner, she and her husband began arguing about how waffles dripping with syrup are unhealthy to eat.
The victim told police that Manjong became so irate that he grabbed a waffle with syrup and slapped her across the face with it, according to court documents. Officers did notice pieces of waffle were stuck to the victim's face and hair.
Manjong appeared in Lowell District Court on Tuesday to plead not guilty to the assault charge. He was released without bail so he was able to make the couple's divorce hearing on Wednesday. His next court date is scheduled for June 11. Meanwhile, he was ordered not to abuse the victim.

Cafe apologizes to woman who found sink plug in her Hog's Breath salad

The cafe has apologized to a customer in Brisbane, Australia, after she found a sink plug in her salad. Hog's Breath Cafe Australian general manager Ross Worth said the company had been in contact with the woman and apologized.
He said food hygiene was a top priority for the company and they had notified local health authorities about the incident which happened at the weekend. Mr Worth said the plug had come from a sanitized ice food bath that was designated for fresh produce such as lettuce and tomatoes to be washed in.
"On that day the staff members have pulled fresh produce out of the bath and accidentally pulled the plug with it," he said. "The business owner has re-trained his staff on the right processes to make sure this doesn't ever happen again." Mr Worth said plugs would be chained to the ice baths to prevent them from being dislodged.
The customer also claimed kitchen staff "thought it was funny" when they were told of the errant plug. "I can't comment if they were laughing - I would guess not," Mr Worth said. "It's not a laughing matter, and I'd like to think they wouldn't laugh."



Duck stuck in fireplace extricated by firefighters

Firefighters in Slidell, Louisiana, spent more than two hours on Sunday helping a duck that was trapped inside a chimney at a home.
They immediately spotted the stuck duck on their arrival at around 7:20pm - its head was sticking out of the bottom of the fireplace.
They dismantled part of the fireplace to reach the duck, and took extra care in extricating it from the chimney, spokesman Chad Duffaut said.
"It's not very often that we respond to these types of calls," Duffaut said. "However, we are always willing to help (if) we can - even animals in need."

Turkey bullied by geese died after flying through third-floor window

A wild turkey, intimidated by a pair of territorial nesting geese, met a tragic end on University of Waterloo campus in Ontario, Canada, on Monday morning when it took flight and smashed through a third-floor window in the English and philosophy building, say university staff. The turkey first appeared in the Hagey Hall courtyard last Thursday, bringing momentary delight and distraction to university staff during final exam season. "It's the end of year, everyone's tired, it's exams. You get a little punchy. I have to say a lot of the faculty ran outside to look at a turkey," said Jennifer Harris, an associate professor at the university.
"Turkey sightings are highly unusual. Anyone who goes to Waterloo knows geese are predominant. You spend a lot of your time navigating geese and everything they leave behind, but turkeys? I'd never sighted one before." Colin Wallace, who works in IT at the university, believes the turkey was repeatedly drawn to the courtyard by its own reflection in a glass door. Unfortunately for the turkey, the courtyard is also home to a couple of aggressive nesting geese. "[The turkey] was terrified of the two geese," said Wallace. "They were stalking her.
"They thought they were guarding their eggs. She would pace back and forth in a corner where they had [contained] her." The courtyard is walled on three sides, while a flight of stairs lead out of it. "The steps were where the geese set themselves up as sentries," said Harris. The turkey was trying to leave the courtyard, but was "thwarted by the geese," she said. "Apparently when it tried to get out, the geese were chasing it back." On Monday morning, the turkey decided to take an alternative route out of the courtyard and flew into glass windows.
Wallace called the Kitchener-Waterloo Humane Society to assist the turkey, but before they were able to help, it had smashed through a third-floor window into an empty meeting room. "It was right over top of us. It was just this huge smashing sound and glass dropping three stories," said Wallace. Turkeys are capable of flying short distances and heights. With assistance from the humane society, the turkey was chased into a cage and taken away. It had suffered serious injuries to its throat and had to be euthanized. The turkey left a hole that was about a couple of feet wide and a great deal of broken glass in the room. The window has since been repaired.

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